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10 Best Rock Climbing Facilities in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Heading out for a run or going to the gym to build your physique might not be the thing for you, so if you’re looking for a new way to build your stamina and upper body strength, rock climbing is the best alternative. With such a busy daily schedule you might have, this sport is now made more accessible. In Singapore, a massive interest for rock climbing led to the emergence of rock climbing and boulder gyms catering to different types of climbers. With an extensive variety of rock climbing facilities in the market, which then is the best rock climbing facility in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 10 Best Rock Climbing Facilities in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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Best Rock Climbing Facilities in Singapore

1. Kinetics Climbing

Kinetics Climbing rock climbing
Source: Kinetics Climbing

Regularly updated climbing routes

Kinetics Climbing is a small bouldering gym that offers climbing activities covering basic to professional level. With its frequently customized routes and top-rope equipped walls, your safety is guaranteed and you can expect different paths every time you visit. Varying routes mean different climbing techniques and styles to satisfy the need of practicing climbers. Whether you’re a total beginner, a pro, or anything in between, Kinetics Building offers classes and private coaching under their well-trained instructors. You can also buy some gear and accessories such as handholds from their retail shop.

Check out Kinetics Climbing >

Price Info: Day pass starts at $12 for students and $17 for adults (multiple passes are also available)
Rating: 4.8 with 431 Google reviews
511 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218153
Contact Info: +65 6291 5045 /

2. Clip N’ Climb

Clip N' Climb rock climbing
Source: Climp N’ Climb

Unique wall designs

Far from other regular rock climbing gyms, Clip N’ Climb has created a whole new level of indoor rock climbing. Each wall presents unique vertical walls that require physical and mental strength to conquer. Instead of the usual boulders, it features outrageous and quirky obstacles such as that of DNA strands and the Tetris game. Apart from these unique obstacles, Kinetics Building also offers a unique way of bonding with your kids. Their glass wall is designed to let you and your little kiddo climb face-to-face.

Check out Clip N’ Climb >

Price Info: starts at $18 for members and $25 for non-members for a 90-minute session
Rating: 4.8 with 219 Google reviews
Address: 1 Tampines Walk, #03-03, Singapore 528523
Contact Info: +65 6705 9410

3. Climb Central

Climb Central rock climbing
Source: Climb Central

Color-coded routes for beginners

Situated in some of the popular malls in Singapore, Climb Central has the tallest indoor rock climbing walls in the country, standing up to 16 meters high. Its comfortable ambiance allows first-timers to feel relaxed and calm in their first sessions. Each climbing wall is also equipped with color-coded grips depending on difficulty level so you don’t have to sweat out trying the impossible routes for you. They also have friendly instructors and guided class offerings.

Check out Climb Central >

Price Info: Day pass starts from $22 for adults and $18 for youth (multiple passes and first-timer sets are also available here)
Rating: 5 out of 5 with 103 Facebook reviews
Climb Central Sports Hub

Address: Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, #B1-01, Singapore 397628
Contact Info: +65 6702 7972

Climb Central Novena

Address: Novena Square, 238 Thomson Road, #03-23/25, Singapore 307683
Contact Info: +65 6353 6885

Climb Central Funan

Address: Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Road, #B2-19/21, Singapore 179105
Contact Info: +65 6906 3918

4. Fit Bloc

Fit Bloc rock climbing
Source: Fit Bloc

Features multiple amenities

Fit Bloc is a go-to rock climbing place for climbers of all levels. With their beginner classes, you will learn the basic techniques to make your way up there. Seasoned climbers can also sign up for the Intermediate Climbing and Antagonist Training Classes to even further their skills. The best thing about Fit Bloc is they’ve got you covered with all your fitness needs. They’ve got a swimming pool, yoga studio, hot sauna, and even co-working space.

Check out Fit Bloc >

Price Info: Starts at $40 for a single pass class
Rating: 4.8 with 102 Google reviews
Address: 87 Science Park Drive, #03-02, Singapore 118260
Contact Info: +65 8754 2105

5. Boulder Movement

Boulder Movement rock climbing
Source: Boulder Movement

For those near CBD area

Just like your other gyms, Boulder Movement is now offering all-inclusive class passes for various climbing courses that range from basics to intermediate bouldering–all focused on strength and mobility training. What’s even better is that this gym is located in Singapore’s Central Business District so you can zip over after work. This encourages more people, especially the hustlers, to try indoor rock climbing in their full-body workout routine.

Check out Boulder Movement >

Price Info: Starts at $35 for 1x Climb Entry Pass $45 for 1x Class Entry Pass (Check this out for other offers and rates)
Rating: 4.7 with 137 reviews
Address: 6A Shenton Way, #B1-03, Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815
Contact Info: +65 6816 6001

6. OYEYO Boulder Home

OYEYO Boulder Home rock climbing
Source: OYEYO Boulder Home

A 180-degree wall feature

Noted as a cozy boulder home, OYEYO welcomes anyone regardless of age or climbing experience. Its 3-meter walls are compact enough to fit a little crowd so it is perfect for newbies who want to keep calm and relaxed. Seasoned climbers are also welcome to try their 180-degree climbing wall that will challenge mind and stamina. You will also be able to get help from their supportive climbers community.

Check out OYEYO Boulder Home >

Price Info: Single entry pass at $18, excluding a one-time registration fee of $10 (Multi-passes are also available)
Rating: 4.7 with 96 Google reviews
Address: 148 Mackenzie Road, Singapore 228724
Contact Info: +65 6996 2095 /

7. Boulder World

Boulder World rock climbing
Source: Boulder World

Singapore’s largest bouldering gym

Boulder World is Singapore’s largest bouldering gym with a staggering 7,000 sq ft size and more than 100 routes for all climbers. Since it is managed by a group of rock climbing professionals in the country, Boulder World is reviewed as the bouldering gym with the best rock climbing classes for both adults and youth, making it an ideal family sport. Their signature competition is called Flash League which aims to motivate climbers to do challenging routes and get delightful rewards.

Check out Boulder World >

Price Info: $25 for a day pass for adults and $18 for youth
Rating: 4.6 with 190 Google reviews
Address: 10 Eunos Rd 8, SingPost Centre, #01-205, BoulderWorld
Contact Info: +65 6917 7783

8. The Rock School

The Rock School rock climbing
Source: The Rock School

Ideal for kids

The Rock School is the rock climbing home for kids of all ages in Singapore. Your kids wouldn’t want to miss out on its walls splashed in blue, pink, and yellow and with the perfect height for them. With options for more challenging routes, your kids can practice according to their level. You don’t have to worry about the weather too because, rain or shine, The Rock School in Bedok has both indoor and outdoor walls.

Check out The Rock School >

Price Info: lowest price is at $10
Rating: 4.6 with 134 Google reviews
Tampines Hub

Address: 1 Tampines Walk,#02-81, Singapore 528523
Contact Info: +65 9635 3488

Bedok Community Centre

Address: 850 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467352
Contact Info: +65 8923 3831

9. Ground Up Climbing

Ground Up Climbing rock climbing
Source: Ground Up Climbing

Best for group sessions and practice

Doing sport with family or friends is a perfect weekend getaway for anyone. Ground Up Climbing offers a place to do it with their guided climbing session suitable for groups of different climbing levels and ages. Depending on your level, you can opt between a regular bouldering wall and a rope-free climbing wall to showcase your advanced level skills. Aside from this, advanced climbers may also avail their outdoor lead climbing area made for outdoor climbing in different conditions overseas. And of course, sessions with professional coaches and trainers are also available for those who want to improve their climbing skills further.

Check out Ground Up Climbing >

Price Info: Day pass starts at $17 with promo and $22 on a regular price
Rating: 4.7 with 90 Google reviews
Address: 60 Tessensohn Road, Level 2, Singapore 217664
Contact Info: +65 6292 7701

10. SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre

SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre rock climbing
Source: SAFRA Sports Adventure Centre

Tallest outdoor rock wall in Singapore

Push ahead your excitement at SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre that offers various climbing walls and activities designed for adrenaline seekers. Their outdoor rock walls are as high as 15 to 25 meters and they have a massive two-storey bouldering wall indoors in case the weather is bad. If you’re looking for more, a crack wall, which is a perfect way for climbers preparing for real cliffs climbing to practice,  is also available. Canopy and abseiling sites can also be found in the area for some greater adventure.

Check out SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre >

Price Info: $10.70 for members and $16.10 for non-members
Rating: NA
Address: 60 Yishun Avenue 4, Singapore 769027
Contact Info: +65 6702 6338

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Rock Climbing Facilities in Singapore has helped you to choose the best rock climbing facility in Singapore for your next strength-building activity. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.