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    10 Best Baby Pillows in the Philippines | Best of Baby 2023

    Expectant mothers must prepare for parenthood by attending childbirth education programs, for example. A comfortable baby pillow is an essential thing to invest in for your child. When an infant sleeps, he or she requires adequate head support for proper brain development. Baby pillows ensure optimum blood flow while providing exceptional head and neck support. It comes in a variety of styles to meet the demands of each youngster. Some pillows protect your baby’s delicate head as they sleep, while others keep you and your baby comfortable when you feed them. With an extensive variety of baby pillows in the market, which then are the best baby pillows in the…

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    11 Best Baby Pillows in Singapore to Prevent Flat Head | Best of Baby 2023

    Generally, newborn babies should sleep on a firm, flat surface free of pillows, blankets, and other soft bedding as they may pose a risk of suffocation. This is very important to note as babies have very little neck and head control, hence would not be able to move their heads to breathe if they are covered by pillows or soft bedding. You can look at getting baby pillows for baby car seats and baby strollers to make them more comfortable, and it should be safe as long as an adult is present. For older babies, especially once they are able to retain more head control, you may consider using a…