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8 Best Dog Groomers in Singapore (2023)

Your dogs have a habit of getting themselves into the dirtiest of conditions. And sending your beloved pets to salons or groomers that provide the best grooming services in Singapore is one of your many responsibilities as a pet owner.  With so many groomers and pet salons out there, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing the best for your pet’s grooming needs. Fortunately, we discovered several choices for reputable dog groomers. Check out our list of the Best Dog Groomers in Singapore to see where to find pet grooming parlors that offer the best service on the island.

This article was last updated on 31 January 2023.

Table of contents 

  • Best Dog Groomers in Singapore
    1. Affordable: Doggylicious Studio
    2. Best mobile groomers: The Precious Pets
    3. One-stop-shop: Pawpy Kisses
    4. Organic treatments: Barkber Shop Singapore
    5. Signature dog dental cleaning: Surrpaws Pet Grooming Boutique
    6. Low-stress grooming: The Grooming Table
    7. Customized treatment: Dollhouse Pets
    8. Groomers for first-timers: The Grooming Angels

8 Best Dog Groomers in Singapore

1. Doggylicious Studio, for quality and affordable dog grooming services

doggylicious studio dog groomers singapore
Doggylicious Studio has grown into one of the most trusted dog groomers on the island with almost 10 years of experience. It offers easy and hassle-free pet grooming and pet transportation facilities across the island. They specialize in low-maintenance dog cuts and summer haircuts. And if you want a total makeover for your furbaby, Doggylicious Studio offers a unique selection of high-quality, one-of-a-kind pet wear! Here, you can give your beloved doggo a totally fresh look.

In case you’re too busy to visit their salon, you can have your dog picked up at your home and returned after the grooming is completed. It’s a brilliant option, particularly for pet owners who have a lot to consider in their schedules. Although this might seem a more expensive option, no need to worry because their rates are competitive and reasonable! You won’t have to think about overpaying for grooming services at Doggylicious Studio.

  • Basic Groom – starts at $25
  • Full Groom – starts at $50
  • Dog Grooming Transport – starts at $5
Check out Doggylicious Studio >
Address: Block 330, 330 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 560330
Tel: +65 9477 1804

2. The Precious Pets, for topnotch mobile grooming services

the precious pets dog groomers singapore
If your pet struggles from separation issues, The Precious Pets’ service is just what you’re looking for. With over ten years of experience, this is one of the leading dog groomers in Singapore that provides mobile pet grooming services. Referrals and return clients testify to their regular, excellent quality and the caution they take while grooming pets. Moreover, their groomers are professionally trained by organizations including the California Academy of Animal Aesthetics, DC International Grooming Academy, International Grooming Association (IGA), and Singapore Kennel Club (SKC). With these credentials, you’ll know your dog is in good hands!

What we like about The Precious Pets is they focus on addressing your furbaby’s health concerns in addition to grooming. Their friendly groomers are eager to share their expertise and grooming advice that will improve your pet’s overall condition. Furthermore, elderly and sick dogs are cared for in a relaxing environment at their respective homes, so other animals have no risk of infection! At The Precious Pets, rest assured your lovely doggo would be 100% healthy and safe.

  • Book an appointment here to know more about their rates.
Check out The Precious Pets >
Tel: +65 9697 3337
Contact Form

3. Pawpy Kisses, for a one-stop-shop for all your pet grooming needs

pawpy kisses dog groomers singapore
If you want to skip the hassle of having your pet groomed then going shopping for necessities somewhere after, this pet salon is the perfect pick. Pawpy Kisses Pet Shop & Pet Grooming Services offers almost everything from pet grooming down to your pet’s daily needs. It is one of the few pet salons on the island that offers almost any service your pets might need. On top of that, it is well-known for having a team of welcoming and passionate animal lovers who can ensure that the pets are well-cared for during the grooming period.

We also like that they offer a wide variety of therapies, some of which sound good enough for soothing spa days. Consider treating your pet with their services like:

  • AFLOAT Premium Moisturising Spa Treatment
  • Japan Nanotechnology Spa Treatment
  • Japan Ayurveda Herb Spa Treatment
  • Charcoal Mud Dog Spa Treatment
  • 3-in-1 Collagen Spa Treatment

Basic dog grooming starts at $55. Prices vary depending on various factors: dog breed, size, type of service, and many more! Check their website for a complete price list.

Check out Pawpy Kisses > 
Address: 238 Balestier Road #01-01, #01-02, #01-03 Singapore 329701
Tel: +65 9060 6501
Contact Form

4. Barkber Shop Singapore, for organic and natural products and treatments

barkber shop dog groomers singapore
If you want all-natural products to ensure your dog’s safety, you should visit Barkber Shop! They pride themselves on offering the best organic pet grooming services by using natural products to cleanse your furbaby without any side effects. They are committed to your pet’s health, happiness and we firmly believe in “pet wellness”. All of these concepts started with the idea of creating a healthy and loving environment they would want for their own pets.

At Barkber Shop, they customize grooming services according to your dog’s specific needs. With this kind of service, you’ll be assured your furry friend would only be getting grooming techniques and treatments so you can avoid unnecessary spending and excessive treatments that could harm pets.

Check out Barkber Shop >
Address: 914 East Coast Road #01-01 The Domain Singapore 459108
Tel: 8666 9983

5. Surrpaws Pet Grooming Boutique, for signature dog dental cleaning

surrpaws dog groomers singapore
Whether it’s a dog or a cat you’ve got, Surrpaws Pet Shop & Pet Grooming has got it in the bag. They’re actually the first pet groomers in Singapore to provide services for 5 types of companion pets: Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, and Chinchilla. This renowned studio has been in operation for over ten years and takes pride in providing a safe and relaxing atmosphere, as well as professional and patient groomers.

What’s more, Surrpaws specialises in their signature dog dental teeth cleaning. They start from removing dog’s teeth stains, plague, tartar, which eliminates your dog’s bad breath. And you can actually save some cash by doing this because this treatment has a lasting result for more than a year! 

  • Basic dog grooming – from $48
  • Full dog grooming – from $58
  • A la carte dog grooming – from $10
Check out Surrpaws >
Address: 590 Montreal Link #01-21 Singapore 750590
Tel: +65 8845 7183
Contact Form

6. The Grooming Table, for low-stress handling grooming technique

the grooming table
The Grooming Table highlights the balance and well-being of your pets’ body, mind, and spirit in addition to making them look fine. Animals don’t talk and can’t tell you what’s going on in their heads and where they are feeling uncomfortable. While sickness is inevitable, The Grooming Table has always believed in holistic medicine as a form of complementary treatment. This prompted them to look for safe alternative treatments for their pets. So if your dog frequently gets stressed during grooming time, you might want to check out The Grooming Table for their low-stress grooming techniques.

Low-Stress Handling™ Technique

Low-Stress Handling™ is a scientific and comprehensive approach to handling pets in a safer, more relaxed, and less stressful way and training the pets to associate grooming as healthy and pleasant. Though they can’t make your pets instantly fall in love with grooming, they do have strategies to help them feel more comfortable and less nervous during grooming! Moreover, they will even share tips with you on how to practise the techniques at home, so you’ll be able to experience the permanent effects.

  • Full grooming – starts at $65
  • Basic grooming (no haircut) – starts at $45
  • Bath & spa – starts at $30
  • Spa treatments – starts at $45
Check out The Grooming Table >
Address: 55 Lengkok Bahru #01-391 Singapore 151055
Tel: +65 6250 2938
Contact Form

7. Dollhouse Pets, for customized spa and treatment

dollhouse pets
Dollhouse Pets’ mission is to love and care for your pet. They appreciate how vital it is for your pets to be in the right hands because they are pet owners themselves. Because of this, they have a variety of customized services and uses only the best quality grooming materials and supplies.

On top of that, Dollhouse Pets specializes in spas and treatments. One of the most popular is their nano-bubble pet spa, which is a deep-cleansing treatment that releases trillions of nano-sized bubbles into your pet’s bathwater, turning it milky-colored. Within just 20 minutes, these tiny bubbles will reach deep into your pet’s pores and effectively lift away all the dirt and grime. But if your furbaby needs other treatments depending on their health condition, Dollhouse Pets offers a wide array of therapy like collagen treatment, ozone spa, degreasing treatment, medi spa, parasite treatment, and customized treatment for dogs with special cases! Read more about their exclusive spa treatments here.

  • Spa and treatment – start at $40
  • Grooming – starts at $30
  • Dental care – from $250
Check out Dollhouse Pets >
Address: 7 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169342
Tel: +65 6498 9820
Contact Form

8. The Grooming Angels, for pets with no prior grooming experience

the grooming angels
Dedicated to passion and adoration for animal care, The Grooming Angels is a team of groomers with over 10 years of pet grooming experience. They have been offering house call home grooming services since 2018. Since their opening, they’ve been providing loyal and loving pet care and services to the furry friends of Singapore.

Express grooming service

We highly recommend going to The Grooming Angels for your furbaby’s first haircut! Their express grooming is the perfect service for a quick freshen-up suitable for nervous pets, young animals, and of course, dogs new to the grooming experience. This service includes pre-grooming consultation, general health evaluation, ear cleaning, paw pad trimming, and many more! Book an appointment here.

  • Basic grooming – from $50
  • Full grooming – from $90
  • Check out their detailed rates here.
Check out The Grooming Angels >
Tel:  +65 9152 0501
Contact Form


We hope that our guide on the Best Dog Groomers in Singapore will help you to find the best grooming service for your furry friend. Do also read our other service guides! Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more guides that we will be releasing soon!

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