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    The Ultimate Checklist for New Mums-To-Be, Of All The Things To Prepare Before Your Confinement Nanny Arrives!

    Your delivery date is almost here and you have everything ready, from the nursery room to your confinement nanny… or so you think. Have you gathered all the materials and tools required for the upcoming month too? Your confinement lady will need them to ensure you enjoy a smooth postpartum period. Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten all the necessary items because it’s not as daunting as it sounds if you know what to look out for. Here is a checklist to help you get started! 1. For mothers: a) Maternity preparation These are items you will need for hospital use, such as clothing, tampons, and baby clothes. We suggest…

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    8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire (2023)

    Confinement nanny service is very beneficial to help you manage your workload during post-pregnancy period while you focus on recovery and breastfeeding your baby. Especially if you are a new mom, you can learn a lot from the confinement lady who has abundant experience in terms of taking good care of babies. Word of mouth works well, but if you want further recommendations for a good confinement lady in Singapore, read on to find out more. In this issue, we have curated a list of the 8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire.  This article was last updated on 05 January 2023. Table of Contents: 8 Best Confinement…