• 10 Best Customised Cakes in Singapore
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    10 Best Customised Cakes in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2021

    It can be an impossible feat to find a good customised cake if you try to get one off the shelf of a regular bakery. As cake is the centrepiece of any special occasion like birthdays and weddings, you don’t want it to be just an ordinary cake. Whether you are looking into a classy and elegant customised cake or the most quirky selection, many bakeshops nowadays can make it possible for you. With an extensive variety of customised cakes in the market, which then is the best one in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 10 Best Customised Cakes in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based…

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    10 Best Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore (2021)

    Getting that fresh cup of coffee is simple—until you forget to replenish your coffee beans. You know you can’t survive the day without that caffeine kick, but going to cafes to get your fix is honestly not convenient. If this is something that often crosses your mind, then we’d like to lead your attention to coffee subscriptions in Singapore to keep your coffee corner constantly stocked. From local roasters to unfamiliar cafes, we have selected the Best Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore to keep you caffeinated. This article was last updated on 07 May 2021. Table of contents  Best Coffee Subscription Services in Singapore Dutch Colony Coffee Co. Nylon Coffee…

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    9 Best Bakeries for Cake Delivery in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2021

    Celebrating a birthday or a special occasion? Just like how wedding cakes that are the centrepiece of your event, a cake is a must-have to complete any celebration, whether big or small! Whether you are surprising a beloved friend or your sweetheart, here are the best bakeries that will not only tantalise your taste buds but give you that picture-perfect Instagram shot. These bakeries also feature gorgeous customised creations and unique flavours that you won’t find in store-bought cakes. We’ve done our research and shortlisted the best cake delivery services in Singapore, so whether it’s due to the circuit breaker or staying home by choice, you can get your cake…