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Pump On The Go: An Honest Review on Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump

Breast pumping requires a lot of time and dedication, so it can be a bit overwhelming to new moms. Luckily, there are now pumps that can help make the process easier, one of which is the Baby Express Be Free. I have used this pump for a week now and found it extremely useful for breast pumping while I am also attending to other tasks. Here is my honest review of it, so you know whether to buy it for yourselves. 

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Product Overview

Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump ReviewThe Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump is a wearable, portable, and wireless breast pump that allows you to pump freely while on the go. It enables you to multitask and attend to your baby while pumping, which makes it a huge timer saver.

The package includes:
  • Electric breast pump motor
  • Silicon flange (24mm and 27mm)
  • 180 mL BPA-free cup
  • Charging cable

This pump works similarly to a breast shield – simply wear it in your bra and pump hands free. When placing it over your breasts under your nursing or pumping bra, make sure that the hole is also above your nipple and areola before you press the on/off button. Adjust the mode and suction level to your comfort and start pumping! 

If you want to know more about how this pump works, check out this video here:

Key Features

Wireless and tubeless portable breast pump

Whether you’re working or on the way to the wall, you can freely pump milk to maximise your time. Perfect for moms that are always on the go!

2 pump modes

You can choose between Stimulation (Massage) and Expression. Each mode has 5 levels each, so you’ll definitely find the mode that’s most comfortable for you.

Closed-pump system

This pump features a closed-pump system, meaning there’s an anti-backflow system that keeps milk away from the motor. Hence, you’re sure that each pumping session is completely hygienic – nobody wants to serve a bottle full of bacteria or mould to our babies after all. Moreover, it makes cleaning the pump much easier.

BPA-free cup

For better peace of mind, this breast pump uses high-quality food-grade silicone and a BPA-free cup. This means that it is safe to use for both mommy and baby.

Lightweight and small

At only 136kg, this pump is easy to stash into your baby’s diaper bag for travel. It’s also very small, with a size comparable to that of an apple. 

Easy to use

All buttons on the pump have symbols that are easy to recognize, even non-techy moms won’t have any problem with it. 

Rechargeable battery

With a rechargeable battery, you don’t need to spend extra money to buy more. When out of power, you can easily charge the battery with the 2 USB cables provided. There’s always a backup in case you lose the other one.


The biggest advantage of using the Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump is freedom. As a working mom, the wireless and tubeless feature means everything to me. I can multitask very well and even attend to my baby while pumping. Aside from the convenience, here’s a list of things that I absolutely love about this product: 

  • Great suction: As a portable pump, I did not expect that the suction would be this good. I was pretty impressed! Some moms share that they get the same milk yield in the same amount of time as their Medela and Spectra pumps. It’s also very effective and convenient for my power pumping! 
  • Easily adjustable: Each pump is good for one breast only, so when you get two sets (which is recommended for pumping), you can easily adjust the suction for both sides. If you want the pump to better fit in your bra, simply adjust the width and you can pump completely hands-free.
  • Relatively quiet: With this pump’s low noise levels, I can pump while my baby sleeps beside me. And since it’s very discreet, I can also comfortably pump while I’m with family and friends!
  • Portable: Compact and light, this product allows me to pump anywhere I want. It can easily fit in my bag so there’s no problem using it while I’m on the go. Whether I bring it on a staycation or a holiday, or even on errands, this pump does its job well. Plus, it has a battery that can last 3 to 4 full pump sessions, making it really great for travel.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin: Made from high quality and food-grade silicone, this pump is soft and suitable for sensitive skin. I usually get a “ring” on my skin after pumping when I use other brands, but not with this one. Also, the silicone adheres to my breasts well – definitely no leaking.
  • Intuitive design: The intuitive design makes it very easy to use by all moms out there, even the first-timers. There are only a few parts so the pump is not that complicated to assemble.
  • Reasonable pricing point: With all these amazing features, I find its price attractive as compared with other wearable pumps. More so when it’s on promo! Get 10% off with our code that you will find at the bottom.
  • Multiple sizes: Each set comes with 2 flange sizes, a 24mm and a 27mm. I was initially worried that it would not fit me because I use 21mm on my left and 24mm for the Spectra S1+ on my right, but thankfully it worked for me! I was so glad! 


As much as I loved this pump, it also has its downsides. It’s pretty normal for all products, and hopefully, you don’t get discouraged about them. Moreover, I am writing only based on my experience, so maybe these comments won’t apply to you as well.

  • No timer and battery level display: This pump is not that convenient when you want to follow a strict pumping schedule, but you can always time with your phone or clock. Also, the battery level is not that clear, so you won’t know how much power remains after a full pumping sesh. Although there’s a red light that blinks when the battery is low. 
  • Limited capacity: While the cup is 180mL, it’s not really possible to fill it up entirely and maintain efficient pumping. The milk may be “blocked” from coming out effectively. If you have a lot of yield, it’s best to pour them into a milk bottle multiple times. Luckily, it’s very easy to pour with this pump and you can easily do so during your breaks in between let downs. 
  • No instruction manual: It would be nice if each set comes with a printed manual for easy reading. But maybe it’s not that needed since the product is pretty simple to use. There’s also a user guide that you can access on their site.
  • Very delicate: You need to be cautious of overstimulating. If you find that the pump does not express as effectively to clear your breasts, do not let it run for too long. It’s still a portable pump after all, so it may not be as effective in clearing breasts as electric pumps. Other than having milk left behind, overstimulation may cause potential lumps and engorgement of your breasts, and we definitely don’t want that to happen.
  • Need for correct placement: This pump must be in the correct placement, otherwise, it may not express as you have expected. There may be situations wherein the pump was not placed correctly, and it’s only after the entire session when you realise that the pump has not expressed much.
  • Difficult to check milk level: We should often check if the bottle is being filled up nicely so that we know if the pump is still on its correct placement. However, the design of the pump makes it hard to check the inside of the bottle, as well as the milk level.
  • Not suitable for heavy activities: Although this pump is great for multitasking, it’s not that suitable for heavy-duty lifting or exercising. But ultimately, I don’t think that is what you should aim to do while pumping. Working in front of the PC is possible, but maybe you should skip exercising while you pump.


Overall, I would use the Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump as my secondary pump. Spectra S1+ is still my go-to pump for my morning and night sessions. Get it here.

One thing’s for sure though: I would definitely use this portable pump while I work in the office. Also, when I go out for long stretches. I have finally found a pump that I can freely use in a car, even when I’m driving! It makes breast pumping a whole lot easier, and honestly, I feel like I can breastfeed my baby longer with this pump just because of the freedom it provides.

The Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump is suitable for: 
  • Moms who need to attend to the baby while pumping and there’s no other person available to help
  • Working moms who are back in the office or those who have demanding meeting schedules
  • Moms who want to feel “free” while pumping  (since it’s portable, the Be Free allows you to “get away” for a while)
  • Busy moms who need to power pump but cannot find the time to do so (you can be more mobile with the Be Free so multitasking will be much easier)

I am not recommending this pump to moms who are only looking to get one pump. If you only need one, you can choose from the pumps mentioned in our previous guide.


I would highly recommend the Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump as a secondary pump that you can use while on the go. 

The cons can be negligible as compared to the list of pros. Ultimately, this pump wins by simply providing us with the freedom that we deserve while pumping. However, my primary pump would still be the Spectra S1+. You may check it out here. I have also tried Hegen, Cimilre S6+, and many other pumps, but I still prefer the Baby Express BF and Spectra S1+ over them.

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Please note that one Be Free pump is only good for one side. To pump with both breasts simultaneously, you need to get two sets. That said, this allows you to buy one to try out first. You can use the pump to stimulate one side and stimulate let down using a Haakaa on the other side. Although, you may need to hold the pump because unfortunately, you can’t use Haakaa with your bra on.


Where to buy Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump?

You can easily get this hands-free pump from Baby Express. Founded by a working mother, this company aims to make parenting a breeze for everyone, especially for working mothers. Baby Express understands the struggle of juggling breastfeeding, work, and being a mother all at the same time, so you know that you will be in great hands. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact them.


We hope that this Honest Review on Baby Express Be Free Breast Pump gave you an idea of whether to purchase this product. If you’ve found this to be useful, please do share it with your family and friends, thank you!

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