• 10 Best Booster Seats in Australia | Best of Baby 2023
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    10 Best Booster Seats in Australia | Best of Baby 2023

    As our kids grow older, more they become active and playful. Because of this, most mums’ concern is their safety every time they are inside the car. Very helpful to address this concern are booster seats. This helps lift kids so that their seatbelts would lie across their chest and pelvis instead of their belly and neck, which are prone to serious damage in case of a crash. But with an extensive variety of booster seats in the market, which then is the best 10 in Australia? In our Best of Baby series, we introduce the 10 Best Booster Seats in Australia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and…

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    10 Best Booster Seats in the Philippines | Best of Baby 2023

    Now that Republic Act No. 11229, or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act, had take full effect in early February 2021, child car seats and booster seats are in high demand. In the Philippines, children aged 12 and under, or 4’11” and under, are no longer permitted to sit in the front passenger seat of any vehicle. While penalties and fines have been deferred, parents now face a new challenge: finding the correct booster seat that fits their budget and their children’s needs. Booster seats for children are not inexpensive, but consider them an investment in your child’s future and safety. With an extensive variety of booster seats in…