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    16 Best Booster Seats in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

    When babies grew up to at least four years old, a lot of parents start to move them from car seats and high chairs to a booster seat. There are different types that can help you ensure the safety of your kids during car rides, mealtime, and even playtime! Although booster seats have a variety of styles and sizes, the majority comes with adjustable safety belts, comfortable seats, and cozy backrests which are very helpful to maintain good posture by preventing slouching at the same time ensuring their safety by avoiding injuries or fractures. To help you find the suitable one that will grow with your children’s needs, we rounded up…

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    10 Best Baby Chairs in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

    A baby high chair is your baby’s seat, dining and play area. It gives your baby proper support while seated and keeps him or her restrained, saving you a lot of effort during feeding. A baby chair can also be a safe spot to place your child when you are occupied with other tasks, and you can place toys or books on the table for them to play with. When buying a baby chair in Singapore, always keep safety, comfort, and functionality in mind. As a baby high chair elevates your baby off the ground, be sure to get one that is sturdy and made of quality material. The last…