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Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa: A Blissful Escape in a Tropical Family Paradise

Maldives is simply not just a paradise for couples on a honeymoon. It is so much more than that – a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences for your little adventurers too! And true enough, at Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa, your dream blissful family vacation awaits. Buckle up and embark on an extraordinary journey where luxury and adventure unite to create a family vacation like no other. In this article, we will share reasons why Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa is a tropical paradise for the entire family.

9 Experiences that Make Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa a Tropical Family Paradise 

1. Escape to a tropical paradise 

Nestled on a stunning tropical island surrounded by lush greenery and turquoise waters, Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa is an idyllic getaway for the whole family. This luxurious resort offers beach and overwater villas, each having a private pool, and all the comforts for guests to feel genuinely at home. But the best part of staying at this resort is that it has all the family-friendly activities and amenities that make your stay truly memorable.

Getting into the resort 

Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa is just a short 20-minute boat ride from Malé airport, so it is perfect for those who do not really fancy riding seaplanes. You will be riding a luxurious speedboat instead. It is air-conditioned as well so it is good if you are travelling with babies, as most seaplanes tend to have no air conditioning.  

2.Luxuriate in panoramic ocean views at a beach pool villa

Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa offers a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor island living in their beach and overwater villas. They all have one thing in common: unparalleled ocean views. Each secluded villa features a private pool and a deck area for dining or relaxing. If you are on a honeymoon, overwater villas would be perfect as you can dive straight into the ocean right from your deck. But if you are travelling with little ones, perhaps they would much rather appreciate the beach, hence beach pool villas would be the much better option.

In our recent stay at the resort, we booked a really beautiful One-Bedroom Beach Pool Villa. This villa provides direct access to the beach, at the same time, provides you with uninterrupted views of Maldives’ azure waters. As we stepped inside the villa, we were immediately captivated by its tasteful and inviting decor. However, it was the ensuite bathroom that truly stole our hearts. Every detail was meticulously designed, and we found ourselves in awe of the stunning aesthetics. In fact, the bathrooms were so breathtaking that we took note of the details to use as an inspiration for our new home. The wall tiles, in particular, were a true masterpiece, exuding an undeniable charm that added to the overall allure of the villa.

Meanwhile, the outdoor space features a pool and deck with a dining area, sun loungers, a swing and a gazebo. It was definitely the perfect spot to take in the breathtaking views – the ambience was very relaxing. 

Joce taking in the picturesque views

Be spoilt with exemplary service

Our experience at Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa was made even more extraordinary by the exceptional service of our dedicated butler, Cherry. From the moment we arrived, Cherry and the entire staff went above and beyond to ensure our stay was nothing short of perfect. To commemorate our anniversary, Cherry (and the entire staff) surprised us with a special wedding cake that was as delicious as it was beautiful. Made with exquisite white chocolate, every bite was a true delight! And of course, no celebration is complete without a toast, so Cherry made sure we had champagne to mark the occasion.

Butler Cherry’s attentiveness extended beyond the culinary delights. She effortlessly chauffeured us around the resort in a buggy, allowing us to explore the huge area with ease and convenience. It was a pleasure to have her by our side, always ready to assist us in any way possible. In a touching gesture, Cherry even got a Mother’s Day card for me to give to Joce. And when we realized we had forgotten to bring batteries for our thermometer, Cherry promptly arranged for them, ensuring our comfort and peace of mind when our little ones fell sick. 

A special card and gift for the most special woman

The impeccable service and thoughtful gestures of Butler Cherry and the entire resort staff truly elevated our stay to new heights. Their dedication and attention to detail made us feel cherished and well cared for throughout our time at the resort.

3. Enjoy unique and captivating dining experiences 

When it comes to dining options, Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa lets you have your pick with the eight restaurants and lounges available. Each restaurant provides breathtaking views and unique offerings, regardless of whether you are craving succulent seafood or beachside BBQ. We will share all about our favourite resort restaurants below! 


We always had our breakfast at the enchanting Habitat Restaurant. The combination of high ceilings and an open kitchen layout created a truly captivating atmosphere, allowing us to savour our meals while being serenaded by the gentle sounds of the sea. Each morning, we were greeted by an impressive array of breakfast options that catered to every taste and preference.

But it was not just the breakfast that impressed us at Habitat Restaurant. The lunch and dinner buffet spreads were equally remarkable, offering a culinary journey that exceeded our expectations. We especially loved the freshly grilled tiger prawns (I went for so many servings!), and when the Moroccan chef noticed that I could not get any more prawns from the queue, he made sure to reserve some for us and delivered them to our table. The buffet also included special brick-oven-made pizzas which is quite a nice touch!  

In addition to the food, one of the reasons why we always come back to this restaurant is because it is situated right by the sea. The restaurant itself was stunning, and our experience there was further enhanced by the lounging nets suspended over the azure waters, providing the perfect spot to relax and soak in the beauty of the Maldives. We enjoyed spending time there after breakfast, and our little ones loved the view as much as we did. And the best part? We were even graced occasionally with the delightful company of heron birds! 

There are times when it would get so hot in the Maldives that we would rather dine indoors. Thankfully, Habitat Restaurant had a thoughtfully designed air-conditioned section (and two rooms at that!) that allowed us to enjoy our dining experience in comfort while still being able to bask in the mesmerising views from outside. It truly offered us the best of both worlds! 

Beach Shack

If you prefer to dine by the beach, the Beach Shack offers a unique blend of upscale charm and laid-back ambience. This inviting dining venue captures the essence of rustic luxury, where you can indulge in a memorable culinary experience with your toes in the sand. This is definitely the best spot to get your grilled meat and seafood fix! 


For a more unique dining experience, head over to Origin Restaurant. Setting a new standard in the Maldives’ culinary scene, Origin stands out as a pioneer in mindful dining. With a commitment to sustainable sourcing, meticulous ageing techniques, and minimizing waste, this extraordinary restaurant takes seafood to new heights.

4. A dedicated healthy menu for babies and kids

We were genuinely impressed with the variety and quality of baby food options at Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa. They went above and beyond the typical unhealthy Kids’ Menu choices (like fish and chips!) and truly prioritised providing nutritious options for the younger ones. The menu was a highlight in itself, featuring a range of purees made from wholesome ingredients such as reef fish, free-range chicken, broccoli, asparagus, quinoa, and so much more. They definitely have one of the best baby food out of the many 5-star resorts we have been to, so we are very much grateful for this experience. 

5. Let your little ones enjoy the Kids Club

Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa further proves how it is the perfect place for families with its amazing Kids Club. Parents can entrust their children to the capable hands of the dedicated staff at the Kids Club, where a world of adventure and fun awaits. They would even give your little ones small plushies to welcome them to the Club! 

So grateful for these adorable plushies

Regardless of the weather, the Kids Club ensures an incredible time for children. The spacious Club rooms are filled with a diverse range of toys, including both English and Chinese options, but what our little Ally especially loved was the ice cream maker. She spent so much time pretending to make ice cream and then serving us afterwards! 

Our little ice cream maker – Ally!

To add to all the excitement, the resort’s Kids Club also feature an outdoor play area complete with a huge trampoline and a kiddie pool! Unfortunately, it was pouring when we visited the Maldives, so it really is much better if you go during the dry season. Nonetheless, our little ones were still able to have their fun indoors with the wide variety of kiddie activities available at the Club. 

6. A laid-back lounge dedicated to teenagers

As a family resort, Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa makes sure that there is a dedicated space for teenagers too. After all, they are at that age when they want more space from the adults, but at the same time, do not wish to be hanging with the babies and toddlers as well. At Re:Fuel, the teens can recharge with some smoothies and snacks while lounging in a laid-back atmosphere. This trendy lounge creates the perfect balance between freedom and comfort, making the teens’ stay at the resort even more memorable.

7. Experience a range of unique and exciting activities

Of course, the resort also offers plenty of activities and amenities where the whole family can create memories. The main pool, for instance, is the perfect place to lounge around and relax with mesmerising views.

For families seeking adventure, the resort offers a thrilling selection of water activities that are sure to delight. Embark on a memorable glass kayaking excursion, ideal for capturing Instagram-worthy shots. Explore the vibrant underwater world through snorkelling, an absolute must when you are surrounded by the clear waters of the Maldives. For more unique experiences, the resort also offers a dolphin cruise where you can witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, as well as paddle boarding. To know more, please inquire about the resort’s very own Dive Center. 

When it comes to indoor fun, Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa has got you covered with an exciting range of activities to keep the whole family entertained. Our personal favourites? The driving simulator (so much fun!) and table tennis! 

Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa also has an Art Studio which allows every member of the family to unleash their creativity. At this studio, everyone can take part in fun and engaging workshops by a famous local artist, Rappe, and his talented team. 

8. Pamper yourselves with luxurious spa treatments at Amingiri Spa 

Parents can also have their much-needed alone time at the renowned Amingiri Spa. Treat your mind, body, and soul to a rejuvenating spa experience as their skilled wellness designers curate a personalised selection of treatments tailored to your specific needs. For an extra touch of luxury, immerse yourself in the ancient Hammah rituals. Experience the age-old traditions of Turkish baths as you indulge in a Hammam Ritual, designed to leave your skin supple, radiant, and glowing. 

Perfect for couple spa treatments

Not only those, you can also achieve your wellness goals with the resort’s fitness centre and yoga pavilion which are open 24 hours for your convenience. They also offer classes including aqua aerobics, HIIT training, Pilates, and Tabata

Young Zen

At Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa, kids are also welcome to embark on a wellness journey. With their unique Young Zen program, children and teenagers from ages 5 to 18 can go on age-appropriate scent journeys, spa rituals, and fitness sessions that have been carefully selected to nurture their holistic well-being. 

9. Spend date night with creatively blended sustainable cocktails

Another perfect place for Mum and Dad is the Aura Pool Bar & Cocktail Lab. It is essentially a pool bar where you can hang out, but what truly makes it unique is how it is dedicated to the art of mixology. There is a dedicated space where mixologists brew bitters and kombuchas and blend creatively sustainable cocktails. And the best part is that you can try all of them! 

The food at the Pool Bar was nice as well. We highly recommend the steak frites (medium rare), fish and chips, and poke bowl. 

All in all, Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa is the perfect place for families to relax and create wonderful memories together. With all the luxurious amenities and fun activities to experience at this tropical family paradise, it is only a huge bonus that this resort is super accessible from the airport. Definitely, the best if you do not want to ride seaplanes to and from the resort! 

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