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Top 10 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in India

When planning your after-wedding holiday, perhaps, India never crossed your mind. After all, you’ve pictured it as a country dotted with chaotic streets where the air is dry, humid and heavy with pungent scents of spices and where a seemingly endless number of strangers come across each other. Of course, that doesn’t sound like an ideal honeymoon for most couples.

You are right, though—India is somewhat chaotic. Chaotic because in one city, the weather could be scorching hot. Hike up to the snowcapped Himalayan towns, and it’s freezing cold as if you’re in Antarctica. Chaotic because in one place, there’s a flood of people crowding the streets. In another, you’ll get a taste of what perfect solitude is.

Chaotic because there’s just too many adventures to check off your list, and where to start would need some serious thinking. And finally, there’s some sort of chaos in their spice-infused authentic Indian cuisine blended together with a long list of ingredients fighting over which should have the most dominant flavor. And yet, a feast of flavors erupting inside your mouth is surprisingly gastronomically addicting.

That’s India, a land of surprising contrasts here and there. It is what makes the country confusing in a special way. And so, honeymooners aren’t here solely for laid-back romance. They’re here for exhilarating adventures in the off-the-beaten paths, especially, in the Himalayan towns.

1. Mumbai, for a fusion of urban and tropical jungle

Start off your authentic India experience by exploring the city of Mumbai, a fusion of the urban world and a huge tropical jungle. No, it’s not what you think we’re suggesting—you’re not here to get lost in a swarm of strangers downtown. You’re here because Mumbai is home to not just one, but three must-visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s also worth perusing the Bollywood studio to see a live shoot, behind-the-scenes of a Bollywood movie, and learn a thing or more about filmmaking.

Top Things to Do in Mumbai:

Recommended Place to Stay:

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, for a royal oasis in the heart of the city

Overlooking a famous landmark in the city, the Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal Palace is strategically situated in the heart of Mumbai’s historical and commercial center. The hotel itself is a historical landmark in the area, providing a royal oasis in the midst of the bustling urban since 1903. Its very name resonates an iconic Indian landmark, the Taj Mahal in Agra, reminding us of its eminent historical significance not just to India, but to the rest of the world, especially to those who believe in the power of true love.

2. The Golden Triangle: Agra, New Delhi and Jaipur, for a must-visit touristy trail

It’s no-brainer, Agra is home to Taj Mahal, an unparalleled architectural beauty that’s equally heart-warming as the story behind its construction. Many couples dream of being here, to inspire themselves once again of the best feeling in the world: loving deeply and being loved truly.

But what about the two other cities comprising the Golden Triangle? They are equally interesting stops as well—you’ll even get a chance to see other UNESCO World Heritage sites aside from Taj Mahal. You can go to and from each location comprising the Golden Triangle in around four to six hours or less if you’ll opt for a train ride.

Top Things to Do in the Golden Triangle:

Recommended Place to Stay in the Golden Triangle:

The Oberai Amarvilas Agra, for a stylish, luxurious hotel overlooking the Taj Mahal

The elegantly furnished rooms of The Oberai Amarvilas Agra coupled with modern amenities and topnotch hospitality are all what makes it your top five-star hotel choice in the city of Agra. Only 600 meters away from the Taj Mahal, it overlooks the iconic UNESCO World Heritage site. You can even have a private candle-light dinner with the Taj Mahal on the backdrop.

At the end of a day full of escapades, you deserve some rejuvenating pampering, so be sure to book a relaxing full body massage at the Oberai Spa.

3. Uttarakhand, for endless adventures in the Himalayas

The dramatic terrain of Uttarakhand is a rich collection of stunning lakes, rivers and hiking trails. Add to it a national park that houses India’s second-highest tiger population, and the skiing capital of India that’s a must-visit in the winter. We must say that this destination isn’t for the faint of heart. It is for the couple who are legit survivors in the heart-racing outdoors.

Top Things to Do in Uttarakhand:

  • Go skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering in the snowcapped terrains of Auli, India’s skiing capital
  • Go paragliding, trekking and exploring the stunning scenery in Mussoorie, the “Queen of hills”
  • Visit the Jim Corbett National Park, a home to Royal Bengal Tigers
  • See the enthralling picturesque views of the Himalayas in Binsar. It’s a serene getaway that’s a world apart from the crowded streets of the city, and a haven for landscape photographers
  • Experience peaceful romantic solitude coupled with heart-racing mountain biking adventure in Munsiyari, one of the best offbeat destinations in India

Recommended Place to Stay in Uttarakhand:

JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa, for romantic nights in the “Queen of Hills”

A honeymoon hotel nestled in what is tagged as the “Queen of Hills” in India is no doubt one of the most romantic spots on earth. Wake up to the breathtaking views of the Himalayas surrounding you. Let the chilly breeze give your skin some shivers while enjoying a glass of wine from your balcony.

4. Himachal Pradesh, for its enchanting snowy peaks and river valleys

The plunging river valleys and towering mountains of Himachal Pradesh create an infinite chain of beauty that you just can’t wait to explore from one end to another. While the gorgeous towns are a frosty hilltop, the locals’ friendliness is a heartwarming encounter. After a day full of heart pumping activities, whether you went trekking, river rafting or paragliding, you deserve to have some chill time while indulging yourselves with a hearty Indian dish.

Top Things to Do in Himachal Pradesh:

Recommended Place to Stay in Himachal Pradesh:

Wildflower Hall, An Oberai Resort, Shimla, for a fairy tale castle on top of the mountain

The Wildflower Hall reminds us of a fairy tale castle sitting atop a chain of mountains. You can imagine your prince and his white horse galloping through the wide lush forest to come and kiss you. But here, you’re not apart. You snuggle with him as you marvel at the surrounding beauty that leaves you both short of words to describe the surreal feeling of spending time together, alone as a couple in such a place you once thought only exists in novels and fairy tales.

5. Andaman Islands, for a honeymoon escape in a far-flung island

Sure, the Himalayan towns up there would take home the title of the best offbeat honeymoon destinations in India. But we understand, there’s just some of us who can’t trade the ocean for a blanket of clouds or snowcapped ski resorts on the hilltops. If that sounds like you, and you prefer a summer honeymoon, then, Andaman Islands is the way to go.

A trip to Andaman is not your typical beach getaway. Rather, it’s exotic in the sense that it is one of the most isolated archipelagos in the world. This far-flung archipelago in India is home to a collection of around 300 islands, some of which are even uninhabited. And overall, the beaches exude a well-preserved virgin beauty.

Top Things to Do in Andaman Islands:

Recommended Place to Stay in Andaman Islands:

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Andamans, for a minimalist yet elegant tropical home

The rooms in Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, perfectly complement the ambiance of a serene, secluded beach. They are spacious, airy and relaxing. While the rooms are minimalistic, their undeniable tropical charm would captivate every beach lover’s heart. One of the favorite spots in the resort is also the Olympic-sized pool area that features an enchanting forest-y backdrop. The excellent hospitality of the beachfront resort extends to offering guests with fascinating activities, from laid-back to adrenaline-inducing options. From fruit-picking in the orchards and beach picnics, to snorkeling, scuba diving and jungle trekking, you’ll never run out of things to jot down your bucket list. And oh, we didn’t even mention those cute shell-craft lessons at the Recreational Center!

6. Lonavala, for a quiet hideaway

A typical Indian metropolis is the stark contrast of Lonavala. When you’re tired of all the noises downtown, head straight to this hill town where you can find your own quiet hideaway that’s surrounded by dense forests, jaw dropping waterfalls, glistening lake, and stunning caves.

Top Things to Do in Lonavala:

Recommended Place to Stay in Lonavala:

Hilton Shillim Estate Resort and Spa, for a serene retreat on the hilltop

Since Lonavala is a quiet hideaway for couples trying to take a break from the hustles and bustles of the metropolis, we’re so glad we’ve found Hilton Shillim Estate Resort and Spa, the perfect place to stay for a quiet, serene and romantic after-wedding holiday. The villas maintain a consistent pattern of elegant minimalism characterized by a neutral palette with wood accents from the interiors to the exteriors—providing a totally refreshing and relaxing ambiance for honeymooners.

The resort offers a wide range of activities including mountain biking, as well as pottery and cooking classes. To complete your relaxation, choose among over 150 spa treatments after a day of being out and about.

7. Jaisalmer, for a honeymoon as romantic as Jasmine and Aladdin’s love story

No other place in the country would evoke the vibe and charm of Arabian Nights under desert skies better than Jaisalmer. Every corner of the city is reminiscent of one of our favorite Disney couples, Jasmine and Aladdin, as well as their adventures and romance. Regarded as the ‘golden city of India’, the love affair between the vast sand dunes and the massive sandcastles uniting as one is blessed with breathtaking warmth of diffused sunset rays.

While a magic carpet is non-existent right from the get-go, exploring the best of what Jaisalmer has to offer whether by joining camel and jeep safaris or touristy strolls, the adventure is just as exciting as you imagine a carpet ride is. And oh! You might just take home a literal carpet decorated with vibrant embroidery when you shop around for souvenirs.

Top Things to Do in Jaisalmer:

Recommended Place to Stay in Jaisalmer:

Suryagarh Jaisalmer, for a grand ancient castle

With its earth-toned exteriors, grandiose architecture and wide vibrant courtyards, you’d easily feel like you’re having a trip down memory lane inside a huge ancient castle. While it exudes an ancient vibe from corner to corner, it’s not a place that’s been deprived of modernization. The amenities you’ll find inside are a stark contrast of what you regard as old-fashioned and out-of-date. The hotel features topnotch amenities that reflect classic elegance, all which were designed to treat honeymooners like king and queen.

8. Leh Ladakh, for a mountain-framed old town

For landscape photographers, Leh Ladakh is paradise. Its composition-friendly landscape takes pride on its natural mountain frames that can also serve as a flawless backdrop, should you decide to take countless couple selfies. But that’s not all. It is also home to scenic emerald and turquoise lakes and rivers, cold deserts and stunning glaciers.

Top Things to Do in Leh Ladakh:

Recommended Place to Stay in Leh Ladakh:

The Grand Dragon Ladakh, for a cozy place overlooking the Cold Desert

Its interiors patterned in red and gold accents evoke a luxurious vibe and warm and cozy feelings. Take a peek outside the windows and you’ll realize you’ve been given a generous amount of beauty—from the snow-clad mountain peaks to the vast Cold Desert, it’s a feast for your eyes. Upon request, honeymooners may choose to watch cultural shows and even have evening bonfires. How cool is that!

9. Munnar, for serene tea-swaddled hills

Munnar is by far one of the largest tea-growing regions in the world. And yes, what you’re trying to imagine right now is accurate—the rolling hills blanketed by emerald tea plantations are a relaxing, peaceful sight that can make all the stress and exhaustion melt away. Couple it with some of the best tea brews you can sip up to the last drop, and you’ll realize, it’s a place you’d be coming to when you need to reset and rejuvenate.

Top Things to Do in Munnar:

Recommended Place to Stay in Munnar:

Amber Dale Luxury Hotel and Spa, Munnar, for an idyllic retreat nestled amongst misty rolling hills

Sitting on a mountainside, the Amber Dale Luxury Hotel and Spa provides excellent views of the surrounding valleys and tea plantations. You cannot ignore the mist-covered peaks you can watch from your room’s floor-to-ceiling windows, compelling you to spend as much time as you want in a relaxing warm bubble bath.

10. Hampi, for an archaic home of rocks and ruins

Each year, the archaic city of Hampi captivates the interest of travelers who wish to unravel the secrets behind its giant boulders and ruins. Thus, a honeymoon in Hampi would ideally be a fun-filled historical and cultural tour, a time travel that takes you to the inside stories of its ancient days.

While it’s been regarded as the unearthly landscape of rocks and ruins, the city is not desolate. Tourists hang out on a string of shops and restaurants boasting some great buys and good eats. The mountains, hills, and lakes deserve some close investigation, too.

Top Things to Do in Hampi:

Recommended Place to Stay in Hampi:

Evolve Back Hampi, for its ancient architectural splendor

Inspired by the unique architectural brilliance of the Vijayanagara Empire, the Evolve Back Hampi takes honeymooners to a seemingly different world of ancient elegance and luxury with its grandiose, spacious rooms, and aesthetically appealing hallways.

What did you think of our Top Most Exotic India Honeymoon Destinations? Comment below on which place you’d like to visit! If you enjoyed the article, please do share it with your family and friends. Also do not miss out on our other destination guides below!