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Genji Kyoto: Embracing Japanese Beauty in a Serene Sanctuary

In Kyoto, where there is so much to see and experience,  it is nice to have a relaxing and peaceful place to stay, almost like being at home. Genji Kyoto provides all that and more. Tucked alongside the peaceful Kamo River, this elegant retreat strategically situates itself within an easy stroll of the city’s main attractions and awaits as a haven of Japanese beauty and comfort after all your exploration. Boasting friendly service, serene gardens, and delightful dining options, your stay guarantees a harmonious fusion of relaxation and sophistication—a genuine home away from home amidst Kyoto’s cultural richness. In this article, we will share more reasons why you should choose Genji Kyoto as your sanctuary in Japan.

7 Unforgettable Experiences to Discover at Genji Kyoto

1. Stay in a charming vintage neighbourhood amidst Kyoto

Genji Kyoto - charming vintage neighbourhood amidst Kyoto

Nestled along the tranquil banks of the crystal-clear Kamo River, Genji Kyoto strategically places its guests within a leisurely stroll of Kyoto’s major attractions. The hotel’s serene location in the Gojo-Kawaramachi neighbourhood offers the best of both worlds, marrying tranquility with vibrant and vintage street life. Here, age-old machiyas have been transformed into retro cafes, restaurants, and bars, revealing hidden gems curated by creative young minds, surrounded by abundant nature and wildlife in this peaceful riverside locale. Imagine, walking around the neighbourhood in the early morning!  Or perhaps, rent one of the hotel’s complimentary bikes to help you get around. 

Accessing the city is also seamless, with two train stations just a 6-minute walk away, and taxis and buses readily available. Meanwhile, Gion’s timeless charm, the culinary wonders of Pontocho, the lively Nishiki Market, Shijo’s bustling streets, Kyoto Station’s shopping haven, and the breathtaking Kiyomizu area are all effortlessly reachable within a convenient 25-minute walk. If you need help in getting around, Genji Kyoto’s Guest Experience Ambassadors offer personalised recommendations and expertly craft bespoke tours, regardless of whether you are drawn to historical sights, cultural exploration, or the delights of Kyoto’s shopping and culinary scene.

2. Experience the essence of Kyoto in a hotel inspired by The Tale of Genji

Genji Kyoto - hotel inspired by The Tale of Genji

Genji Kyoto draws its inspiration from The Tale of Genji, a revered Japanese novel that vividly captures the essence of court society, Heian-period architecture, and gardens in Japan. This literary masterpiece has resonated across centuries, influencing various forms of Japanese artistic expression. The motifs and imagery from the novel find their way into every corner of Genji Kyoto, from the paintings in the rooms to the meticulously crafted furniture and lighting fixtures throughout the hotel – all original designs brought to life by the skilled hands of Kyoto artisans

Furthermore, as a contemporary interpretation of Kyo-machiya townhouses with a millennium-long heritage, Genji Kyoto is meticulously designed to offer a haven of luxury and an immersive encounter with omotenashi. In doing so, it effortlessly captures the enduring spirit of Kyoto—an ancient city that gracefully embraces renewal while warmly extending a heartfelt welcome to all visitors. This seamless fusion of modern design and cultural legacy positions Genji Kyoto as a gateway to a refined experience, skillfully intertwining the richness of the past with the comforts of the present.

3. Get closer to nature with Genji Kyoto’s in-house gardens

Genji Kyoto - in-house gardens

Gardens played an important role in the Tale of Genji, so they are also of high importance to Genji Kyoto. The hotel boasts an array of green and rock gardens, including a central garden adjacent to the lobby, the ethereal Sky Forest Garden gracing the roof, and private pocket gardens within the rooms and suites. The central garden, also known as the Ukifune Garden, is already relaxing at just a glance!  After all, it is designed as a contemporary karesansui garden, often called a Zen garden in the West.

Genji Kyoto - Pocket Gardens

Most Guestrooms at Genji Kyoto have pocket gardens within them, each adorned with a singular antique stone object, creating cherished spaces known as tsubo—a term steeped in history and used even a millennium ago during the creation of the Tale of Genji. These meticulously designed gardens imbue the rooms with a timeless charm, setting the stage for an inherently tranquil and relaxing stay.

4. See the stunning city from the hotel’s Sky Forest Garden

Genji Kyoto - Sky Forest Garden

But if it is really relaxation you are after, the Sky Forest Garden up on Genji Kyoto’s roof is the best – an oasis that transcends the ordinary. While not a replica of one of the Shining Prince’s myriad gardens, it pays homage to the nuanced beauty of nature depicted in the Tale of Genji. Featuring plants mentioned in the timeless tale, this haven allows guests to momentarily escape the city’s bustle and indulge in a refreshing drink, engaging conversations with friends, or a quiet personal retreat. You can even have your meals here if the weather permits!

Genji Kyoto Sky Forest Garden

5. Experience true serenity in your own sanctuary

Genji Kyoto - serenity in your own sanctuary

Genji Kyoto welcomes guests to an oasis of refined comfort, offering 19 spacious rooms and suites that seamlessly fuse traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern luxury. Each accommodation showcases tatami and sofa-sitting areas, custom-designed furniture, washi lighting, and captivating views of either the river, city, or private tsubo gardens. Notably, nine riverside rooms feature balconies, elevating the experience with sweeping vistas.

Genji Kyoto - thoughtful amenities

In every room at Genji Kyoto, modern comfort seamlessly intertwines with thoughtful amenities, providing a harmonious blend of convenience and luxury. Guests can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, an in-room bar, Bose Bluetooth speakers. The rooms are also equipped with LCD TVs, toiletries, hairdryers, bathrobes, and slippers, on top of heated floors, ensuring a delightful stay. You may even ask for yukatas or Japanese cotton robes for a more indulgent experience! 

Genji Kyoto - indulgent experience

6. Relax in a Living Room that reminds you of home 

Genji Kyoto - Living Room that reminds you of home

Genji Kyoto, as a charming boutique hotel, has consistently evoked a sense of home, treating guests with the warmth and care one would expect from family. The hotel’s private lobby, reminiscent of a cosy home, greets visitors with the enticing scents of fresh breakfasts in the morning and bathes in the gentle glow of dusk, filtered through washi windows during sunset. It is a sanctuary where, at any hour, you can savour a refreshing drink, indulge in delectable bites, or simply unwind amidst the inviting embrace of thoughtfully crafted handmade furniture.

But what truly sets Genji Kyoto apart is the personalised touch infused into their service, surpassing the expectations of boutique hotels and rivalling even the finest luxury accommodations. With a bilingual team at your service, the staff goes above and beyond, adding special touches like flowers and handwritten letters on special occasions, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary and embodies the essence of true hospitality. 

7. Indulge in soul-lifting and authentic Japanese dishes

Genji Kyoto - authentic Japanese dishes

Dining at Genji Kyoto was also an experience to remember. Whether enjoying a delightful breakfast spread, a leisurely meal in the atmospheric Genji Lounge, the privacy of one’s room, or a captivating evening in the breathtaking Sky Forest Garden with panoramic views, the culinary offerings are meticulously crafted to elevate the dining experience from morning to late-night. The menu showcases soul-lifting Japanese and international dishes, skillfully prepared with seasonal ingredients to harmonise flavours.

Of everything above, our favourite would be Genji Kyoto’s delightful breakfast spread. We especially enjoyed their Japanese breakfast sets featuring grilled fish and a variety of side dishes – the perfect meal to start our days in Kyoto!

Genji Kyoto - delightful breakfast spread

In conclusion, a stay at Genji Kyoto is not merely an accommodation but a journey into the heart of tranquility and authentic Japanese hospitality. From the serene pocket gardens within each guestroom to the breathtaking Sky Forest Garden on the roof, every aspect of Genji Kyoto is designed to offer a sanctuary of beauty and comfort. 

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