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9 Best Dark Chocolates in Malaysia | Best of Foods 2023

Are you a chocolate lover who craves the rich and intense flavours of dark chocolate? Do you find it challenging to find the perfect dark chocolate that satisfies your taste buds in Malaysia? With an extensive variety of dark chocolates in the market, which then is the best? In our Best of Food series, we introduce the 9 Best Dark Chocolates in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. 

Best Dark Chocolates in Malaysia

1. Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate 

dark chocolate bar
Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate – Best Dark Chocolates in Malaysia

Best overall

If you’re seeking the epitome of dark chocolate indulgence Malaysia, look no further than Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate. This exquisite chocolate boasts a bold flavour and aroma of rich, dark cocoa that is truly exceptional. With a cacao content of 78%, it delivers a delightful intensity balanced with a creamy melt that sets it apart from other high cacao percentage chocolates. Lindt has truly mastered the art of crafting a bar that satisfies the taste buds of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate lovers alike. The smooth, velvety texture and the perfect snap of this bar make it a favourite among chocolate connoisseurs. Treat yourself to the ultimate dark chocolate experience with Lindt Excellence.

Why buy this:
  • Bold flavour and aroma of rich, dark cocoa
  • Creamy melt unique for higher cacao percentage chocolate
  • Perfect balance of intensity and smoothness
  • Appeals to both milk chocolate and dark chocolate lovers
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2. Beryl’s – Dark Chocolates Malaysia

dark chocolates in Malaysia
Beryl’s 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar – Best Dark Chocolates Malaysia

Best Malaysian chocolate

For a taste of Malaysian excellence in dark chocolate, Beryl’s 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar is a must-try. Made with love in the small town of Desa Serdang, this chocolate may not have flashy packaging, but it more than compensates with its delicious flavour. This bar leans towards the sweeter side while maintaining a delicate hint of bitterness, making it a delightful treat for the taste buds. Beryl’s is renowned for its commitment to quality, ensuring that every bite of its chocolate is a testament to its craftsmanship. If you’re looking for authentic and high-quality Malaysian dark chocolate, Beryl’s 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar is a fantastic choice.

Why buy this:
  • Delicious flavour with a hint of bitterness
  • Authentic Malaysian dark chocolate
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Available in different cacao percentages (80% and 99%)
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3. Benns Ethicoa

Benns Ethicoa
Benns Ethicoa – Best Dark Chocolate in Malaysia

For the authentic taste of Asian cacao

Experience the authentic taste of Asian cacao with Benns Ethicoa’s Calinan Single Estate 72% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs. Benns Ethioca, a Malaysian brand committed to supporting Asian cacao farmers, sources their cacao directly from local farmers in the Calinan district of the Philippines. By eliminating intermediaries, they ensure the highest quality and work together with farmers to enhance the cacao’s flavour profile. This particular bar combines the bittersweet notes of cacao with the delightful crunch of cacao nibs, creating a truly memorable chocolate experience. Indulge yourself or surprise your loved ones with the gift pack option and savour the authentic taste of Asian cacao.

Why buy dark chocolates Malaysia:
  • Authentic bittersweet taste of cacao from the Calinan district
  • Directly sourced from local farmers, supporting Asian cacao farming
  • Collaboration to enhance cacao quality
  • Available in a gift pack option
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4. Nestle KitKat Bar Dark Chocolate

kitkat dark chocolate Malaysia
Nestle KitKat Bar Dark Chocolate – best dark chocolates – Best Dark Chocolate Malaysia

For snacking

When it comes to snacking on dark chocolate, Nestle KitKat Bar Dark Chocolate takes the crown. It offers more than just a deep and rich dark chocolate flavor; it also delights with its unique texture. The smooth and silky dark chocolate coating encases a soft yet crunchy wafer, creating a perfect combination of indulgence and satisfaction. What sets KitKat apart is its commitment to quality, as these bars contain no artificial colours, are Halal certified, and suitable for vegetarians. Indulge in the creamy mouthfeel and enjoy a relaxing weekend treat with Nestle KitKat Bar Dark Chocolate.

Why buy this:
  • Deep and rich dark chocolate flavour
  • Unique smooth and crunchy texture
  • No artificial colours
  • Halal certified and suitable for vegetarians
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5. Etblisse – Dark Chocolates Malaysia

best dark chocolate in Malaysia
Etblisse Dark Chocolate – Best Dark Chocolates in Malaysia

Best healthy chocolate drinks

For those who prefer chocolate in liquid form, Etblisse Dark Chocolate is an excellent choice. This premium chocolate drink is made from 100% pure cocoa powder and is enriched with organic non-GMO soymilk, 18 whole grains, and Chinese herbs, providing additional health benefits. Etblisse claims that their dark chocolate drink improves mood, blood circulation, and alleviates menstrual discomfort. What’s more, it contains 50% less sugar than standard chocolate drinks in Malaysia, making it a healthier option. Free from dairy, trans-fat, preservatives, and artificial colours, Etblisse Dark Chocolates Malaysia is perfect for individuals conscious of their cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Why buy this:
  • Made from 100% pure cocoa powder
  • Enriched with organic non-GMO soymilk and 18 whole grains
  • Health benefits, including mood improvement and blood circulation
  • 50% less sugar than standard chocolate drinks in Malaysia
  • Dairy-free, trans-fat-free, preservative-free, and no artificial colors
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6. ViVe Snack 75% Dark Chocolate

75% dark chocolates
ViVe Snack 75% Dark Chocolate – Best Dark Chocolates Malaysia

The taste of Malaysian cacao

Experience the true taste of Malaysian cacao with ViVe Snack 75% Dark Chocolates Malaysia. Sourced from Banting, Selangor, this chocolate showcases the rich flavours of Malaysia’s own cocoa region. ViVe Snack prides itself on using natural ingredients, including pure cocoa butter without any substitutes. The result is an earthy and creamy chocolate that delights your palate with every bite. As a bonus, dark chocolate is known for its high antioxidant and flavonoid content, which may promote better blood circulation and support a healthier brain. Indulge in the taste of Malaysian cacao with ViVe Snack 75% Dark Chocolate.

Why buy this:
  • Sourced from Malaysia’s own cacao region in Banting, Selangor
  • Natural ingredients, including pure cocoa butter
  • Earthy and creamy taste
  • High antioxidant and flavonoid content
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7. Cadbury Old Gold

Cadbury Old Gold
Cadbury Old Gold – Best Dark Chocolate in Malaysia

For a good old taste of dark chocolate

When it comes to classic dark chocolate, Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate is an exceptional choice. Known for its creamy and delicious texture, Cadbury has crafted this dark chocolate bar with 70% cacao, delivering an intense and authentic dark chocolate experience. With every bite, you’ll be transported back to the time-honoured taste of dark chocolate that Cadbury is renowned for. Indulge in the nostalgic goodness of Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate and savour the timeless pleasure it brings.

Why buy this:
  • Creamy and delicious texture
  • Intense taste of classic dark chocolate
  • Authentic and nostalgic flavor
  • Made by the renowned Cadbury brand
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8. Chocolate Monggo

Chocolate Monggo
Chocolate Monggo – Best Dark Chocolate Malaysia

Best Indonesian chocolate

Indulge in the rich flavours of Indonesian chocolate with Chocolate Monggo dark chocolates Malaysia. This renowned brand, based in Yogyakarta, captures the essence of local cacao using Belgian techniques. Started by a Belgian man who fell in love with local chocolate during a vacation, Chocolate Monggo has grown to become one of the biggest chocolate brands in the country. Their dark chocolate variants, ranging from 58% to 100% cacao, offer a light yet authentic and pure taste that truly showcases their high-quality production process. Treat yourself to the finest Indonesian chocolate with Chocolate Monggo.

Why buy this:
  • Rich flavours of Indonesian chocolate
  • Made with Belgian techniques
  • Wide range of dark chocolate variants
  • Light, authentic, and pure taste
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9. Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips

brownie chips
Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips – Best Dark Chocolates in Malaysia

For chocolate chips

When you’re craving the irresistible allure of chocolate chips, reach for Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips. These delightful treats are baked to perfection, combining almond flakes, chia seeds, and coconut shreds for a delectable crunch. Packed with protein and fibre, they make for a tasty and satisfying snack. Enjoy them on their own or pair them with a cup of hot coffee or milk. What’s even better is that Amazin’ Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips contain no refined sugar, allowing you to indulge guilt-free with every bite.

Why buy this:
  • Irresistible and crunchy chocolate chips
  • Made with almond flakes, chia seeds, and coconut shreds
  • Packed with protein and fibre
  • No refined sugar ingredients
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What are the characteristics of high-quality dark chocolate?

High-quality dark chocolate is characterised by rich, complex flavours and a smooth texture. It typically has a high cocoa percentage, often above 70%, and uses ethically sourced cocoa beans with minimal additives.

What potential health benefits does dark chocolate offer?

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which can contribute to heart health and protect against free radicals. It may also improve mood, boost cognitive function, and provide a small energy boost due to its natural caffeine content.

Can individuals with dietary restrictions enjoy dark chocolates?

Yes, dark chocolate can be enjoyed by individuals with various dietary restrictions. There are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options available. Those with sugar restrictions can find dark chocolates sweetened with alternatives like stevia or erythritol.

What factors should be considered when choosing dark chocolates Malaysia?

Consider the cocoa percentage, origin, and flavour preferences when choosing dark chocolate. Higher cocoa percentages offer a more intense taste. Look for ethically sourced cocoa beans and certifications indicating responsible sourcing practices.

Are there unique flavour variations of dark chocolate available?

Absolutely! Dark chocolate comes in a variety of unique flavour combinations, such as sea salt, chilli, orange, mint, and exotic fruits. Different brands and artisanal chocolatiers offer diverse flavour profiles to cater to various preferences.

How can dark chocolate be incorporated into recipes?

Dark chocolate can be melted and drizzled over desserts, used as a flavouring in baked goods, or added to smoothies and homemade snacks. Get creative and experiment with different recipes to explore the versatility of dark chocolate.

What is the best way to store dark chocolates Malaysia?

Store dark chocolate in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and strong odors. Keep it tightly sealed to prevent moisture absorption. Avoid refrigeration, as it can cause condensation and affect the texture of the chocolate.

How can I ensure that the dark chocolate I choose is ethically sourced?

Look for dark chocolates with certifications like Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, or UTZ. These certifications indicate that the cocoa beans used in the chocolate are sourced from farms that follow ethical and sustainable practices.

Can dark chocolate be part of a balanced diet?

Dark chocolate can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet when consumed in moderation. It is important to be mindful of portion sizes due to their calorie density. Pair it with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins for a well-rounded diet.

Where can I find a wide selection of dark chocolates?

You can find a wide selection of dark chocolates at specialty chocolate shops, gourmet food stores, and online retailers. Explore local artisanal chocolatiers and renowned brands to discover a diverse range of dark chocolates with varying flavours, cocoa percentages, and origins.

We hope that our guide on the 9 Best Dark Chocolates in Malaysia has helped you to buy the best one for your taste buds and cravings. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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