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Seal the Deal from Hand to Heart with I-PRIMO

With over 127 stores in East Asia, I-PRIMO is a renowned bridal ring store from Tokyo, Japan, known for providing quality diamonds of excellent brilliance, sophisticated craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service. As the Japanese are incredibly meticulous and highly selective of the finest quality in their methodological approach, one can expect only the most exquisite of rings from the brand. 

As the new kid on the block in the Singapore market, I-PRIMO seeks to deliver exceptional and personalised service, providing couples with treasured keepsakes. While everyone wants a promise he/she can count on for life, I-PRIMO’s rings are a reflection of a couple’s love story and are made to last a lifetime. 

What we absolutely love about I-PRIMO is that every single ring tells a story. Featuring varying collections such as Origin Belief, Flowery, Etoile, and Suwaha, I-PRIMO brings myths and constellations to life carrying messages of lifelong love and fortune. There is even a collection – the HATSUSORA series, which is named after a seasonal haiku that represents the sky of New Year’s day in Japan. If you are on the hunt for exquisite rings, here are 5 reasons why you should definitely check out I-PRIMO Singapore.

5 reasons why I-PRIMO rings are way worth the investment

1. Premium bridal jewellery brand in Southeast Asia with its first flagship store at ION Orchard

From an independent jewellery retailer in Tokyo’s Ginza district in 1999, I-PRIMO has grown significantly with 127 stores in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China. With the momentum built, I-PRIMO aims to bring its unparalleled Japanese quality rings and world-class service to Singapore.

I-PRIMO popup store
I-PRIMO popup store at ION Orchard, #B1-14

As their flagship store is slated to open in mid-November, we visited their pop-up store at B1 of ION Orchard. Angel, the Senior Sales Manager at the popup store, provided me with excellent service throughout our consultation and mentioned that they usually spend one hour or more of consultation to know better the couples’ love stories, budget and preferences, in order to make a better recommendation for the couples. Such is their dedication to the utmost level of service!

2. Highest quality you can see, immaculate craft you can feel

As diamonds are well-known as the strongest and most durable of stones, they serve as a beautiful reminder that your union is for life. Without a doubt, they are the most popular and traditional centrepiece for any engagement or wedding ring. Bearing that in mind,  I-PRIMO offers an extensive selection of the highest-quality diamonds. After a stringent selection process, only those that fit high standards for clarity, carat, and colour are set onto their PT950 wedding rings (rings with at least 95% pure platinum).

I-PRIMO’s diamonds are awarded Triple Excellent, the highest cut standard in terms of proportion, symmetry and polish, which means that the hearts and arrows are visible, proof that the cut brings out the maximum brilliance of the diamond.

If you pay close attention, you will notice the eight symmetrical arrows from the top view and eight symmetrical hearts from the pavilion facet of their round-cut diamonds. Angel from the popup store in ION Orchard showed us the stunning imagery via their very own scope. This “Heart & Cupid” optical symmetry enhances the diamond’s brilliance. We love how they get down to even the smallest detail, such that diamonds smaller than a millimetre will also get the cut they deserve.

3. A bespoke ring for every love story

i-primo bespoke ring

With more than 200 wedding rings and engagement rings in various styles and designs, we are pretty certain that you will find your dream ring – be it the stunning design that you fall in love with, or the beautiful origin story of its immaculate design. From simple to opulent and from classic to modern, their selection can be paired with your suggestions to get the ring that best encapsulates your love story. We know how it feels less special when you just purchase something off the shelf. What’s great is that I-PRIMO ensures each piece is made-to-order having its own distinct and exquisite design, and you can select your very own diamond to complete your bespoke ring, based on your budget and preferences.

Each ring is moulded with meticulous care to create the perfect balance of style and comfort. As one would seek to wear these high-quality pieces for a lifetime, it is of utmost importance that it stays comfortable. Using a special polishing process, the inside edges are softened to provide a snug fit on your finger. I personally tried it at the store, and it really feels much smoother than my very own wedding ring! If only they came to Singapore earlier.

4. Unique, elegant collections inspired by stars, myths, and legends 

I-primo ring collection

Each ring comes with its own beautiful story. I-PRIMO offers engagement rings named after stars and zodiac signs, wedding rings named after Greek legends and set rings designed to match together. They even have eternity rings to commemorate your eternal love and union as well as anniversary jewellery like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. You can choose among their Platinum, 18k Gold, and 18k Rose Gold variations for their following featured items. Along with the aforementioned variations, marriage rings are also available in 18K Pale Brown Gold; a material that is unique and exclusive to I-PRIMO (available from 15 November). 

The Spica and Andromeda are engagement rings that garner intrigue with their asymmetrical designs. While hailing its name from the brightest star in the Virgo constellation, the former derives a sense of individuality and support from its pink diamond at the side of its centre one. Meanwhile, the latter, named after the Andromeda constellation, symbolises mutual love with the side stones accompanying the centre diamond.

Diamond rings reflecting some of the brightest stars and constellations in the sky

Our favourite, however, would have to be the engagement ring, Filum. Inspired by the galaxy superclusters, this elegant engagement ring presents a brilliant, lustrous glimmer that is sure to shine upon your loved one’s fingers. Absolutely gorgeous! The square diamond setting gives it a noble charm as if it were a work of art. Filum will only be available after 15th November, so be sure to check it out upon its release.

I-primo Filum engagement ring
The stunning Filum engagement ring

i-primo Hatsusora

Angel also introduced the beautiful HATSUSORA series to us – 8 unique designs that feature the various seasonal scenes and stories related to the sky in Japan. We personally find the stories really meaningful, and it is really nice to have that added meaning behind your special wedding ring. Our favourite ring is the Harutsuki, which was inspired by the “Junihitoe”, a traditional formal dress worn by a court lady. The Harutsuki features imagery of a couple dancing under the moonlight in spring – an absolutely stunning design. If you and your loved one have a love story that revolves around Japan, perhaps this might be the collection for you!

5. Heartwarming hospitality “Omotenashi” and dedicated support “Omoiyari” to all customers

Guided by the concepts of “おもてなし (Omotenashi)” and “おもいやり(Omoiyari)”, I-PRIMO has developed exceptional customer service. “Omotenashi” means to wholeheartedly look after guests, whereas “Omoiyari” is a Japanese custom to be caring, considerate, and compassionate towards others’ needs.

Their well-trained specialists will help to guide you through your purchase with comfort and ease. If you need help looking for the perfect ring to propose with or simply an anniversary gift for your loved one, you will be pleased to know that the consultants are more than willing to spend much time learning about your unique love story to help you choose the most perfect ring based on your budget and preferences. We also like how their concierges can even help you plan, stage, and prepare the best proposal possible.

Customers will be stoked to know that I-PRIMO provides an extensive list of after-sales service such as free professional cleaning and size alterations which are free for life to keep your rings in optimal shape throughout. If a size exchange is needed, it will be free for the first time within the first year of purchase. Additionally, if your engagement and wedding rings are in need of repair or have manufacturing defects, there will be a one-year free repair service. 

Customers can also enjoy a free engraving service on the inner rings of the rings. What’s really special is that you can further mount a small coloured diamond (also known as a Promise Diamond) on the inner side of your engagement or wedding ring. Choose from 8 colours available, with each colour representing a different message. This unique service from I-PRIMO allows couples to profess their love more romantically, as well as send secret messages to each other. 

While walk-ins are welcome from 10 AM to 10 PM, it is best to make an appointment, so the staff can prepare for your visit and serve you better. Consultations are complimentary. Don’t forget to follow their Facebook and  Instagram for any updates on the opening and their offers. For instance, couples can receive a complimentary portrait illustrated by Singapore’s very own Forbes Under 30 Artist, Grace Ciao, when they schedule an appointment to visit the I-PRIMO store (limited to 1st 15 couples only). You may even join an exciting raffle where you can win prizes perfect for your proposal!

Make an appointment with I-PRIMO now >
Flagship Store Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-33, Singapore 238801
Popup Store Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B1-14, Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm
Contact: +65 9653 6058


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