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10 Best Nursing Wear Stores in Singapore | Best of Mom 2023

New mums experience a lot of pains and discomforts from the cuts and stitches they get from childbirth. So, picking the right clothes whether for lounging, going out or sleeping can make a huge difference in easing any of those discomforts. Besides comfort, functionality is also a top priority, especially when you’re nursing. You’d want to choose clothes that provide quick access to your breasts for those feedings or pumping schedules. Outfits specially designed for breastfeeding can also make those feedings more discreet when you’re in public.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best stores in Singapore where you can buy your nursing wear. These stores are known for the nursing clothes that are not only comfortable and functional, but come in a variety of tasteful designs, colours, and patterns, too. And this is ideal, because after all, motherhood shouldn’t take away your style, right? Ready to shop for your comfortable, functional and stylish nursing wardrobe? Read on!

This article was last updated on 04 January 2023.

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1. Jump Eat Cry

Source: Jump Eat Cry

A brand that celebrates and supports the modern mum, Jump Eat Cry comes up with an extensive collection of comfy, functional and fashionable clothing line for both expectant and nursing mothers. They have a small team of Singapore-based designers who constantly develop fresh collections, so there’s always something to look forward to no matter your personal taste. Since the designers know the Singapore climate very well, they know exactly what fabrics, styles and designs would bring utmost comfort for every kind of weather and occasion.

Their nursing line includes stylish dresses, jumpsuits, nursing tops and loungewear. This section on their website is even organised into quick-search categories, so whether you’re looking for outfits with lift up access, pull aside access, button down access, and more, you can easily find the most suitable options for you.

Our personal picks for working mums include Astrid Sashed Nursing Dress in Red, Rikku Ruffled Nursing Dress in Red, and Victoria Knit and Flared Nursing Dress in Maroon. For semi-formal events, the Sleek Wrapped Pleated Nursing Jumpsuit in Pink would look gorgeous. Meanwhile, for summer wear, we really love the fresh colours and youthful patterns of May Printed Nursing Dress, Juliet Rainbow Stripes Nursing Dress and Skye Printed Nursing Romper in Pink.

Shop at Jump Eat Cry >

2. Mothers en Vogue

Source: Mothers en Vogue

Mothers en Vogue, as what the name of the brand implies, embraces their mission to keep mums in vogue throughout different stages of motherhood—pregnancy, postpartum and nursing. While style matters for them, they also prioritise comfort and thoughtful, functional design—providing ease for breastfeeding. On top of that, Mothers en Vogue is known for producing maternity and nursing wear that’s made from natural, eco-friendly fabrics, which is an important way of giving back to the environment.

This Singapore-based brand doesn’t only cater to the Singaporean market, they also ship internationally. So, wherever they may be, mums can sport their on-trend, comfortable, eco-friendly and cleverly designed maternity and nursing wear.

Our favourites among their collection include this pretty Chiffon Trim Bamboo PJ Set in dusky grape, as well as this sexy and feminine Mi Amor Maternity-Nursing Chemise with Robe in black. Attending a wedding or any kind of occasion that calls for an elegant dress? This Sage Nursing Dress in antique pink is your best pick.

Aside from dresses, tops and sleepwear, they also have a nice collection of smooth, soft, comfortable and thoughtfully designed nursing bras made of moisture-wicking fabrics.

Shop at Mothers en Vogue >

3. Seraphine

Source: Seraphine

Seraphine is a London-based brand with flagship stores in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, and New Delhi. Even so, they ship overseas, so you can browse their online store for interesting items and place your orders anytime. A mother of two herself, founder Cecile Reinaud understands not only what mums need but what also they wish to wear to keep themselves comfortable yet stylish during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Gowns can be a real challenge for nursing mums. But with this Maternity and Nursing Gown with Neckline Tie and this Sky Blue Formal Maternity and Nursing Dress with Neckline Tie from Seraphine, you don’t have to decline those special formal events that call for elegant gowns.

Their beautiful collection of nursing clothes includes stylish dresses like this Sage Maternity and Nursing Midi Dress, skin to skin shirtsnursing bras, and more. For colder, sweater-weather days, their cute and cosy nursing sweaters like this pair of Cotton Blend Mama & Mini Sweatshirts can make breastfeeding a breeze and keep you and your precious one warm and comfortable.

Shop at Seraphine >

4. Bove

Source: Bove

Built on the belief that birth and love are two related concepts, this brand carries the union of the two beautiful words, hence, the name ‘Bove’. Bove is the go-to one-stop shopping centre of first-time and experienced parents alike for all things related to parenthood, including clothes and essentials for babies and kids.

Their extensive collection of items include nursing clothes and accessories like dresses, tops, nursing bras, and nursing capes. Our favourites include these Chiyo Nursing Dress Meadow and Coretta Camisole Olive Green. Both products are from Spring Maternity and made from super soft and eco-friendly bamboo cotton material which provides cooling, anti-bacterial and moisture-absorbing properties. Another pick is this fashionable Deana Top Cantaloupe Print. Its fresh, summery colour and gorgeous, playful print can instantly brighten your aura and bring out your youthful vibe. While stylish and modern, this nursing top doesn’t compromise on comfort and functionality. It is lightweight and provides double pumping and nursing front zipper access.

Want to go hands-free pumping while working on your tasks or simply lounging and relaxing at home? This Madeline 3-in-1 Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra gives that utmost convenience. Designed for maximum comfort and support, it also works with all kinds of electric breast pumps.

Shop at Bove >

5. Lovemere

Source: Lovemere

Coming from the words ‘Love’ and ‘Mere’ (French word for “mother”), Lovemere draws inspiration from the bravery, dedication, and unconditional love of mums. And to help them in this beautiful journey, Lovemere puts together a go-to collection of maternity and nursing clothes and essentials that mothers can use during and beyond pregnancy.

For example, mums would love how comfortable and convenient this Emma Paris Racerback Sleep Bra is! Made of bamboo viscose, this sleep bra quickly absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and cosy all night long. Its stretchable fabric also provides ideal support for changes in bust size during maternity and breastfeeding stage. And so, this can be your favourite sleep bra from pregnancy and beyond. It also comes in different colours so you can easily pick your best bet.

We also love this Blush Pink Maternity and Nursing Pajamas. The cottony soft fabric is something you’ll want to wear all day and night long. For quick nursing access, just pull up the upper layer of the sleeveless top. And if the temperature drops somewhere in the night, just put on the cosy shrug that comes with the set.

Check out this beautiful Fleur Dress too. The flowery rayon dress has moisture-wicking property and the patterns can easily hide any leaks that may occur any time of the day. Want to go basic with a simple tee and jeans or shorts when you’re out with your baby? This Lovemere Basics Nursing Tee is an easy choice.

Shop at Lovemere >

6. Emma & Kei Maternity

Source: Emma & Kei Maternity

This online store has been founded through the team up of friends Becky and Kellyn. Inspired by going through their pregnancy journeys at the same time, they came up with the idea of curating an ideal wardrobe for modern mums. Their collection has been thoughtfully put together, bearing in mind that the goal is to find pieces that are maternity and breastfeeding-friendly.

Take a look at this Summer Breeze Dress that has secret but quick breastfeeding access. What’s more, it has a flattering style which is ideal for those days when you’re out and about. Looking fresh and breezy, it’s one of your must-haves in sunny Singapore.

Meanwhile, this Mind Over Matter Dress can make you an instant Boho chic. Designed as a timeless piece, you can wear this during maternity and even after. It’s crafted with a concealed snap at the front bust for quick and easy nursing access.

Shop at Emma & Kei Maternity >

7. Dear Collective

Source: Dear Collective

Consistent with its goal, Dear Collective curates a collection of transitional, functional and fashion-forward maternity and nursing wear for Singaporean mums. Looking at the pieces, it’s hard to tell whether the dresses and tops are for pregnant and breastfeeding mums or for any ordinary stylish girl!

Our favourites include this Pia Crochet Nursing Dress White. We love how sleek and fresh it looks—perfect for days when humidity is extra high. A versatile piece, it can be suitable both for pregnancy and breastfeeding, or for a city or beach trip on a summer day. A similar piece is this Carolle Crochet Trim Nursing Dress White.

If you prefer colours and prints over whites, check out the Tiny Hearts Nursing Dress Navy, Noelle Nursing Dress Blue, or the Harper Nursing Dress Mosaic. Among their stylish tops, our best picks include the Frey Nursing Top Red and the Xera Nursing Printed Top Mustard.

Aside from nursing tops and dresses, you can also shop nursing bras from them, like this sexy Demi Lace Nursing Bra White.

Shop at Dear Collective >

8. Milky Way

Source: Milky Way

Housing a team of mums themselves, Milky Way knows how to come up with designs that are durable and comfortable for pregnant and lactating mothers. Since 2005, they have been one of the go-to shops for maternity and nursing wear in Singapore.

Their comfy, durable and breastfeeding-friendly tops include this Classic Tank Charcoal by DOTE. Among their collection of dresses, our best pick is the Twinkle Dress Dark Grey by DOTE. We also find this Nursing Cover (Flamingoes) super cute!

Shop at Milky Way >

9. Anne Matthew

Source: Anne Matthew

Anne Matthew started off as a small business founded by self-taught designer and mother herself Annee Neo. She drew inspiration from purely breastfeeding her second child for as long as possible to strengthen her immune system. Back then, finding suitable clothes she can wear for nursing was a challenge. And so, she began designing her own clothes with the help of her sister-in-law who is adept at dressmaking. Fast-forward many years later, the humble business expanded exponentially—their creations being distributed across Singapore, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

The company aims to provide maternity and nursing wear that are budget-friendly but made with high-quality materials and craftmanship.

Don’t be fooled by this classy Olga Twist Dress (Mauve)—it may look like you have a big day at the boardroom today, but it can also help you with your super mum duties. It has a quick nursing access which allows for easy feeding and pumping. The viscose spandex fabric is fresh on the skin and flattering on almost any body type.

Going to a backyard barbecue party this weekend? Why not sport this Dahlia Smocked Tier Dress (Mulberry)? This flowy long dress is adorable not only in terms of style but functionality as well. The ribbon ties are versatile. You can wear the dress with halter straps or strapless. It has a lift up nursing access which allows you to easily and discreetly feed your baby. For something soft and breezy, you can also wear this Bridget Nursing Romper (Azure).

Besides tops and dresses, they have very good nursing bras too.

Shop at Anne Matthew >

10. Spring Maternity

Source: Spring Maternity

Spring Maternity understands the challenge that mums experience during and after pregnancy, in finding clothes that are comfortable, at the same time, stunning. Thus, they take into consideration what mums need and want in every bit of detail they include the design of their maternity and nursing wear. The proof of their success in achieving this goal is the huge expansion of their business throughout the years. They distribute their collection not just islandwide but across Algeria, Brunei, Cambodia, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Panama, China, UAE, Europe and the US as well.

Are you excited to go back to the office after some months of your maternity leave? Celebrate your comeback with this smart and professional Dilys Dress Navy or this classy and vibrant Delilah Dress Yellow. Equipped with hidden double pumping and nursing access, you can easily pump while at the office or breastfeed while working from home.

For lovely weekend trips with your family, be sure to sport this Demeter Dress Terracotta. Not only does this dress provide a hidden double pumping and nursing front zipper access, but it can also double as your stylish dress for fun family shoots.

Shop at Spring Maternity >

I hope that this article has helped you to find the best shops where you can buy your nursing wear, whether for lounging, sleeping, working or for your staycation and out-of-town trips. Also, did you enjoy the ideas from our best picks? What are your personal favourites? We’ll love to know, too!