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    8 Best Heaters in Australia | Best of 2023

    In order to counteract the coldness in a drafty room or to support your home’s heating system, you may require a space heater. Numerous space heaters can provide the illusion of being in front of a hairdryer. Room heaters are practical gadgets that offer concentrated and localised heat, which is especially beneficial in a room for old, ill, or disabled individuals. However, they may be rather costly. Room heaters require a great deal of gas or electricity and, if used seldom, are likely to cost far more than a central heating system. With an extensive variety of heaters in the market, which then are the best heaters in Australia? In…

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    7 Best Pizza Ovens in Australia | Best of Home 2023

    Every day is pizza day, whether it is the height of summer or the depths of winter. If we are talking about authentic pizzas, the sort you create and bake yourself in the pizza oven. Even if you have a pizza stone, and waited for the magic to work and assist you in creating the greatest restaurant-quality pizza, this still is equivalent to choosing the difficult path with uncertain results. Furthermore, your regular oven is insufficient to cook a pizza properly. To do this, you must seek the greatest pizza ovens capable of reaching the temperatures required for the ideal pizza foundation. With an extensive variety of pizza ovens in…

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    Everything you Need to Know to Buy your First Home – A Complete Guide

    In this issue, let us share with you our personal experience in buying our first home in Singapore, and all the research and considerations, decisions that went along with it. I remember the exhilarating feeling of buying our first home. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest purchase of your life! There’s a lot that goes into buying a home – from choosing the right type of home, picking a good location, to financing it and choosing the right home loan. In this issue, I’ll share our personal experience of buying our first home, along with the things I learned along the way, hoping to help you…