• Best Shops for Maternity Wear Malaysia
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    10 Best Shops for Maternity Wear in Malaysia | Best of Mom 2023

    With a growing belly and overall weight gain, the clothes you used to wear pre-pregnancy just won’t cut it. Aside from that, like any other pregnant woman, you’re probably experiencing some discomforts which you can ease by wearing the right clothes. You need a collection of maternity wear that ticks off everything in the checklist: comfort, perfect fit, appropriateness to the occasion (because some mums still have an eventful schedule!), and of course, your personal aesthetic. In this article, we’ll point you to the right direction—the best shops for maternity wear in Malaysia where you can find everything you need, from loungewear to maternity office wear. Table of contents Best…

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    10 Best Stores for Maternity Wear in Australia | Best of Mom 2023

    Gone are the days when wearing pregnant clothes meant surrendering your style in favour of comfort. Maternity wear from Australia’s vibrant, fashion-forward brands is warm, comfortable, and genuinely stylish. Pregnancy is a lovely and exciting experience.  There is so much to consider and plan, such as decorating a charming nursery, selecting a baby pram, and figuring out your car seat, to mention a few. One of the most important things you can plan is a wardrobe of maternity wear that will help you feel comfortable and attractive during your pregnancy. With an extensive variety of stores for maternity wear in the market, which then are the best stores for maternity…

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    8 Best Maternity Wear in Singapore | Best of Mom 2023

    “Why maternity wear is so hard to find?”, is one of the most frequently asked questions among pregnant women. The major reason is that maternity clothes come with specific designs and distinct shapes from normal ones to accommodate your body changes. Growing a baby inside of you is not an easy task and you definitely deserve to be rewarded! To lessen your troubles, we will introduce the best stores for maternity wear where you can get good quality garments that do not compromise either comfort or fashion rules. When you are in a comfortable condition, serious issues like reduced blood circulation which may also lead to yeast infections will be…