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10 Best Electric Kettles in Malaysia | Best of Home 2023

Hot water has become such an essential item in our lives, with modern-day electric kettles boiling water in a matter of minutes. A quick solution to getting piping hot water, electric kettles nowadays have evolved to providing additional functions, with aesthetically pleasing designs fit for modern homes. Looking for a good electric kettle in Malaysia for your new home? You have come to the right place. In this Best of Home series, we introduce the 10 Best Electric Kettles in Malaysia, providing you quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget.

This article was last updated on 26 December 2022

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Best Kettles in Malaysia

1. Philips Jug Kettle HD9303 (1.2L) Stainless Steel Jug 

Philips Jug Kettle HD9303 (1.2L) Stainless Steel Jug
Philips Jug Kettle HD9303 (1.2L) Stainless Steel Jug- best electric kettles in Malaysia

Best value for money

One of the most reviewed electric kettles in Malaysia, the Philips Jug Kettle 1.2L provides great value for money with a solid 4.8/5 rating with over 1,000 reviews. With a food-grade stainless steel inner pot, rest assured that you get clean boiling water. The electric kettle also features a steam sensor that protects it from overheating, and comes with a 2 year warranty. Watch the unboxing below!


Why buy this:

  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Steam sensor, dry boiling and overheating prevention
  • 2 years warranty
Check Price on Shopee and Lazada > 

2. Bear Electric Kettle Multifunctional

Bear Electric Kettle Multifunctional
Bear Electric Kettle Multifunctional- best electric kettles in Malaysia

Best with smart features

Introducing the BEAR electric kettle – a perfect multifunctional kettle for your home or office. With 16 functions, real-time monitoring, and accurate temperature control, this kettle makes it easy to enjoy any of your favourite hot beverages any time of day.

Always the perfect temperature for your favourite drink

This Bear kettle features an adjustable power range of 100W to 800W, so you can choose the perfect heat for your drink while also keeping your electricity bill under control. In addition, the 304 Stainless Steel construction makes it easy to clean and look stylish at the same time.

The lid of the BEAR electric kettle locks securely in place to prevent spills, and the touch screen microcomputer control makes it easy to select the function you need. At the same time, the thick glass and food-grade stainless steel strainer ensures the utmost safety during use. 

In addition to its impressive features, the BEAR electric kettle also has a 360° controlling dial, 8-level heating system, and a detachable heating base for added convenience. Plus, with a 9.5-hour programmable delay working timer and 10-minute pitcher detaching memory, you can set it up to brew your drink at the perfect time.

Why buy this:
  • Smart features
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Superior stainless-steel build quality 
  • 9.5-hour delay timer
Check Price on Lazada > 

3. Morgan Kettle MEK-4802SSCL

Morgan Kettle MEK-4802SSCL
Morgan Kettle MEK-4802SSCL- best electric kettles in Malaysia

Large capacity

Boasting a huge 4.8L capacity, the Morgan Kettle MEK-4802SSCL features a sleek, modern design. This electric kettle uses 2200W power which makes boiling very fast, even at full capacity. On top of that, it features a Boil Dry Protection which will automatically shut down the appliance when the water reaches the boiling point. Lastly, its 360° rotational base houses the power cord which helps to tidy up your kitchen. 

Why buy this:

  • Large 4.8L capacity, good for medium to big size families
  • 2200W ensures quick heating
  • 360° rotational base for easy use
  • Boil Dry Protection, automatically switches off when the water reaches the boiling point
Check Price on Shopee and Lazada > 

4. Dessiny ITALY Glass LED Light Electric Kettle 

Dessiny ITALY Glass LED Light Electric Kettle - best electric kettles in Malaysia
Dessiny ITALY Glass LED Light Electric Kettle – best electric kettles in Malaysia

Best budget

The Dessiny Electric Kettle is a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for an easy-to-use electric kettle. With its 360° base, this kettle is perfect for putting on a table and quickly boiling water or making tea and coffee. The kettle also has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents it from wasting energy when the water is boiled.

Unique, beautiful design

One of the standout features of the Dessiny Electric Kettle is its unique mouth design, which allows for easy pouring, and there’s LED light to add the aesthetics. Furthermore, it has a 1.8L capacity and a 2000W power, making it easy to boil a large amount of water at once. 

The only downside is it may have a plastic smell when you first open it from the box. However, you can easily remove it by rinsing the kettle thoroughly with water and vinegar, and let the solution soak inside for a few hours. 

Why buy this:
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stylish design with  360° base
  • 2000W power
Check Price on Shopee and Lazada > 

5. Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle 

Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle - best electric kettles in Malaysia
Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle – best electric kettles in Malaysia
Modern minimalist design

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle is a sleek and stylish appliance that brings modernity to your kitchen interior. Its minimalist design and visible LED heating light make it a beautiful addition to any countertop, and its powerful hidden disc heating element ensures that your water boils quickly and quietly.

Top-notch security features

This electric kettle is not just about looks, though. It also comes equipped with three-layer security features to prevent electric shock and to automatically shut off in the event of dry operation or boiling. And with its dual-layer coating of 304 stainless steel food grade inner material and anti high temperature outer material, you can trust that this kettle will last for years to come.

Boils water in just 5 minutes

In terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle has a fast boiling time of 5 minutes and a powerful 1800W of power, making it perfect for quickly heating up water for a variety of hot beverages. Its 1.5L capacity may be smaller than some other electric kettles, but it is perfect for its compact design and is enough for making a few cups of coffee at a time.

Why buy this: 
  • Modern minimalist design
  • Visible LED heating light
  • Top-notch security features
  • Fast boiling
Check Price on Shopee > 

6. Edoolffe Electric Coffee Kettle

Edoolffe Electric Coffee Kettle - best electric kettles in Malaysia
Edoolffe Electric Coffee Kettle – best electric kettles in Malaysia

Best kettle for coffee drinkers

If you’re a coffee drinker, this Edoolffe is designed to make you a quality coffee with ease. Marrying elegant design and precision, this kettle features a gooseneck spout to accurately control the flow of water, ensuring maximum flavour and aroma extraction of the coffee. 

Accurate temperature control for perfect morning coffee

On top of that, it has a temperature control between 45°C to 100°C, so you can set an exact temperature for different coffee recipes. And if you have a favourite, its Memory Function means you don’t have to re-setup the temperature every time. Plus, the Keep Warm mode can be useful if you want to make your second cup of coffee. 

Powerful heating for quick boiling

With a powerful 1200W heating element, the Edoolffe Coffee Kettle can boil water in just three minutes. And, thanks to its low-noise operation, brewing a morning coffee doesn’t have to disturb your partner or kid’s sleep. 

Safe and BPA-free material

Plus, the kettle’s auto-shutoff feature ensures that it will turn off when the water reaches your selected temperature, and its oil-dry safety feature prevents it from turning on when there is no water inside. Made with food-grade 304 stainless steel and BPA-free material, the Edoolffe Coffee Kettle is safe and healthy to use. 

Why buy this: 
  • Designed for making coffee
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Powerful heating element for quick boiling
  • BPA-free material
Check Price on Shopee > 

7. Kenwood JKP250 Travel Jug Kettle

Kenwood JKP250 Travel Jug Kettle
Kenwood JKP250 Travel Jug Kettle- best electric kettles in Malaysia

Good for travels

Having a travel kettle is pretty useful when you are on the go. It has 0.5L capacity with a compact design that is easy to carry within your bag or carrier. Moreover, its dual voltage element ensures quick heating and is suitable for all countries. You don’t need to bring an additional cup and spoon because the package comes with 2 pairs of cups and spoons, useful when you want to make a cup of coffee or enjoy a bowl of instant noodles. 

Why buy this:

  • Compact design making it easy to travel with
Check Price on Shopee and Lazada > 

8. Khind Electric Kettle EK5817

Khind Electric Kettle EK5817 - best electric kettles in Malaysia
Khind Electric Kettle EK5817 – best electric kettles in Malaysia

Most affordable

The Khind Electric Kettle EK5817 is an affordable and fuss-free choice for anyone in need of a reliable electric kettle. With a 4.9-star rating from over 11k sales on Shopee, this kettle is one of the most popular options among Malaysian customers.

Great security features 

Despite its low price, this Khind kettle has impressive security features, including Dry Boil Protection and Automatic Switch-Off when the water reaches the boiling temperature. This not only keeps the kettle in a good condition for long, but also helps you control your electricity expenses.  On top of that, there’s also a water level indicator and a filter for hygienic use. 

The Khind Electric Kettle is made from PP material, which is BPA-free and safe for use. You may notice a slight plastic smell when using the kettle for the first time, but this is normal and can be easily removed by rinsing the kettle thoroughly with water and vinegar. In addition, it uses SUS304 stainless steel as the heating material, which is rust-free and durable.

Why buy this:
  • Very affordable price
  • Bestseller on Shopee
  • Good safety features
  • BPA-free material
Check Price on Shopee and Lazada > 

9. Instant Hot Water Kettle

Instant Hot Water Kettle
Instant Hot Water Kettle – best electric kettles in Malaysia

Kettle dispenser

While the conventional electric kettle requires time to heat up water, this Instant Hot Water Kettle can instantly provide hot water with a touch of a button. It allows you to store up to 2L water that you can easily refill once running out. When you require hot water, the pre-stored water simply flows into a heating chamber and hot water is instantly provided without delay. 

Why buy this:

  • Instant heating of water, saves time
  • 2L capacity
Check Price on Shopee and Lazada > 

10. Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle 

Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle
Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle – best electric kettles in Malaysia

Traditional stove whistling kettle

We simply had to include the old-school, traditional kettle with a whistling sound, just for memories sake. The traditional kettle is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel with a cool-touch handle to prevent scalding.

Why buy this:

  • Traditional kettle with whistling function for good memories of the old days
  • Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel material with a cool-touch handle
Check Price on Shopee and Lazada > 


Which brand of electric kettle is the best in Malaysia?

For electric kettles in Malaysia with the highest quality and durability, go for Philips. If you prefer something that looks more aesthetically pleasing, then give De’Longhi a shot with its premium retro designs. For more affordable electric kettles in Malaysia with good quality, check out the Tefal electric kettles.

Where to buy a kettle in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a kettle in Malaysia from retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada is my go-to for kitchen and home appliances. It is also a great place to compare prices. 


We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Kettles in Malaysia will help you to buy the best kettle in Malaysia for your kitchen. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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