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    10 Shops for Guo Da Li in Singapore

    Guo Da Li, also known as betrothal gifts, is a traditional Chinese custom where families of soon-to-be-married couples formally meet. It is usually held two to four weeks before the wedding day where the groom’s family pays a visit to the bride’s family and offer presents to them. Aside from being a sign of appreciation and respect for the family of the bride for raising such a refined lady, giving Guo Da Li was also considered to bring good fortune to the couple. To help you find the perfect Guo Da Li set in a stress-free and easy way, here are the 10 Shops for Guo Da Li in Singapore.…

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    All you need to know about Guo Da Li from Shuang Xi Le

    [Advertorial] As weddings get increasingly modern and influenced by western cultures, traditional elements tend to fade away at weddings. As Chinese, we wanted very much to recognize our tradition and heritage at our wedding. Hence, we included elements such as gate crashing and tea ceremony on our big day. Another important element that we were sure to include was the betrothal, otherwise known as “Guo Da Li” (betrothal ceremony). What is the Guo Da Li? The Guo Da Li is a formal meeting between both families and symbolizes the groom’s sincerity in wanting to marry the bride into his family. It signifies a formal state of engagement. Through formalities performed…