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    10 Best Cafes in Bali | Best of Bali 2023

    A home to beautiful nature scenery from beach, waterfall to mountains, Bali is also home to vibrant cafes. From refreshing garden, beautiful terraces overlooking rice fields and hills up to a relaxing co-working area, cafes in Bali are always perfect to chill the day away. That’s not to mention they have amazing coffee and foods as well. With an extensive variety of cafes available in the island, which then is the best cafe in Bali? In our Best of Travel series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Cafes in Bali, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget. For the ultimate guides, also check out our best Nusa…

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    13 Best Cafe in Singapore | Best of Food 2023

    We all want to get away from the hustle and bustle of our stressful life once in a while (or maybe every weekend). Photos of friends and influencers attending lovely cafés on Instagram don’t help much either. For a moment of relaxation, good food and pleasant surroundings are required. The demand for premium breakfast/brunch and artisanal coffee is being addressed by the finest in Singapore’s cafe business, from specialty coffee and hearty breakfasts to the greatest avo smash and power-packed smoothies, house bean blends, and amazing brunch meals. With an extensive variety of cafe places in the market, which then are the best cafe in Singapore? Our Best of Food…