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Your Chic & Classy Wedding Car by Volkswagen Singapore

[Advertorial] The iconic Volkswagen Beetle is a popular choice when it comes to a wedding car. Vintage, classy and unique, it is bound to dazzle your guests when you make your grand entrance. When dolled up in florals, it makes perfect for photo and video taking.

Photo Credits: Volkswagen Singapore

For your wedding day, if you do not drive a posh vehicle (which many of us probably do not), consider renting a luxurious ride from Volkswagen Singapore as they have a great package for their wedding cars! Their fleet comprises of the famous Volkswagen Beetle and sporty Golf Cabriolet. When it comes to choosing your wedding car, you would want to go for a model that suits your wedding theme and location. For rustic, whimsical or fairytale wedding themes, the Beetle would make a great fit! For us, our wedding was a beach wedding at Sentosa, and we wanted it to be classy yet sporty and so we were so excited to hear that Volkswagen Singapore also has the Golf Cabriolet up for grabs!

The Golf Cabriolet

Photo Credits: Volkswagen Singapore
Photo Credits: Volkswagen Singapore

All decked in white with red seats, this convertible is a cool and impressive ride. With several automated features, this car comprises of advanced technology like assisted parking and automatic windshield wipers. Not to mention, driving with your hood down in open air is unbelievable. Wind in your hair, hands up in the air with top hits on the radio, riding in the Golf Cabriolet in like living the high life!

Our beautiful wedding car! Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios, Florals done by Petite Petale
Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios, Florals done by Petite Petale

Watch our wedding video below by MisterJL Productions to see our beautiful wedding car at 00:50!

If you have a bigger budget to spare, you can try putting together a Beetle fleet for your wedding entourage. Your family and bridal party will be ecstatic to ride in them too!

That Once in a Lifetime Experience

colliding luster
Photo Credits: Colliding Luster

The deluxe experience of a Volkswagen ride is fitting for a once in a lifetime event like your wedding. One of my best memories for my wedding was getting to ride around in such a beautiful car. A month after our wedding, it remains one of my most vivid memories from the wedding. The experience you have with the Volkswagen is truly unforgettable.

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Photo Credits: Colliding Luster

My Favourites by Volkswagen

The Weekend Ride

Living the dream!

Not only do you get a comfortable and luxurious ride on your wedding day, wait until I tell you that you could have it for the entire weekend! Yes that’s right! With Volkswagen, you get to enjoy having the Beetle or Golf Cabriolet for the entire wedding weekend (from Thursday/Friday to Monday).

A convertible in our front porch!

With other vendors and car rental companies, most wedding car packages are for a half or full day ride. Additional hours are chargeable. You will have to pick up and return on the wedding day itself, or perhaps if they are kind enough to accommodate, you might get to pick up the night before and return the next early morning. All within a very tight time frame. Though it might be possible to do so, for a grand event like your wedding day, relaxing and enjoying is supposed to be part of the equation. Not rushing from place to place to run errands – which you will end up doing anyway. It’s best to reduce the number of errands the following day as much as possible, and the car is one of them!

I really appreciated that Volkswagen wedding car package is for the entire weekend. You would not expect how many errands you need to run prior and after the wedding day, such as returning your gowns, shifting stuff from the venue back home. These errands are so much easier and quicker to get done with the car, which is rather spacious especially in the backseat! On top of that, our wedding was hosted at two places Sentosa – Movenpick Heritage Hotel and Tanjong Beach Club so there was quite a bit of shuffling to and fro. The car was a big help.

All ready to hit the road!

Best yet, after running all your errands after your wedding day, you get to enjoy a spin for the rest of the night! Driving around the island in a swanky car and going places was one of the most memorable moments we had as a newly wed couple. We had a blast!

Hassle & Stress Free Experience

The entire experience with Volkswagen was smooth and hassle free. We booked everything via email and only on the collection day, we headed down to Volkswagen’s Showroom conveniently located at Alexandra Road. We sent our driver’s licence via email and Rachel kindly helped us to process the insurance prior to collection. Upon collection, Rachel gave us a brief overview of the Golf Cabriolet to share about the features and that was it! We could ride away in our chic new car! It was that easy! As we had the car for Friday and the entire weekend, we did not have to stress about the return, or having to meet a particular timeslot otherwise there will be extra charges. We could take our time during the wedding weekend to run our errands, enjoy ourselves and return the car the following week on Monday. What a blessing! In addition, the car was relatively spacious for a convertible and it was really easy to place things in the backseat with the hood down.

Great Service

Thanks Rachel and Volkswagen, for being such a great help to us and for fulfilling our dreams of having a beautiful wedding car!

As Volkswagen just added the Golf Cabriolet to their wedding fleet late 2015, we were initially not sure if we were able to get that model in time for our January wedding in 2016. We were keen on the gold cabriolet because it was too cool to resist. *Fingers crossed* Rachel was very helpful and assured us she would try her best to secure it for us. On the wedding weekend, she was also easily contactable in case any thing cropped up and we needed her help. Of course, everything was perfect and it was the most exciting weekend ever. I always appreciate great service that comes with a good product! If you are looking for a chic and glamorous wedding car, be sure to reach out to Volkwagen Singapore for their superb wedding car rental packages here. You will not be disappointed!

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Volkswagen Singapore

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