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    8 Best Baby Sunscreens in the Philippines | Best of Baby 2023

    Whenever we want to go out with our little ones, we should always protect them from extreme sunlight as their skin is very sensitive and much more susceptible to sunburns. And as mums, we must choose not just an ordinary sunscreen but that which is suitable for their delicate baby skin. With an extensive variety of baby sunscreens in the market, which then is the best 8 in the Philippines? In our Best of Beauty series, we introduce the 8 Best Baby Sunscreens in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. This article was last updated on 6 January 2023. Table of Contents: 8 Best…

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    6 Best Kid’s and Baby Sunscreens in Singapore | Best of Baby 2023

    If you are planning to hit the outdoors with your little one, baby sunscreen is a must to protect their skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. What makes baby sunscreens so special is that they are mineral-based. The latest sunblock for kids and babies have formulas using zinc, which is naturally found in our bodies and safe to use on babies. On the other hand, adult sunscreens tend to have harsher chemicals in them that you do not want your baby to come into contact with. Adult sunscreens are not safe for babies and can cause irritation and rash. Here are the best baby sunscreens in Singapore that will…