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Spectacular Wedding Styling, Decorations & Floristry by Fabulation

[Advertorial] You want your fairytale wedding to look spectacular, but wedding styling is complicated to DIY. From conceptualization to sourcing, delivery, set up and tear down, not only is it extremely time consuming, but it is almost impossible among the many other things on your plate. This is especially so on your wedding day as you would not be able to have any time to worry about set up and tear down. Furthermore, budgeting and sourcing for materials can be quite tricky as it probably is your first time experimenting with wedding styling.

Tanjong Beach Club | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

My wedding venue at Tanjong Beach Club was a beautiful place, but styling was needed to spruce up the place to create the romantic wedding ambience we envisioned. I was initially considering DIY as an option, but I soon realised that it was not a smart way to go about it. Not only was I unfamiliar with styling, I was lacking creativity and the implementation work required was extensive. Manpower was also of question. It was then I realised (though a little too close to the wedding), I definitely had to seek the help of professionals. Finding Fabulation was the best thing to happen for our wedding. Fabulation is a one-stop for all your event styling needs – from floristry to decorations and props. Having done plenty of large-scale events for both weddings and corporates, as well as intimate weddings, they have a wealth of experience in the event styling industry. Backed by a creative, efficient and experienced team, you can be assured that your wedding is in safe hands.

Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Three months prior to my wedding, I reached out to Fabulation, knowing that they have done prior events at Tanjong Beach Club. As we were so close to the wedding day, I was quite desperate for some help, and what Fabulation did for my wedding in that short span of time was impressive. Despite them having several other weddings that same weekend, they did a wonderful job for mine, which displayed their team’s competency to take on multiple events and yet be able to do amazing jobs for them.

Our Experience

We went to Fabulation’s quaint shop house at Blair Road (read more about Nick’s shop house here), where we had the pleasure of meeting up with Nick, the founder of Fabulation. (Read more about Nick here and here) Lesley, his assistant joined us and together we discussed about what I had envisioned and prepared thus far for my wedding.

Fabulation 6
Tons of vases and props!
Nick’s meeting room lined with uniquely vintage decorations!

What we envisoned

I had in mind an elegant and classy theme for my beach wedding at Tanjong Beach Club, but at that point in time it was not solidified. I only knew I wanted the colours of blue, gold and white in my wedding from this inspiration board by Wedding Chicks. I had several ideas flying around, none of which was held together by a structure. I was all over the place.

Understanding Our Preferences & Ideas

Nick was a huge help in helping me to consolidate everything I had in my mind. He consolidated the vendors that I had thus far i.e. Tiffany chairs, decorations and props along with the information he needed to proceed to coordinate with other vendors. I ended up with the most stunning beach wedding ever!

Our beach solemnization by the sea with a beautiful bamboo arch. Absolutely Pinterest worthy! | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster
Gorgeous tiffany chairs by Yellowstone and Signs by Prinks Design | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster
Beautiful golden tiffany chairs adorned with jars of flowers | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Event stylists usually focus on dolling up your wedding venue and not coordinating with other vendors, as that is usually the role of a wedding planner or coordinator. However Nick, being very experienced in events management was very generous and offered to do so. His goal was to use everything we had already prepared to the fullest, and to have his team fill in the gaps.

Conceptualization – Taking it to the next level

Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

Based on my wedding venue and what I shared earlier, Nick started to conceptualize my beach solemnization and wedding dinner reception. On Tanjong Beach Club‘s layout, he went through the different areas and gave us plenty of ideas and suggestions to choose from. It was exactly what we needed! I was having huge difficulty thinking about which areas we needed to decorate, what to use as table centerpieces and how I was going to uplift the venue to create an elegant setting. Nick solved this all for us in a jiffy and we ended up with the most beautiful wedding that we could have asked for.

Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Watch our beach solemnization wedding video by 50nFifty Productions.

Consolidating the Details – Styling Deck, Mood board & Props List

Fabulation 4 From our discussion, Lesley created a customized mood board for us, which included the theme, colours and florals that we were going to use. It was important to align all decorations to the mood board for a cohesive effect. simplifai_0218 In the styling deck, she compiled the decoration inspiration of the various areas. Lesley also sent over a list of props and the vendors / people in charge of providing them. That list was very helpful as it consolidated everything that we needed to have present on the day itself in order to style the venue.

Our VIP table | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

We gave our feedback and went through a couple of revisions before we finalized them. The mood board was stylish and well thought out. It gave us a very good visual representation of what our venue was going to look and feel like and helped to manage our expectations. Though I must say that the Fabulation team exceeded our expectations on the wedding day and delivered so much more beauty in real life!

Outdoor dining decor | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Check out how beautiful our wedding banquet was in the banquet highlights captured by True to Love x MisterJL Productions.

My Favourites by Fabulation

An Experienced Team with Great Expertise

Fabulation 12
Chatting with Nick at our wedding | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

Fabulation, with its vast portfolio, has styled many different venues in Singapore. Having experience with the wedding venue is advantageous as their team is familiar with the space, the management as well as details like where the drop off points are for delivery and power points available for lighting. Nonetheless, despite their familiarity with Tanjong Beach Club, they still went down for a site visit prior to the wedding day to ensure that everything was in order.

A Wide Range of Inventory

So many props!

On top of that, Fabulation has a wide in-house collection of props, decorations and inventory that you can simply rent as compared to purchasing them for a one-time use at your wedding. Their collection of props can put together any wedding. Our theme required many gold elements which was difficult to source in stores, but Fabulation had in store many gold vases and trinkets. They are very well equipped in terms of props.

Our welcome reception table | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Our album display table | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

An Extensive Network of Contacts 

In the event you need additional props or lighting, Fabulation works with a close knit team of suppliers that can supply what you need. For our wedding, we wanted to have fairy lights twirled around the trees. We needed to have battery operated ones which was hard to find in shops, but Fabulation solved it with their regular contact whom they frequently worked together with.

Beautiful Fairy Lights | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Lesley was also very great in helping us to liase with our other florist and props vendors. She ensured that everything was well coordinated and aligned to our theme.

A Creative, Talented and Trustworthy Team

M&J by 3D Props | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

With a great eye for design, Nick and his team are very adept at styling weddings. You can afford to be very hands off and leave it entirely to them, which is any bride’s dream come true. Nick has very good vision and his team executes it very well. After speaking with Nick, we knew we were in very good hands and felt very assured.

Flexible and Accommodating

Beautiful pink and lavender flowers | Love quotes by Prinks Design & Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Despite our limited budget for flowers, Lesley was accommodating to work well within them. She used different types of flowers to adapt to our budget and supplemented with props and frames. She did not compromise on beauty. The floral arrangements on the actual day were so beautiful! Nick and Lesley gave us many ideas, but were flexible with them to ensure that they aligned with what we wanted. They would provide their professional opinion but at the same time, respected our preferences and left the final decision to us, as it was our big day. We planned on having a red carpet photo booth at our entrance and Lesley raised a concern that the red carpet would be clash with our blue and gold theme. She guided us to decide based on our priorities – whether we prefer the theme to be unified or we want guests to enjoy a different photo booth experience. We eventually decided to go ahead with the photo booth and I appreciated Lesley’s help to guide us on making the right choices! Through working with them I felt that the Fabulation team really focused on you and how to make your day as beautiful as it can be. The rest of the stuff they take ownership in making it work out to its best.

An Extremely Efficient Team

This was especially evident in terms of their set up and tear down process. It was a challenge to style our wedding, as we only had our venue from 2pm onwards, and guests would start streaming in at 4pm for our solemnization. Set up is usually completed prior to guests coming in so it would not look too messy and haphazard.

Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

A two-hour timeframe for set up was almost impossible considering that our decorations was relatively extensive, but Fabulation managed to pull it off thanks to their prompt delivery and efficient workflow. They also coordinated with Tanjong Beach Club to let them install the fairy lights the night before the wedding. In addition, our event ended at 10+pm and we had to vacate the venue by 11pm. In that short span, Fabulation managed to clear up and finish their tear down.

Wonderful and Personable Service

Apart from their prompt and efficient service, Nick and Lesley were very friendly and personable. They went the extra mile to ensure that our venue looked stunning on that day, and many guests were full of praises on how beautiful the place looked. When I met up Nick and Lesley on my wedding day, they were full of congratulations for us and you can tell that all the hard work and effort they put in to our wedding was so that we could enjoy it to the fullest.

Thanks Nick & Lesley for the wonderful service and help! Thank you for putting 100% into our wedding and for making it so beautiful and magical. Appreciate all the time and effort that you guys put into our wedding!
Thanks Nick & Lesley for the wonderful service and help! Thank you for putting 100% into our wedding and for making it so beautiful and magical. Appreciate all the time and effort that you guys put into our wedding!

I highly recommend Fabulation if you are having your wedding at an intimate venue like restaurants, unique venues like yachts or if you are planning to do up extensive decorations at your hotel banquet. They do incredible floral arrangements that will be sure to upscale your wedding tenfold.

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