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    Where to Stay in Tokyo + 10 Best Tokyo Hotels (2022 Guide)

    Japan has become one of the top destinations to visit for its beautiful blend of culture, cuisine, and scenic beauty. Its capital Tokyo is a cosmopolitan hub featuring neon-lit skyscrapers, historic temples, and exciting entertainment districts. Tokyo no doubt, is a must-visit for anyone visiting Japan for the first time. When it comes to where to stay in Tokyo, there are many options to choose from. In this guide, we will share the best areas to stay in Tokyo, and the best Tokyo hotels to reside in. Travel tip: Considering that taxi fares in Japan are extremely expensive, it would be more convenient to stay near a train station. Japan’s…

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    Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in Tokyo for your Honeymoon

    There are two sides to Tokyo. One is the bold, modernist metropolis that’s a hub for pioneering technologies and pop culture. The other is the land of tranquil temples and grand palaces. By day you could seek out centuries-old shrines and picture perfect cherry blossom trees, or shop for the latest gadgets. At night, Tokyo becomes the city of neon, when bustling restaurants and lively karaoke bars come to life. Then after your fun exploration around Tokyo for your honeymoon, you deserve to have the best and most comfortable accommodation. You are free to try traditional or modern luxury hotels, but if you are looking for the most romantic hotels,…