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Top 17 Things to do for your Korea Honeymoon

A memorable honeymoon with your spouse is not only about staying at the lodge. Sometimes romantic destination will spice up your relationship as a newlywed. You need to plan a great destination of your honeymoon to make it more unforgettable. The TVW has gathered you the Top 18 things to do for your Korea Honeymoon. This article will give you the things about the best honeymoon places especially in the country of Korea. Happy Reading!

Before we get started on the things to do, here are our recommendations on the best places to stay at in Korea!

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Best Places to Stay in Korea:

1. Stay at the incredible Bayhill Pool & Villa


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Bayhill Pool Villa has an exquisite architecture and has 13 blocks of villa with different types of room. It also has a public pool but it’s only open throughout summer but you can book a villa with a private pool. We recommend the Honeymoon villa for you and your love. Every room comes with a floor heater for some colder days and an air-conditioner for a really hot day for a comfortable stay.

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Top 17 Things to do for your Korea Honeymoon


1. See the amazing view atop Seoul Tower

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KoreaHoneymoon-SeoulTower-Seek the World
Photo via Seek the World
KoreaHoneymoon-SeoulTower-travel assets
Photo via Travel Assets

Located atop Namsan Seoul Tower is a stunning view and breathtaking view of Seoul. Definitely, you couldn’t help but find magic in it as you looked into the city. It’s A must see landmark in South Korea. The tower has many functional spaces like coffee shop, souvenir shops, museum, and the revolving restaurant. This revolving restaurant is a high-class French cuisine boasting the best view of Seoul will give you unforgettable memories for you and your loved one.

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2. See Cherry blossoms at Yeouido Park

KoreaHoneymoon-yeouido-Have Halal Will Travel
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Experience the beautiful view of thousands of fully bloomed cherry blossoms in the annual Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. You will find it during spring and other than cherry blossoms there are other nice flowers such as azaleas, spireas, and forsythias. There are approximately 1,500 King Cherry Trees and the best view of the cherry blossoms is the road behind the National Assembly building. Along the road, you will find the beautiful lines trees as well as the performers, street vendors and people wearing mascot during the festival.

3. Take a cable car up Namsan Park

Photo via Worldwalkabout
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Photo via Myeong-dong

Taking the cable car up to Namsan Seoul Tower will give you an experience of a nice ride. It is a quick ride which takes three to four minutes on each trip. It cost 8,500 KRW for adults and for kids which are 5,500 KRW.

4. Hike up Bukhansan National Park

KoreaHoneymoon-Bukhansan-Groovy Bow Sequence
Photo via Groovy Bow Sequence
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Photo via OnedayKorea

If you want to go on an adventurous honeymoon you can enjoy hiking at Bukhansan. Bukhansan National Park has Baegundae Peak which is 840 meters above sea level. Taking the trails for about 3.4 kilometers and you will arrive at the top for over two hours. You will witness the incredible view of Seoul from the top and experience the access of marvel of nature as you handle the physical activity with your other half.

5. Go shopping, wind through interesting streets and delight in tons of street food


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Before you proceed to other cities or provinces of South Korea, make sure that you bought a souvenir on plenty of beauty stores at Myeong Dong which is likely a cosmetics and skincare heaven. Buy some gifts and souvenirs at Insadong which is known to foreigners as an antique alley, where the traditional things are not cheap but good in quality. The Hanok village of Bukchon is a place where you will admire the simple view of its traditional houses from the outside. Enjoy the fascinating place to hang-out with your love in Hongdae which is known for its romantic ambience with different events, festivals, street performances, cafes, fashion shops, art markets and much more.


6. Take pictures on the Gorgeous Beach of Haeundae


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Photo via Panoramio

Haeundae beach is probably the most famous beach in Korea and there are many Korean dramas and movies were filmed here. The beach is crowded with giant beach umbrellas and there are many accommodations nearby as the beach is surrounded by various attractions such as Busan Aquarium and Haeundae Fish Market. You should not miss the sun, sand, and sea as well as the beautiful beach and multicultural society at Haeundae.

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7. Admire stunning scenery at Dongbaekseom Island


Photo via Abbles


Photo via Abbles

Dongbaekseom Island has several points of attractions such as monument inscribed with a poem, the Nurimaru APEC house, the mermaid statue based on the legend of Princess Hwagok. It has also offered fantastic views of the shoreline, Dalmaji Hill, Oryukdo Island, and Gwangangdaegyo Bridge.

8. See magnificent cliffs at Taejongdae


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Photo via Asian pundits

After you appreciate the beauty of nature from your Busan exploration, prepare yourself for more stunning sceneries as you head to Jeju. The two main attractions at Taejongdae Park are the lighthouse and the rocky cliffs. Towards the lighthouse, you can have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful place at the rocky cliffs which is about 200 meters above the sea. It is not scary at all because the formation of the rock is flat. You can enjoy appreciating the beauty of nature and take pictures at the cliff.

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9. Check out the highest mountain in South Korea at Hallasan National Park


Photo via CheapTicketsSG

Photo via CheapTicketsSG
Photo via NatureWorldNews

Hallasan National Park was nominated as the national park in 1970. Mount Halla was once an active volcano and its peak is 1,970 meters above the sea level and considered as the highest mountain in South Korea. At the top of it is a crater lake and the trail leading up to the summit had been closed for years to protect the wild azalea habitat. The hike is nice and shaded because it is covered by large trees.

10. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the waterfall of Cheonjiyeon


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Photo via WallDevil

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall is one of the 3 famous waterfalls of Jeju. The other 2 waterfalls are Cheonjeyeon and Jeongbang. The Cheonjiyeon is 22 meters high and 12 meters wide and at the bottom of it is a manmade pond which is 20 meters deep. You can take pictures in front of the falls with large volcanic rocks which form land bridges. But you must walk on the landscaped trail for about 5-10 minutes from the main entrance in order to reach the waterfall.

11. Visit the nature scenery including the beach and sea in Udo Island

Photo via Meheartseoul
Photo via BackPackLocals

Udo which is also called U-island located on the eastern coast of Jeju island. It has abundant schools of fish, fertile soil, local heritages, scenic lights, and is full of amenities such as fishing, sand massage, bike trails, and submarine tours. You can also find the different kinds of light house with its different color and structure. There are 2 hiking course to choose and explore the cave after hiking.

Seoul, Busan and Jeju are included in the top must visit cities in South Korea. But if you still have a lot of time to explore, be sure to visit other popular cities such as Gyeongju, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Ulsan, and more.

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When it comes to top activities, we recommend these other activities to you:

12. Take a romantic stroll in Gyeongju National Park

KoreaHoneymoon-Donggung2-Jotaro's Travels

Photo via Jotaro

KoreaHoneymoon-Donggung-Jotaro's Travels

Photo via Jotaro

Gyeongju is the place where you will find most of the Korean culture.  It is considered as the cultural capital of Korea. You will find here the ancient and famous temples, landmarks and tombs. You will also find Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond in Gyeongju. Both were the secondary palace site and the banquet room for important national events and visitors.

13. Relive your favorite Korean drama at Namiseom Island


Photo via EnjoyKorea


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Photo via HanHoliday

Namiseom or Nami Island is popular for its natural landscape. It is a great place for biking, strolling, trailing, camping and more. You will also find an Art shop selling nami souvenirs. From there you will encounter attached framed photos with scenes from the famous Korean drama ‘Winter Sonata’.

14. Immerse in the amazing view atop Sunrise Peak Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak


Photo via Wishbeen


Photo via Justgola

Seongsan Ilchulbong was named as one of the seven wonders of nature in 2011. The Seongsan Ilchubong hike has quite rocky pathways. Along the hiking trail, there are benches and pavilions for hikers to rest. Don’t forget to pose for a picture as you reach the Sunrise Peak of Seongsan Ilchulbong.

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15. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at Seoraksan National Park 

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Seoraksan National Park offers some of the most beautiful sceneries of South Korea. You will find many outdoor activities to make your honeymoon an unforgettable getaway. If you don’t prefer hiking you can take the Seoraksan cable car as your second option. You will find gift shops and small restaurants at the entrance of the park. Aside from picturesque mountains, there’s a rocky stream which lines the entire path and you can also enjoy the cascading blue pools of water.

16. Try staying at the lava under the island in Liancourt Rocks aka Dokdo Island


Photo via Richard Standfield

Dokdo is a volcanic island located on the mainland of the Korean Peninsula. Due to continuous volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, set of islets was formed as one bigger island. Dokdo is surrounded by rich resources and designated as a natural monument by the Korean government.

17. Gaze the magnificent sea at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple


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Most Korean Temples are located in the mountains but Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is a bit different because it is by the sea. You will find statues of Buddha everywhere and other iconic statues like the statue of the dragon. Out of all the activities here, the best is viewing the turquoise sea and the blue sky which makes you feel relaxed with the fresh air. It’s a peaceful place and a great place for meditation.

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TWV believe that there is no better than a honeymoon to travel somewhere a little farther. Please consider our Top 18 Things to do for your Korea Honeymoon as you plan to begin your adventures after your wedding.

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