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Experience the Grand Wedding of your Dreams at the Pavillion by the Sea, Grand Hyatt Bali

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and beauty at the magnificent Grand Hyatt Bali, nestled in the heart of Nusa Dua. With its unrivalled beachfront location and impeccable reputation, this enchanting resort is not just a place to stay, but a destination that promises to elevate your wedding experience to new heights. Grand Hyatt Bali offers a multitude of exquisite wedding venues, allowing couples to immerse themselves in a picturesque paradise as they celebrate their love. One such venue is the recently unveiled Pavilion by the Sea. As a premier wedding destination, it encapsulates the essence of Bali’s breathtaking charm in the best way possible. Imagine exchanging vows in an enchanting lush garden, with the backdrop of a captivating beach. In this article, we invite you to discover why Pavilion by the Sea at Grand Hyatt Bali is the ultimate choice for the grand wedding of your dreams.

6 Reasons to Embark on a Grand Wedding at Grand Hyatt Bali

1. Experience storybook romance and grandeur with a stunning landscape

The all-new Pavillion by the Sea at Grand Hyatt Bali provides you with everything you wish for on your wedding day. This enchanting venue seamlessly blends the traditions of a Balinese wedding with a touch of contemporary elegance, creating an extraordinary experience that will leave you breathless.

Prepare to be transported to a realm of enchantment as you make your way through the magnificent Balinese hand-carved wooden doorway. Each intricate detail tells a story, showcasing the unparalleled craftsmanship and artistry that Bali is renowned for. The rich hues of mahogany wood provide a warm and inviting welcome, setting the tone for the awe-inspiring moments that lie ahead. Inside, let yourself be swept away by a symphony of romance and grandeur. The vaulted ceilings, reminiscent of a storybook setting, create an ambience that is both regal and intimate. And as soft rays of natural light flood through the expansive glass windows, the Pavillion becomes bathed in a celestial glow, effortlessly blending the beauty of the outdoors with the sleek and sophisticated design indoors.

2. An enchanting garden for intimate outdoor celebrations

For those seeking a picturesque outdoor ceremony, the elegant outdoor staircases, nestled just outside the Pavilion, beckon you towards a lush garden. With ample seating for up to 60 guests, the garden provides the perfect setting for an intimate and unforgettable outdoor celebration of love.

3. A stunning villa dedicated to your wedding preparations

For the bride’s wedding preparations, Grand Hyatt Bali has the prestigious Villa Beratan, which is connected to the Pavillion by the Sea via the lush garden. This hidden gem offers the bride a private haven, a personal oasis to indulge in the excitement and preparations leading up to the big day. With its seamless connection to the garden, this Villa ensures that the bride’s journey unfolds in utmost privacy and tranquillity.

Once the heartfelt vows have been exchanged, let the magic continue in the captivating ambience of Villa Beratan’s courtyard. Transform this charming space into an idyllic setting, ideal for intimate post-ceremony celebrations. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, gather your loved ones and revel in the joyous moments that follow. Whether it is an intimate champagne toast or an elegant garden reception, the courtyard of Villa Beratan sets the stage for unforgettable gatherings, where every cherished memory is embraced by an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy.

Meanwhile, step into a realm of opulence and Balinese splendour as you enter the interiors of Villa Beratan. This beachfront haven spans 192 square meters and boasts two exquisite bedrooms, elegantly furnished with a king bed and two twin beds. The lavishness continues as you explore the dining area, living area, library, and carefully curated collection of local artefacts, each telling a story of the island’s rich cultural heritage. Moreover, with luxurious amenities such as a private pool, marble bath, separate shower, complimentary Internet access, and exclusive Grand Club privileges, Villa Beratan provides an unparalleled sanctuary for an unforgettable stay.

4. Feel at ease with a wedding crafted to perfection

Personalisation is key to every important event and Grand Hyatt Bali understands that each love story is unique. From customised menus to bespoke decor, the dedicated wedding team at the resort goes above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your wedding reflects your personal style and preferences. 

With an array of thoughtfully crafted packages, your dream wedding becomes a reality. Starting from IDR 55,000,000 net, these packages are designed to cater to all your needs, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable celebration of love. All packages include Tiffany chairs and florals for the ceremony, welcome beverages, and a complimentary 1-night stay at Villa Beratan. 

5. Unparalleled accommodations for the entire wedding party


Grand Hyatt Bali, a massive and luxurious resort, is the perfect choice for accommodating your entire wedding party. With 636 rooms, suites, and villas that exude the essence of a Balinese water palace, the resort captures the enchanting charm and beauty of the island. Nestled within four ethnic villages, each cluster offers a unique ambience and captivating views, allowing you and your guests to choose your ideal setting. Whether you prefer the lush tropical gardens or the pristine white sandy beach along the Nusa Dua coastline, your private balcony or patio becomes your personal haven, immersing you in the natural beauty of the island.

Beyond the exquisite accommodations, Grand Hyatt Bali offers a plethora of amenities to delight your wedding guests. From five outdoor pools to a fun-filled Kids Club that caters to both little ones and the young at heart, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Indulge in wellness facilities such as a well-equipped gym and rejuvenating spa, ensuring a perfect balance of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Best of all, the beach at Grand Hyatt Bali is absolutely a must-visit. Unlike other beaches in Bali, the beach at Grand Hyatt Bali is meticulously maintained, offering a near-perfect experience. The beach’s natural beauty is simply stunning, with its crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand that is irresistibly soft and inviting. Whether you are strolling along the shore, taking a dip in the ocean, or simply basking in the sun, everyone is guaranteed to have an amazing time at this picturesque beach.

6. Elegant and unique restaurants for guests to try

When it comes to dining experiences, Grand Hyatt Bali exceeds expectations. If you want to truly immerse yourself in the Balinese culture, there is a Kecak Dance Dinner buffet, wherein you will be treated to a lavish spread of authentic Balinese dishes. At the same time, a Kecak dance performance!  From succulent grilled corn and delectable martabak and tantalising babi guling, the array of flavours being offered is simply astounding. This unique experience is special as you will only get to try this in Bali. 

Meanwhile, guests travelling with kids will surely appreciate Le Petit Chef at Grand Hyatt Bali. Combining cutting-edge 3D projection mapping technology with a delectable six-course menu, watch in amazement as the world’s smallest chef magically brings each dish to life. Embark on a journey across continents as each course takes you on a culinary exploration of various countries, from the flavours of Europe to the vibrant cuisine of the Middle East and the rich heritage of China. 

Take your senses on a culinary journey

For an exquisite Japanese dining experience, look no further than Nampu, the esteemed Japanese restaurant at Grand Hyatt Bali. At Nampu, you have the opportunity to embark on a culinary journey through the finest Japanese cuisine. Indulge in a variety of dining experiences, including Teppanyaki where skilled chefs showcase their expertise right before your eyes in an open kitchen setting. The sizzling sounds, the aromatic flavours, and the theatrical performance of Chef Bagas, the talented head chef, create an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you craving for more.

A wedding at Grand Hyatt Bali is truly an experience like no other. From the breathtaking venues, such as the newly-launched Pavilion by the Sea to the personalised services, every aspect is meticulously designed to create a wedding day that surpasses all expectations. The resort’s luxurious accommodations, stunning beachfront location, and an array of amenities ensure that not only the couple but also their guests have an unforgettable stay. Your wedding at Grand 

Hyatt Bali will be a celebration of love immersed in the beauty and magic of Bali.

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