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We went to the Grand Food Tasting V Event by OC Weddings, and Here’s why you should Cater with them

As the saying goes, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. For your wedding celebration, we would say the same for your guests – a happy tummy¬†makes a happy guest! Your wedding caterer has one of the most important jobs of the day – ensuring that your family and friends have a scrumptious good time. When it comes to selecting a good wedding caterer,¬†OC Weddings is not new to us. As the dedicated wedding arm of Orange Clove Catering, OC Weddings specialize in thematic buffet set ups, delectable dishes, and innovative ideas.¬†We previously reviewed their services for our wedding¬†here.

OC Weddings held their 5th installment of the annual Grand Food Tasting event earlier this March. We could not help ourselves but head down to see what new dishes, themes or ideas they had prepared for couples to wed! Read on to find out 3 things we discovered at their event! 

1. Innovative and delectable delights 

OC Weddings specialize in cross-cultural Asian and International fusion delights. This year, they introduced new bite-sized canapés such as the Hawaiian Chicken Tartlet, Creamy Mushroom Vol Au Vent and Spicy Hummus with Shrimp! Featuring sweet, savory and spice flavors in their dishes, do not be surprised if your guests start to go for their second and third helpings! 

Their main dishes were also equally impressive. Noteworthy mentions include the stir-fried prawns in chili crab sauce and bread crusted snapper, both tasting fresh and succulent. OC Weddings also attempted to spice up their greens with dishes like buttered broccoli in almond flakes and Duo cauliflower fry flavored with light curry flakes.

And of course, no meal is complete without dessert! 


2. Delicious food and delightful decor under one roof

I remember when it came to our wedding, one of the headaches we faced was having to style the event hall. Fortunately for us, OC Weddings provided an all-in-one solution, for your decor needs are also well taken care of. 

Last year for our wedding, OC Weddings presented us with 5 beautiful wedding themes that you can see here. This year, they presented two more wedding themes for you to choose from –¬†Twinkle Bell and Ballerina Repertoire.¬†

OC Weddings decorated Singapore Flyer beautifully with their latest wedding theme, Twinkle Bell. The buffet tables were draped with satin Tiffany Green cloth, anchored by table lamps glowing with soft baby blue light accompanied with soft white and blue florals. This beautiful Frozen-inspired theme is simply gorgeous!  

3. Get creative with live stations and snack bars! 

Live stations are crowd pleasers. You get to see the chef whip up your dish live, and it will be piping hot too. For your wedding, consider live stations to liven up your buffet line!

Absolutely delicious!

One of the popular trends featured last year was dessert tables. This year, OC Weddings brings you a trendy new concept Рa snack station! It adds a ton of fun to your event and will no doubt will be popular among the children. Featuring cinema favorites such as nachos with cheese and salsa dip, as well as popcorn of never-ending flavors like bubblegum, chocolate, seaweed, sour cream and more, your guests will bound to be delighted by these bite-sized goodies. 

A buffet reception is very flexible and can allow you to spice up your wedding with interesting ideas. It also provides your guests variety and encourages interaction among them. It’s no surprise that buffet receptions are getting increasingly popular among couples, especially for church weddings!¬†

Despite the plethora of new and creative ideas on how to spice up your wedding catering, there is one thing that stays constant with OC Weddings Рthat is their accommodating and friendly service. It makes for a pleasant and stress-free experience which is why we highly recommend checking them out for your big day.  

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