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Experience Indonesia’s Vibrant Pulse and Rich Heritage at Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay

A place where the sunset coast embraces an authentic Balinese village vibe, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran provides guests with the best of different worlds. In the morning, you can delve deeper into the island’s cultural and artistic heritage, by attending art workshops, going on temple tours, getting authentic Balinese spa treatments and so on. The fun reaches a whole new level once the sun sets – enjoy multicultural flavours at the resort’s award-winning dining options, complete with live music, unique signature cocktails and a whole lot more. In this article, we will share 7 rich and authentic experiences that await you at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. 

7 Rich and Authentic Experiences from Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

1. Immerse yourself in an authentic Balinese village

Sheltered in a calm bay along three miles of golden sand, Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay is a luxurious resort that is authentically Bali. The entire resort channels a Balinese village concept with a majestic temple and courtyard style villas located within seven ‘village squares’, each headed by a village chief providing genuine Balinese hospitality. To match the vibrant village vibe, the resort is situated right on the historic Jimbaran Bay, a fishing community where locals get their seafood fix. 

Since the resort is designed like a village, you can expect that it is huge. There is even a tropical garden cascading into the ocean! Luckily, there are buggy services to help guests get around the resort. With the resort’s vastness, the buggy rides were like straight out of a theme park. In fact, our little baby girl had so much fun riding them that she requested to sit on a buggy once by pointing at it and squealing. 

2. Enjoy luxurious seclusion in traditional Balinese-styled villas

Whether travelling as a family or on a romantic honeymoon trip, the resort’s Balinese villas provide the perfect place to retreat, surrounded by lush tropical landscapes

On our recent stay there, we had a complimentary upgrade to a Family Premier Villa, which we really appreciated. We brought our baby girl and helper along on our trip, so the added snug children’s room helped give us some privacy as a couple. They even gave us 3 Four Seasons carved coconuts to welcome us!

We also loved how they gave our little baby girl a pair of beautiful batik shorts, custom bath amenities, and a Four Seasons baby bib which was simply adorable. They also made sure that she was entertained by giving her some colouring pages and a small box of crayons.

Our Baby Ally unleashing her artistic skills

Though Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay already consists of 3 outdoor pools, we also loved how our villa comes with a small, private one. Even our baby Ally enjoyed herself very much while swimming!

From there, we got an incredible view of the beautiful Jimbaran Bay, plus a really surreal view of the sun peeking out of the bay and the mountains in the background. We highly recommend waking up at 6am to witness the sunrise, as it is probably one of the best ones we have ever seen in Bali. The sunset was pretty gorgeous, too, but the sunrise was way better.  

Family Premier Villa, Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay
Stunning sunrise from Villa 203

3. Feel genuinely welcomed by the resort’s warm and friendly staff 

Just like any other Four Seasons hotel, Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay is known for its legendary service. In fact, 60% of the resort’s staff have been in service for more than 20 years, so they are already experts in delivering personalised care and recognition to all guests. That said, our experience at Four Seasons was superb. The resort’s staff were all incredibly warm and friendly, including the Guest Experience Manager, Annie. 

We were welcomed with refreshing towels and drinks the moment we arrived, and the reception staff even informed us that they could help arrange to have a nurse come down to do the Pre-Departure Covid Antigen test for us at our villa for our convenience. We appreciated this initiative very much, as it made our trip back to Singapore much easier. Then, on the day of departure itself, they also helped to print the documents that were required to return to Singapore.

What’s also interesting about Four Seasons, is that they have a mobile app that you can use to quickly communicate with the resort’s staff without having the need for an in-room phone. This is super convenient for us, especially when we are travelling outside and need to request a later check out time, a different spa schedule, and the like. Really innovative!

4. Experience uniquely relaxing treatments from the Healing Village Spa

When it comes to wellness, Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay’s very own Healing Village Spa is the perfect place to be. A wellness portal that focuses on deep connections to Bali’s spiritual and physical wellness rituals, the spa offers innovative spa treatments from expert therapists that fuse their rich culture and ancient wisdom into a state-of-the-art wellness centre. They are also home to the Illume Room, Bali’s first-ever ‘Surround Sound Spa Suite’, and is definitely one of the main highlights of the resort. Basically, the Illume Room works with the transformative effects of light, colour and sound for the ultimate balance and bliss. 

The unique Illume Room

If you love heated massages, the Celestial Light Ritual is definitely the best massage you are ever going to experience. I booked the unique ritual on our visit to the resort, and I swear, it was probably the best experience of our entire Bali trip.

After a warm bath, I had to lay down on a high-quality massage bed with crushed quartz crystals (tailored to my needs and focus areas), which literally vibrates to the sound of singing bowls to reach every cell in my body and rebalance my energy centres. Afterwards, I was massaged by Wati, an expert massage therapist for 12 years already. The pressure was very good and strong all throughout, which made me enjoy the experience even further. The massage bed was also very comfortable as it was from a renowned German brand (Gharieni) – apparently costing around EUR 70,000!

5. Enjoy multicultural flavours at Bali’s most hip and sophisticated beach club

The lively Jimbaran Fish Market is just minutes away from the resort, so expect the food at Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay to be amazing. You can have freshly-cooked local seafood recipes from Jala (their Thai Green Curry Chicken is also a must-try!), healthy Buddha bowls from the poolside Alu, special Asian and Western dishes from Taman Wantilan, and our favourite – high-end modern BBQ from Sundara, Bali’s most sophisticated beach-club and dining destination. 

Inspired by Jimbaran’s traditional sunset beach barbecues, Sundara presents bold and fresh flavours every night to complement the fiery Bali sunsets, complete with live music, cabanas, and innovative cocktails. The seafood selection is actually fresh off Jimbaran’s fishing boats every morning! Also, they use Indonesia’s only Kopa Smoke Oven – an Austrian invention fuelled by coffee wood and known for its precise control of smoke density and temperature – in all their cooking, resulting in dishes with a perfectly balanced smoky flavour and tenderness.  Aside from the usual seafood BBQ, we also highly recommend their Frutti De Mare, which is a Stone Oven Sourdough Pizza topped with prawns, snappers, calamari, clams, and salsa verde. Really delicious! 

Though the fun usually begins when the sun sets, Sundara Beach Club is also the perfect spot for all-day relaxation. You can just chill by one of Sundara’s many day beds (perfect for getting a sun tan) or refresh in the 57-metre-long beachfront infinity pool

Sundara’s beachfront infinity pool

For those travelling with kids, there is a little baby pool next to the lap pool, which our baby girl loved so much. The baby pool was shaded properly so it’s great for the little ones to frolick around even at 12 noon. And once your child gets tired of the water, there is also an indoor Kids Club nearby with a little play area and slide inside it. For meals, you will not have to worry about anything since just like any other Four Seasons resort, children will get to dine here for free (until September 30, 2022 only) . 

Family-friendly beach club

6. Go on unforgettable romantic experiences

As a popular honeymoon destination spot, Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay offers plenty of romantic getaways for you and your beloved to enjoy. During our stay there, we actually got to try a premium candlelit dinner in an intimate beachfront gazebo, which was made even more perfect and romantic by the lovely sunset view, the gentle evening sea breeze, and the soothing sounds of the crashing waves nearby. 

The dinner was hosted by Sundara, so the set menu was really amazing. They provided us with Chilled Seafood and Sashimi Platter (complete with Bamboo Lobster, Tiger Prawns, Salmon, and other yummy seafood caught fresh from the magnificent Jimbaran Bay), 12–Hour Smoked Beef Short Ribs, Whole Baby Snapper that is cooked Jimbaran-style, and Watermelon and Heirloom Tomato Salad. Our favourites were the beef ribs and especially the baby snapper. 

Chilled Seafood and Sashimi Platter
12–Hour Smoked Beef Short Ribs – highly recommended!

They also gave us Traditional Pana Cotta for dessert, as well as cocktails to perfectly cap off the night. I absolutely loved the Jungle Sangria and Mango Mai Tai, which were so strong but tasted really good. Definitely recommending these two for cocktail lovers!

Sundara’s Jungle Sangria

Couples may also explore the beauty of Jimbaran Bay by riding a Sundara boat, which was modelled on iconic jukung fishing boats. Discover the best that Jimbaran has to offer – from its dramatic cliffs to its magical sunsets to its authentic fishing village – from the boat’s top deck. You may even request a bottle of champagne or cocktails to match the phenomenal view!

7. Try unique Bali adventures

Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay is not only for a honeymoon, though. Aside from romantic experiences, you can actually go on plenty of unique Bali journeys at the resort, providing you with the most precious memories to take home. For instance, most staycation packages at the resort already include onsite temple ceremonies, tours, meditation, and blessings with high priest Aji Ngurah to offer all guests a deeper understanding of Balinese culture. If you are into art, you can also join one of the artist workshops at the Ganesha Cultural Centre. Choose from woodcarving, painting, Aksara Bali, dancing, and a whole lot more. 

If you enjoyed the Balinese dishes you have tried from the resort, you may enrol in the Jala Cooking Academy to discover secret local cooking techniques and authentic recipes. Before the actual cooking session, you will even have the chance to join Chef Surya on a tour around Jimbaran fish markets to watch the local fishermen unload the morning’s catch, and of course, to get some fresh ingredients for the dishes you are going to cook. If you love cocktails, then you can also learn bartender secrets from Head Mixologist Sufian Mahmoud with a Zero Waste Cocktail Class at Telu, the resort’s new aromatic herb and cocktail garden. 

For twice the Bali magic, head over to the resort’s sister hotel, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, a secluded sanctuary set on the lush Ayung River. From there, you will literally float above treetops on a dramatic suspension bridge and cross into a different world – a world that emphasises wellness experiences and beautiful, unique architecture to nurture the soul. You can actually go on a unique 2-hour river raft adventure down the Ayung, should you decide to go to FS Sayan right after staying at FS Jimbaran Bay. 

Overall, Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay provided us with a unique stay experience, thanks to its relaxing expansive views, luxurious villas, innovative spa treatments, amazing food options, helpful staff, and its authentic Balinese village concept. We’d love to come back for more!

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