• 8 Best Electric Bikes in Australia | Best of Lifestyle 2023
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    10 Best Electric Bikes in Australia | Best of Lifestyle 2023

    Do you appreciate cycling’s freedom but wish your saddlebags were lighter, the headwind was less strong, and the hills weren’t quite so steep? Would you rather be fresh and appealing than sweaty and rumpled when you get to your destination? Then you have already developed a desire for an e-bike. Electric bikes, whether for commuting, grocery shopping, or pleasure riding, deliver on the promise of carefree cycling that geography and fitness may often derail. When it comes to integrating transportation and exercise, a little electric assistance may help maintain the balance perfectly, making your new electric bike a more realistic option for taking public transportation or driving. With an extensive…

  • 10 Best Towels in Australia | Best of Home 2023
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    10 Best Towels in Australia | Best of Home 2023

    One of life’s basic but lovely joys is stepping out of the shower or bath to a soft and fluffy, yet quick-drying, towel. Towels can do anything from improving the overall appearance of your bathroom to protecting you from allergies. That is why choosing the appropriate one is so essential. Although bath towels may appear to be the same, there can be significant differences in quality and functionality. Quality of materials, design, and personal preferences define the greatest bath towels. From lightweight, quick-dry towels to heavier, super-soft plush towels, there are choices for everyone. With an extensive variety of towels in the market, which are the best towels in Australia?…

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    10 Best Shampoo Bars in Australia | Best of Beauty 2023

    The drive to make sustainable choices in each day of our lives all circles back to our purchases. This thought led to the birth and sudden rave for shampoo bars as an eco-friendly and all-natural substitute to commercialised shampoo in supermarkets. With an extensive variety of shampoo bars in the market, which then is the best shampoo bar in Australia? In our Best of Beauty series, we introduce the 10 Best Shampoo Bars in Australia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. Table of contents: Best Shampoo Bars in Australia Beauty & the Bees Real Beer & Honey Shampoo Bar Biome Shampoo Soap Bar Viva La Body…