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10 Best Cruiser Boards in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 202

While regular skateboards are designed for doing tricks, cruiser boards are built primarily for comfortable transportation. So, if you’re seeking to add a little bit of twist, fun, and adventure to your daily commute, get yourself a nice and sturdy cruiser board. But you might be a little confused as to how you can actually distinguish a cruiser board from a typical skateboard. To start, typical skateboards have lozenge-shaped decks with a raised nose and tail, and a set of small and hard wheels that are most suitable on smooth, flawless pavements. Cruiser boards, on the other hand, provide more variations in terms of the deck’s shape and size. What sets them apart, though are the wheels.

Designed to endure bumps and run smoothly even on rough roads, cruiser boards usually have wheels made of a softer material called polyurethane, with a size of 59mm or larger. This makes transportation more comfortable even on quite long distances. Wondering which cruise boards are worth the spend? Here are the best ones in Singapore.

This article was last updated on 9 January 2023. 

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1. Penny Skateboards Swirl 27”

Penny Skateboards Swirl 27" cruiser boards

Designed in Australia, each Penny Skateboard draws inspiration from the local culture—the fun things that have become part of the people’s daily lives there. The Swirl 27-inch model, for example, is inspired by the coastal vibes and the local surf scene. Stats show that Australia has the world’s second-largest population of surfers after the USA, and surfing has long become an important part of the country’s identity. Aussies love packing up their surfboards and being constantly on the hunt for the perfect waves. And that’s what reminds us of this hip and cool cruiser board.

When it comes to specs, the Penny Skateboards Swirl has an ideal 27-inch deck size with waffle patterns that feature anti-slip properties for safer and more comfortable ride. The wheels are a standard 59mm polyurethane set on premium ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings and high tensile bolts. It is also equipped with four-inch A-grade 356 cast aluminium powder-coated trucks. All these features contribute to the overall durability of this board as well as the comfortable ride it’s able to provide. On top of these, it comes with lifetime warranty which makes its price really worth it.

Why buy this:
  • Standard specs for cruiser boards such as the 27-inch deck size and 59mm polyurethane wheels
  • Premium ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings and high tensile bolts
  • Durable and comfortable to ride
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Stylish board
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2. Santa Cruz 80’s Classic Dot Black/Red

Santa Cruz 80's Classic Dot Black/Red cruiser boards

If the brand name is quite nostalgic especially to those who have been skateboarding for years, that’s because Santa Cruz is one of the oldest and most popular skateboard brands in the world. And if you’re looking for something more nostalgic to celebrate your years of skateboarding, their collection constantly includes visually appealing retro-style boards.

The Santa Cruz 80’s Classic Dot Black/Red in particular, is tough and edgy on its appearance, but with a deck size of 31.7-inch by 9.35-inch plus a set of 60mm wheels, this cruiser board is going to give you a comfortable ride. Perfect for cruising, this board is going to take you to a fun commute every time, whether you run for errands or wish to add some twist to your daily commute to work.

Why buy this:
  • Wide deck with size of 31.7-inch by 9.35-inch
  • Large wheels with size of 60mm
  • Overall comfortable and sturdy board
  • Retro-style edgy board
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3. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber cruiser boards

Magneto’s designers are skaters themselves, so you can be confident that every board they create is equipped with the specs that are ideal for every kind of ride that you’re going for. This board from Magneto that’s made from 3 plies of bamboo and fiberglass is designed specifically to be more durable, flexible, and suitable for cruising and dancing. Thanks to its long and wide 46-inch by 9-inch deck, these riding styles are comfortable to perform using this board. The natural bamboo top with a sand grip finish maintains the board’s wood aesthetic by eliminating the need for grip tape without compromising the strong grip properties for seamless, no-slip rides.

Equipped with 70mm Shore 78A wheels and trucks that have a seven-inch hanger and kingpin angle of 50 degrees plus bushings with medium stiffness, the board is designed to give you a stable and smooth ride.

If you wish to explore the art of longboard dancing, at the same time, cruise to your destination on a frequent basis, this board is going to give you the best of both worlds.

Why buy this:
  • Long, wide, spacious deck
  • Stable yet flexible trucks and wheels
  • Shallow concave design is ideal for both cruising and dancing
  • Doesn’t require grip tape yet provides excellent grip properties while retaining its beautiful wood design
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4. Retrospec Zed Zuma Sundown

Retrospec Zed Zuma Sundown cruiser boards

We can only think of one thing while looking at the Retrospec Zed Zuma Sundown, and that’s none other than the beach. Blame it to this cruiser board’s surfboard-resembling design and cheerful colours, we are reminded of the sun, sand and the endless waves with reggae music playing in the background.

Great for beginners, this cruiser board has a long, wide, stable 44-inch deck made of 8-ply Canadian maple and sustainably sourced bamboo. Its smooth and shock-absorbent set of 70mm by 51mm 85A PU wheels is equipped with anti-bite technology, so each ride is seamless and comfortable. It’s also equipped with ABEC-7 precision ball bearings which ensures superior speed—perfect for those who are always on the hurry to catch the train!

Why buy this:
  • Stable and comfortable 44-inch deck
  • Sustainably sourced material
  • Smooth, shock-absorbent 70mm PU wheels with anti-bite technology
  • Stylish board
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5. Landyachtz Dinghy 28”

Landyachtz Dinghy 28" cruiser board

Perfect for small riders, the Landyachtz Dinghy has a deck of 28.5-inch. It’s light and portable which makes it ideal for cruising slightly crowded or small roads. Made of 7-ply maple, the deck is built to last. It also comes in a variety of designs and colours, so you can pick one that mostly appeals to your personal taste.

The wheels are 60mm 78A Chubby Hawgs which provide superior grip while ensuring ideal smoothness and speed.

Why buy this:
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The set of wheels provides superior grip, smoothness and speed
  • Made of durable material
  • Multiple designs and colours to choose from
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6. Cal 7 22” Complete Mini Cruiser

Cal 7 22" Complete Mini Cruiser board

For those who prefer an even more compact and portable board that can fit inside a backpack, the Cal 7 22-inch cruiser board is a great idea. Ideal for navigating a crowded city street, it’s easy to switch from riding and walking as the board is not bulky and heavy. However, if you’re a complete beginner, use the board with caution as the smaller deck isn’t too comfortable to ride.

But hey, don’t underestimate this little board. Its set of wheels is 60mm 78A set on ABEC-7 bearings which ensures durability as well as fast, seamless ride. We also love its minimalist design. Most of the variations do not have any graphics or prints, instead, the boards come in a variety of solid colours which is perfect for those who are looking for a simple, subtle yet cool board.

Why buy this:
  • Compact and can easily fit inside backpack
  • Robust 60mm 78A wheels
  • ABEC-7 bearings for smooth and fast ride
  • Minimalist yet cool design
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7. The Quest Super Cruiser

The Quest Super Cruiser board

Constructed with a multi-ply hardwood maple and artisan bamboo deck, The Quest Super Cruiser is the cruiser board you’re looking for if superior quality and durability is what you’re after. Its 44-inch deck provides stability and comfort which is perfect even for beginners. Meanwhile, the 70mm wheels make the board ideal whether on smoother concrete surfaces or off-road destinations.

When it comes to design, the deck comes with Quest’s signature abstract graphic which exudes an edgy appeal.

Why buy this:
  • Comfortable and stable board for cruising
  • Made of high-quality materials and excellent craftmanship
  • Versatile board you can take anywhere
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8. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Cruiser

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Cruiser

Get yourself a drop through board if increased stability is what you’re after. Our pick? The Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Cruiser. Equipped with 39-inch by 9.1-inch flexible 8-ply maple deck as well as big, soft 70mm by 51mm PU wheels combined with ABEC-9 bearings, this cruiser board is ideal for faster speed riding, downhill carving, and long-distance cruising. This durable board is able to withstand and carry up to 113 kilograms so it’s perfect for almost everyone.

Why buy this:
  • Increased stability with the drop through design
  • Rigid 8-ply maple deck with ample space for comfort
  • Big, soft wheels suitable for most locations
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9. Seething 42” Cruiser

Seething 42" Cruiser

If a sturdy deck that can carry heavier riders is what you’re looking for, you’re probably talking about the Seething 42-inch Cruiser. This robust cruiser board can withstand and support up to 149 kilograms, and since the deck is long and spacious, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect stability and comfort during your ride. Equipped with ABEC-11 bearings and 70mm 95A PU wheels, this versatile board is going to give you unsurpassed speed and smoothness whether on smooth or rough surfaces. Also, the stability that it’s able to provide is even suitable for longboard dancing, so if that’s what you wish to explore next, go ahead and get yourself this Seething 42-inch Cruiser.

Why buy this:
  • Robust 42-inch deck can carry weight of up to 149kg
  • Fast and smooth ride with ABEC-11 bearings and 70mm 95A PU wheels
  • Versatile board suitable for cruising, carving, and longboard dancing
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10. New Olym 44” Super Cruiser

New Olym 44" Super Cruiser

An even more robust board, the New Olym 44-inch Super Cruiser can carry a whopping 299 kilograms! If that can’t still give you enough confidence that your board will never break apart at some point of your ride, I don’t know what else can. The spacious deck of 44-inch by 9-inch is not only durable, but also stable, which is suitable even for beginners who are still struggling with balance.

Expect a smooth and speedy ride with this board’s ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings and SHR95A soft bushings. Even on off-road adventures, it’s going to give you a comfortable ride every time. The package also comes with the all-in-one skate T-tool which is super handy if there’s something that you need to adjust or repair in your skateboard.

Why buy this:
  • Super sturdy 44-inch deck can support up to 299 kg
  • Suitable for both experienced and beginner riders
  • Smooth and speedy ride with the board’s ABEC-9 bearings and SHR95A bushings
  • Comes with a handy all-in-one skate T-tool
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I hope that this article has helped you to choose the perfect cruiser board for your needs, whether you wish to use it for commute, longboard dancing, or whatever you find interesting in the cruiser board world. Please also share this with your family and friends who love the hobby!

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