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12 Best Shops for Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers in Singapore

It’s sad when you see a bouquet of fresh flowers start to wilt and die. Yet many of us opt not to buy artificial flowers in place of real ones either. Hence, preserved flowers make the perfect alternative. Dried blooms are equally stunning, and they can last for years without needing complicated care and maintenance. All you need to do is to place them in the right indoor environment with good airflow away from direct sunlight and frequent movements. Because preserved flowers are made to last, they are perfect for hand bouquets, home and events décor and other floral crafts. Good news – everlasting blooms are also becoming widely popular on the island. Looking for stunning dried flowers in Singapore? Explore the 12 Best Shops for Dried Flowers & Preserved Flowers in Singapore for quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget. Check out our fresh flowers recommendations too!

This article was last updated on 28 February 2024.

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Best Preserved Flowers in Singapore
1. Moon Fleur
2. BloomBack Singapore
3. LavieFlo Singapore
4. Blanc Artisan
5. Dawn Q Floral Design
6. Floral Garage Singapore
7. Floral Mikelle
8. Well Live Florist
9. First Sight Singapore
10. Terra Florist & Gifts
12. The Wallflower Bud

1. Moon Fleur

Moon Fleur

Beautiful dried floral arrangements for everlasting memories

If there is anything that we human beings love, it is preserving memories and making things last a lifetime (or attempting to, at least).  Just like their logo that shows the crescent moon and Forget-Me-Not flowers, Moon Fleur wants to give their clients the real meaning of true love.  Their flowers are perfect for conveying well wishes, love and thoughts to your dear ones, creating everlasting memories that are expressed through beautiful floral arrangements.

Moon Fleur specializes in preserved flowers and dried pieces, which could either be in bouquets, flower domes, or jars and vases. All their pieces are crafted with love and care and are made-to-order so no two pieces are ever alike! We also love how they source unique pieces that are practical and incorporate them into their florals for better usage and longevity. For instance, you can see their unique floral arrangements in photo frames and ring boxes as well, which are simply perfect for gifts and proposals.

Moon Fleur - Best Shops for Dried Flowers Singapore

Bespoke bridal bouquets and flower crowns

Since Moon Fleur is all about the meaning of true love, they also offer bespoke bridal bouquets and flower crowns for weddings.  All bouquets come along with complimentary matching loose hair florals for the bride to accessorise with, so you would look even more stunning on your most special day. Meanwhile, the flower crowns can be used to elevate the hairstyles of the bridesmaids and other members of the entourage. Or perhaps you can use them as wall decor for the wedding reception, or as an accessory during pre and post-wedding photoshoots.

Commitment to the environment 

We love that they are eco-friendly and make an effort to step up their sustainability efforts. Moon Fleur uses biodegradable wrapping for their bouquets wherever possible and they cut down on their paper usage as well. What’s even better is that they dedicate 5% of their proceeds to charity as their way of giving back to those in need. Two thumbs up from us!

Check out Moon Fleur >
Moon Fleur | +65 8613 2193 (Whatsapp only)
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2. BloomBack Preserved Flowers Singapore

BloomBack Singapore – Dried Flowers in Singapore

If you are looking for gorgeous dried flowers in Singapore packaged as a gift, you may want to explore the various premium gift sets at Bloomback. These LED and Bluetooth speakers handcrafted with preserved flowers will surely take her on a trip down memory lane through songs that tell how your story has unfolded. You can even let your other half listen to a sweet playlist you’ve specially curated for her. Included in the premium gift set are a cute BloomBear and a chic bag accessory that has a preserved flower too. Make the gift more special by choosing a personalised text add-on to add a name or message.

Check out BloomBack Singapore >

📍33 Ubi Ave 3, The Vertex #05-70, Tower A (Use lift lobby A), Singapore 408868
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3. LavieFlo Singapore

preserved flowers
Dried Preserved Flowers in Singapore – LavieFlo Singapore

LavieFlo creates gorgeous bouquets with vibrant colours that will definitely melt the heart of your special someone. What’s unique with their bouquets is that you can add a personalised message that’s laser-engraved on a gold plate—perfect to symbolise a love that’s eternal and unfading. You can also opt for complementary fairy lights to add a literal glow of romance to your bouquet.

Check out LavieFlo Singapore >

📍46 East Coast Road #09-01 Eastgate, Singapore 428766
📞+65 6344 3912
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4. Blanc Artisan – Preserved Flowers Singapore

Blanc Artisan
Blanc Artisan – Preserved Flowers Singapore

Are you planning to propose to your future wife anytime soon? You’ll want everything to be perfect for sure! Why not hide the ring in one of Blanc Artisan’s elegant jewellery boxes with stunning preserved flowers? Be sure to choose your girlfriend’s favourite flowers and colour palette to make it extra special for her.

Want more gifts for the love of your life? Blanc Artisan’s collection also includes dainty rose domes that will be lovely on your special girl’s bedside table or desk.

Check out Blanc Artisan >

📍Wellington Cir, #12-61, Singapore 751510
📞+65 8580 9956
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5. Dawn Q Floral Design

dried flowers
Dawn Q Floral Design – Dried Flowers Singapore

If you want a huge collection of creative bouquets and floral boxes to choose from a variety of designs and colours, enjoy browsing Dawn Q’s collection of dried blooms. From sweet blush shades and faded blues to striking bright reds, there’s something special that your significant other will fall in love with. Do you love sipping a cup of tea together? Their signature You’re My Cup of Tea flower box would be an excellent surprise for her.

Besides bouquets and flower boxes, they also have special floral arrangements in beautiful Nordic vases—perfect for your bedside table, desk or any corner of your home that needs a pop of colours and cheer. Our top picks? Colette, Sand and the Sea, and I Pink I Like it.

Check out Dawn Q Floral Design >

📍62 Ubi road 1 #05-13 S408734
📞+65 9179 6689
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6. Floral Garage Singapore

Floral Garage Singapore
Floral Garage Singapore – Best Dried Flowers & Preserved Flowers in Singapore

So you’ve heard the big news: a best friend is getting married soon! What’s next? Plan to throw a bridal shower she won’t forget. Trying to find the best preserved flowers in Singapore for some added gloss? Why not go the extra mile and surprise her with Floral Garage’s cake and flower bundle? Collaborating with Zee & Elle’s Cakes, their best-selling preserved flowers are paired with either the refreshing Honey Yuzu Fresh Cream Cake or the luscious Chocolate Crunch Cake, creating an unforgettable package of delight.

Check out Floral Garage Singapore >

📍8 New Industrial Road, LHK 3 Building, #06-01, Singapore 536200
📞+65 9387 8871
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7. Floral Mikelle – Preserved Flowers Singapore

preserved flower gifts
Floral Mikelle – Preserved Flower Gift Ideas

Would you like to create a special bouquet or flower box yourself to add an extra touch of love and thought to your gift? Well, not all of us know how to do it exactly. But no worries. Floral Mikelle makes the job easy-breezy. With just a few clicks on their website, you can create a customised arrangement and have it delivered at your doorstep or straight to your loved one’s location! On their customisation page, you can choose gift type, whether a bouquet, vase or floral box, as well as size, type of flowers (preserved, fresh or mixed), colour palette and combination of flowers. Indeed, this is an exciting idea!

Check out Floral Mikelle >

📍22 New Industrial Rd, #02-20, Singapore 536208
📞+65 8784 5750
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8. Well Live Florist

flower gift ideas
Well Live Florist – Flower Gift Ideas in Singapore

Isn’t a picnic kind of date cute? Definitely! You’ll never notice the hours passing when you’re engaged in one. It’s one of those kinds of dates that ladies out there dream about. Fulfil your wife’s dream picnic date by carefully planning one on a relaxing weekend. Well, Live Florist’s Gift Hamper flower baskets will perfectly fit the occasion and make your picnic date even more memorable. It’s going to melt hearts for sure!

Check out Well Live Florist >

📍1 Defu Lane 10 #03-547 Singapore 539182
📞+65 6281 3031
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9. First Sight Preserved Flowers Singapore

First Sight Singapore
First Sight Singapore – Best Preserved Flower in Singapore

Your girl’s going to adore First Sight’s dreamy pastel-coloured floral arrangements. One of our favourites is this Everlasting Love – Mini Bloom Box. It’s perfect for those times when you simply want to be extra thoughtful and show your girl how much you appreciate her through these gorgeous dried blooms and a beautifully handwritten love letter.

Check out First Sight Singapore >

📍1 Marne Road, The Citron #01-05, S208380
📞+65 9238 1226
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10. Terra Florist and Gifts

florists Singapore
Terra Florist & Gifts – Best Dried Flowers Singapore

I don’t know about you, but among many dried flowers, lavender will always remain to be my favourite. Not only do they have this charming rustic appeal, they also make a room fragrant and inviting. Because lavender calms your mind and body and helps to induce restful sleep, it’s perfect to display in a glass vase on your bedside table. That’s why among Terra’s collection of preserved flowers in Singapore, their affordable lavenders caught my eye.

Check out Terra Florist & Gifts >

📍33 Erskine Road #01-03 Singapore 069333
📞+65 8898 9246
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11. Xpressflower – Preserved Flowers Singapore

Xpressflower Singapore – Best Dried Preserved Flowers in Singapore

Show your precious little daughter that she’s in your thoughts and that she, too, deserves to be appreciated. has Disney-themed floral creations that will make your daughter smile. Of course, there are also lovely bouquets to choose from for her mum, so you can surprise them both. The online store does 24-hour deliveries even on weekends, so you can have the flowers delivered anytime.

Check out >

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12. The Wallflower Bud

The Wallflower Bud
The Wallflower Bud – Preserved Flowers Singapore

Dried flowers are perfect for bridal bouquets because you don’t have to worry about them starting to wilt on the day of your wedding. Because they last for years, you can display the flowers in your home to remind you of the beautiful memories of your wedding day.

Looking for stunning modern dried flowers in Singapore? The Wallflower Bud specialises in this, so they’re the best one to approach whether you need flower crowns for your flower girls and bridesmaids, flower baskets and bridal bouquets. They even host workshops wherein they teach participants to make bridesmaid’s bouquets. So if you’re the hands-on kind of bride, this workshop deserves a room in your schedule.

Check out The Wallflower Bud >

📍Toh Guan Rd, Block 285D, Singapore 604285
📞+65 9746 9096
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I hope that this article has given you tons of ideas when it comes to dried flowers and preserved flowers in Singapore. Which shop would you try to pick your dried blooms from? Please share this, too, with your family and friends who want to make someone smile with a bouquet, box, basket, or dome of everlasting buds.