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8 Popular Gemstone Shops in Singapore (2023)

Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but more precious and colored gemstones are gaining popularity nowadays. But for casual buyers, it might be easy to get overwhelmed by the wide varieties and species of these stones, and by the large chunks of information that you can find on the internet. With such a range of stores and gemstones available in Singapore, we’ve looked into this year’s most popular gemstones and listed the 8 Best Gemstone Shops in Singapore, so you’ll know what and where to buy your next shiny best friend.

This article was last updated on 9 January 2023.

Table of contents 

  • Most Popular Gemstones Used in Jewellery
  • Best Gemstone Shops in Singapore
    1. James Allen
    2. Bespoke by
    3. MADLY Gems
    4. Exotic Gems & Jewellery
    5. Michael Trio
    6. Benny’s Gems Creations
    7. GIOIA Fine Jewellery
    8. Les Precieux

Most Popular Gemstones Used in Jewellery


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Sapphire has been a symbol of innocence and preserver of chastity for centuries. While blue sapphires are most common, these stones can also range from the deepest of blues to light gray, depending on their quality. You can find sapphires in different colors, including pink and purple!

Sapphires can come as cheap as $25 per carat, to over $11,000 per carat. In terms of color, pure blue sapphires tend to be the most expensive in the market.


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Like the sapphire’s deep blue, the lush green of an emerald distinguishes the quality of this stone, those which are more intense and vibrant are usually worth more than lighter or more cloudy stones. If you’re looking for gemstones for your engagement ring, emeralds are a great choice since they can represent a faithful relationship and a strong natural connection with your partner!


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Diamonds are definitely the most traditional go-to stone to have in your engagement or wedding rings.  They come in various colors including yellow, blue, green, and even pink! With these available wide ranges of cuts, designs, and styles, diamond pieces of jewelry will surely stay in the trends of 2021 and the upcoming years as well.

As we probably know, a timeless diamond is one of the strongest gemstones that can withstand a lot and can stand the test of time very well. So, diamonds are the perfect choice for a symbol of your eternal love!


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The prominent green of peridot is often overlooked by women, but they look absolutely stunning on ladies with a warmer complexion. For warm skin tones, gemstones with earthy colors like peridot are ideal and will really compliment your appearance.

If you’re curious about its meaning, peridot is associated with strength and balance and is believed to bring peace, health, and rest by harmonizing the mind and body. It is also thought to boost creativity and improve your mood. 


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Since red is the color of passion in Western cultures, rubies are associated with romance and sensitivity. This stone is rare and expensive, that’s why a natural, perfect, and flawless ruby needs good investment. Moreover, ruby red is a pretty daring color for an engagement ring, so anyone making this their pick will have to be pretty keen and confident with this stone.


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For thousands of years, any red gemstone was called a ruby, including spinels. They are often confused with ruby and sapphire since they can occur in the same bright red and blue colors. Despite being commonly misnamed, spinels still have a long history as one of the most sought-after gemstones and can be found in many collections of royal families across Europe and Asia.

Spinels are not as expensive as rubies and sapphires but still have similar beautiful colors. While a ruby might go for $40,000 a carat, a spinel of the same size would only be around $1,000 to $7,000 per carat.

8 Popular Shops for Gemstones in Singapore

1. James Allenjames allen gemstones singapore

A broad collection of high-quality diamonds

From their beginning in 2006, James Allen has paved the way for shopping fine jewelry online. They are considered one of the premier diamond engagement ring retailers globally, with over 200,000 GIA, IGI, or AGS-graded diamonds. 

While they are known for the highest quality diamonds, James Allen has an exotic and colorful gemstone collection that will surely mesmerize you. Handcrafted sapphire, ruby, and emerald ornaments can also be purchased through their website. And we also love that their gemstones are presented in 360° HD in 40x superzoom to get you to know your precious jewels!

In case you can’t find the perfect ring for your engagement in their catalog, you can customize your own gemstone engagement ring here.

Packages and Rates:
  • Diamonds (from $290)
  • Blue sapphires (from $280)
  • Red rubies (from $320)
  • Emeralds (from $310)
James Allen Black Friday Sale:
Get 25% off* at James Allen via their Black Friday sale!
*Excludes loose diamonds, gemstones, designer collections, pre-set earth-created diamond studs and pendants
Check out James Allen >
James Allen | +1-412-314-9060
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2. Bespoke by Tessellate.cobespoke by tessellate co gemstones singapore

Established in 2014, Tessellate.Co is a jewellery brand offering authentic and quality gemstones in Singapore. They specialize in timeless jewelry pieces that you can wear for decades., however, is an extension of Tessellate.Co where they provide bespoke services. Throughout the entire customization process, they make sure to receive your dream gemstone and pieces of jewelry while keeping you within budget! You can easily request a price quote here without commitment.

Packages and Rates:
  • You can find sapphires, diamonds, and zirconia, which can start from as low as $200.
Check out >
Bespoke by Tessellate.Co | +65 8751 2335
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3. MADLY Gemsmadly gems gemstones singapore

Sustainable and ethical gemstones

Founded by radio personality Maddy Barber, MADLY Gems is known for having the widest range of top-quality colored gemstones in Singapore. They only work with the top 0.1% of gemstones mined from around and trusted network partners. Aside from these, MADLY is the only jeweler in Singapore to become members of the International Coloured Stone Association’s Ethical Accreditation program, so you can buy your gems with the comfort and knowledge that they are mined responsibly, traded sustainably, and obtained legally.

At MADLY, you can typically find ruby, emerald, or sapphire engagement rings. But if you want unique gemstones, they also offer engagement rings with spinels and tsavorite garnet for modern couples who want to seal their love!

Packages and Rates:
  • Bespoke jewellery pieces start from 3.5K
  • Contact MADLY for bespoke services and package rates.
Check out MADLY Gems >
MADLY Gems Singapore
13 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069693| +65 6650 1544
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4. Exotic Gems & Jewelleryexotic gemstones singapore

Exotic Gems & Jewellery was founded in 1990 by Joanne Chua and has flourished through 25 years of satisfied customers. They offer a dynamic league of extraordinary gemstone enthusiasts with skills and expertise to serve all your gemstone needs. As a result, they’ve become a renowned jeweler of premium stones and a wholesaler of loose, colored gemstones in Singapore.

Their services include sourcing for gemstones, customizing elegant jewelry pieces, and refurbishing old jewelry pieces. With their services, you can leave your precious jewels in the care of talented designers while they turn these old pieces into something new! So if you have valuable pieces you need to reset, Exotic Gems has an excellent service for restoring.

Packages and Rates:
  • Book an appointment here to get a quotation.
Check out Exotic Gems >
Exotic Gems & Jewellery
24 Raffles Place, Clifford Centre, #02-17 Singapore, 048621 | +65 6438 3598
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5. Michael Triomichael trio gemstones singapore

For over three generations, Michael Trio’s craft has been continued from father to son. They specialize in engagement rings and wedding bands with exquisite and life-long pieces, all made with care by highly trained artisans. Since Michael Trio makes jewelry pieces from scratch and does not involve third-party companies, their products and services are usually 40% cheaper than others. So, they only provide high-quality accessories that can meet your budget!

Moreover, they have a large selection of loose gemstones—all available in 360-degree view so you’ll be able to experience their vivid colors right before your eyes. Check their available gemstones here.

Packages and Rates:
  • Emeralds (from $149)
  • Rubies (from $1,215)
  • Sapphires (from $121)
Check out Michael Trio >
Michael Trio| +65 6969 1492
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6. Benny’s Gems Creationsbennys gemstones singapore

Established in 1993 by Benny Lum, Benny’s Gems Creations has been offering the best diamonds and gems to create the finest bespoke jewellery for their customers. Currently, they are the leading loose diamond importer and supplier in Singapore. Benny’s Gems only offers conflict-free diamonds; thus, it’s guaranteed you’ll be getting GIA-certified diamonds without hurting your bank!

On top of that, Benny’s Gems also provides services to reset your diamonds and gems into a new setting. Their designers work to redesign your jewellery and create a finished product that will be just as beautiful and valuable as the original piece! If you’re keen on getting your next gem at this store, you can easily book an appointment here.

Packages and Rates:
  • Loose pink sapphires: starts at $750
  • Loose spinels: starts at $700
  • Check all gemstone prices here.
Check out Benny’s Gems >
Benny’s Gems Creations| +65 81827729
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7. GIOIA Fine Jewellerygioia fine jewellery gemstones singapore

Signature collection of rarest gems

GIOIA Fine Jewellery specializes in bespoke engagement and wedding rings. They have a signature collection that boasts brilliant gemstones that are much rarer than diamonds like sapphire, ruby, emerald, spinel, and even the stunning Brazil Paraiba tourmaline which is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. This precious stone has a glow that can only be described as “neon”, due to the small amount of copper content. Just by a glance, you can easily identify this dazzling gemstone.

Each gemstone is carefully chosen for its flawless color and shine. At GIOIA, you can also choose your favorite hues or your preferred stone for your wedding ring set. Check out their impeccable creations here.

Packages and Rates:
  • Contact GIOIA for rates here.
Check out GIOIA Fine Jewellery >
GIOIA Fine Jewellery | +65 6100 2238

8. Les Precieuxles precieux gemstones singapore

Best for natural untreated sapphires

If you’re a jewelry buyer who is a purist and someone who has a deep appreciation for all things completely natural, then we recommend getting your next sapphire stone from Les Precieux. Their sapphires, precious and semi-precious gemstones are 100% natural and free from any treatment and belong to the rare 1% unheated category since 99% of sapphires and gemstones are all heated in the market. In contrast to treated gemstones, untreated sapphires remain extremely rare and are growing even rarer over time. And it’s also believed that treated gemstones are less durable due to heat treatment which leaves the surface of the stone more brittle, so it would be better to get a natural stone if you’re planning to use them in the long run.

Each Les Precieux gem belongs exclusively to their inventory and is always accompanied by third-party gemological certification, so rest assured that they will be providing you quality stones.

Packages and Rates:
  • Bespoke services start from $3,000 onwards
Check out Les Precieux >
Les Precieux| +65 9647 2673
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We hope that our guide on the 9 Best Stores for Gemstones in Singapore will help you to find the best gems for your next accessories. Do also read our other gems and accessories guide! Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more jewelry guides that we will be releasing soon!

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