• Feature Image - 11 Best Tencel Bed Sheets in Singapore
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    11 Best Tencel Bed Sheets in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

    Tencel sheets are gaining significant popularity among Singaporeans seeking the luxurious feel of soft and smooth bedding. One of the most attractive features of Tencel sheets is their minimal environmental impact, attributed to an intricate manufacturing process that recycles loose fibres back into the material. Beyond their eco-friendly credentials, Tencel sheets offer a remarkably comfortable surface that maintains durability even after numerous washes. These sheets are particularly well-suited for individuals with allergies and chemically sensitive skin. It’s easy to understand why Tencel sheets are capturing attention and becoming a sought-after choice in the bedding market. With an extensive variety of Tencel bed sheets in the market, which then is the…

  • Best Tencel Bedsheets Malaysia
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    10 Best Tencel Bedsheets in Malaysia | Best of Home 2023

    The year-round humid Malaysian weather is no stranger to us. That’s why shopping for sleep essentials such as bedsheets is no trivial matter too. Homeowners carefully choose products made from materials that feel soft, cool, and comfortable on the skin no matter how high the temperature. If you’re wondering what some of the best options are, you’ll never go wrong with Tencel bedsheets. While these sheets don’t come cheap, the benefits are hard to miss. Tencel bedsheets are durable, breathable, lightweight, feels so soft and comfy on the skin, and bear moisture-wicking properties. In addition, they’re kind to the environment. But with so many options available in the market, which…