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9 Best Plant Nurseries in Singapore

Sometimes, all you need to brighten up a gloomy space are pops of greens on the right corners and focal points. Indoor plants are a trend right now, not only because they improve the room’s visual aesthetics, but because they also provide a range of health benefits. For example, a lot of these lovely greens can effectively filter out toxins in your home, helping to maintain a good indoor air quality. The mere sight of them calms your mind after a long, tiring day. And that’s ideal for those who have a bit of trouble managing their stress levels.

Whether you’re a newbie who’s doing some research on which plants would best thrive in your home or you’ve been a plant parent for a long time looking to add new babies to your existing collection, these best plant nurseries in Singapore can supply you the best blooms and greens, and other gardening essentials you might need.

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1. World Farm (North)

Source: World Farm

The World Farm which is also known by another business name Hua Hng Trading, is one of the biggest and most well-known plant nurseries in Singapore. That’s no surprise because they offer a wide range of plants common in the island—from succulents to cacti, at cheaper prices as compared to other nurseries in Singapore. This is because they’re a wholesale supplier of plants, pots and other gardening and landscaping supplies.

Located in the north, you can simply drop by their garden centre, get a trolley, pick up your gardening needs and checkout, just like what you would do in a grocery store. For those who can’t visit their location, you can have your items delivered at your doorstep. They offer free delivery for orders over $200.

A favourite of many plant lovers in Singapore, World Farm has been constantly featured on publications such as TSL, Honeycombers, and Women’s Weekly as one of the best plant nurseries in the island.

Check out World Farm > 
Address: 15 Bah Soon Pah Road,
Singapore 769962
Tel: 67520500
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2. Far East Flora

Source: Far East Flora

Call it the “Lazada” for plant mums and plant dads, Far East Flora provides a convenient online shopping experience right on their website. Their product pages are well-organised into categories, so whether you’re looking for indoor plants, herbs, sun-loving plants, gardening supplies such as various types of soil and compost, and even garden furniture, you can easily place your order and have it delivered.

We love their Plantplus series which includes planters equipped with a self-watering system that ensures your indoor plants are well-watered throughout the day. There’s a water indicator that shows when it is time to water the plant—perfect for busy individuals who tend to forget!

Check out Far East Flora > 
Address: See multiple locations here
Tel: See phone numbers here
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3. Chye Heng Orchid Garden

Source: Chye Heng Orchid Garden

A lot of us are obsessed with orchids, and who wouldn’t fall in love with them? Their blooms that are uniquely stunning and long-lasting are a gift for one’s eyes. Many orchid species also have air-purifying properties, so besides adding an aesthetic appeal in your home, these plants can also keep the air you breathe fresh and clean.

If you love orchids, you definitely have to come to Chye Heng Orchid Garden. Whether you’re looking to buy new ones to add to your collection or you’re looking for quality plant rentals for your event, this is the place to visit.

Check out Chye Heng Orchid Garden > 
Address: 22 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769967
Tel: +65 6449 0585
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4. The BLG Nursery & Services

Source: The BLG Nursery & Services

Popular on Google for the positive reviews that customers say about them, The BLG Nursery & Services is home to vibrant and thriving greens you’ll be excited to take home. While you can shop plants and gardening essentials right on their website, visiting their physical store in East Punggol would still be the best option if you want to explore their full range of plants, pots, and other gardening-related products.

Check out The BLG Nursery & Services > 
Address: 32 Punggol East #01-06,
Singapore 828824
Tel: +65 6747 7774
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5. Sing See Soon

Source: Sing See Soon

If you’ve seen stunning floral creations, chances are, some of them are from this store. But aside from arranging bouquets and landscaping, they’re also one of the favourite places in Singapore to visit for those who wish to source plants whether for indoor or outdoor display. Those who want to use more natural flavourings to their food can opt to grow herbs and spices that you can buy right from this shop. If you’re into collecting rare plants, be sure to send an enquiry to them, as they also have a few excellent choices in their catalogue from time to time.

Check out Sing See Soon > 
Address: 5 Simei Lane, (S) 528710
Tel: +65 6904 3029
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6. Candy Floriculture

Source: Candy Floriculture

Are you dreaming of Japanese bonsais? It’s a dream come true here in Candy Floriculture as they’re housing some of the lovely choices that you’ll be proud to flaunt in your home. But be warned: The prices can be harsh on the pockets. So, if you’re looking for something more affordable, you’ll have to browse elsewhere.

Aside from plants and gardening supplies, they also provide workshops for those who want to learn making terrariums. Why not join the workshop with your kids? It’ll be fun for sure!

Check out Candy Floriculture > 
Address: 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183
Tel: +65 6256 6788
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7. Noah Garden Centre (Online)

Source: Noah Garden Centre

When buying plants, it’s always best to drop by a physical store to see their actual condition. But without a doubt, Noah Garden Centre is a trustworthy online marketplace because they make sure to deliver only those plants that are healthy and thriving. Thus, purchasing your green buddies from them would be super convenient, as you only need to place your order right on their website and have it delivered. Delivery costs $10, but if it’s your first purchase, use the promo code HELLO5 to avail a cheaper fee at $5.

Check out Noah Garden Centre > 
Tel:  +65 8374 6156
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8. Potta Plantta (Online)

Source: Potta Plantta

Give your mum, mother-in-law, significant other, or anyone you care about a very Instagrammable Potta Plantta potted plant, and you will surely put a bright smile on someone else’s face. Not only are the plants from this store gorgeous, they’re also paired with creative and unique artisanal handcrafted pots sourced from various parts of Southeast Asia. They also support sustainable products, so if you’re looking for pots made of natural and organic materials, you can find them right here on Potta Plantta.

There’s no minimum number of orders required, and delivery costs $15. But for orders above $150, delivery fee is waived.

If you’re a newbie, you can attend their basic plant care workshop to ensure that your new plant babies will always be at their best condition.

Check out Potta Plantta > 
Address: 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau #01-57 S425500
+65 86154322
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9. Greenspade (Online)

Source: Greenspade

Great for beginners, Greenspade provides a one-stop shop for everything you need to start getting your hands dirty in gardening. From seeds to soil and organic fertlisers, they have the right products you can use to successfully grow your own edible garden in the midst of urbanised Singapore. Whether you’re aiming to grow a thriving vegetable garden, fruit garden, herb garden or all of the above, Greenspade is the best place to grab your supplies. And oh, they offer free delivery for orders over $60!

Check out Greenspade > 
Address:31 Kranji Crescent,
Singapore 728655
Tel: +65 8869-8827
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I hope that this article has helped you to choose the right nurseries in Singapore to source your dream plants, seeds, and other gardening supplies. Inspire your family and friends to get started in this wonderful hobby by sharing this article to them!