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Top 10 Popular Wedding Caterers in Singapore

Food is one of the most important factors that your guests will look up to during your big day. So here at TWV, we’re going to help you find the most recommended caterers who are trusted to ensure that your guests will have a mouthful of joy during your wedding reception.

These caterers are highly skilled and experienced in ensuring that both taste and presentation are of the highest quality. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and we all know how important it is to have the right caterer for your day. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Popular Wedding Caterers in Singapore.

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Top 10 Popular Wedding Caterers in Singapore

10. Fine Palate

Fine Palate_3 (1200x800)
Photo Credits: Fine Palate

Fine Palate’s core is a wrap of fresh cooking styles and bold taste. As purveyors of the best gourmet catering experience in town, couples can enjoy a unique selection of canapes and delicious buffet offerings such as Crispy polenta, Salmon en Croute and Roasted Black Angus rib-eye with creamed horseradish.

From the venue, flowers, entertainment, and lighting, Fine Palate can give you a truly unique and personal culinary experience. If you want a smooth BIG day, go and check out their website.

Fine Palate_logo
51 Waterloo Street,#01-04/05
[email protected]
+65 6463 1671
Facebook  | Instagram

9. Rasel

rasel 1 (1200 x 800)
Photo Credits: Rasel

Rasel promises a stress-free buffet that will make any dream event a reality. Using only the freshest and the finest ingredients, couples are guaranteed to have positive remarks on their wedding day. You can choose from their romantic packages such as Blissful Love Wedding Affair, Lovey-Dovey Wedding Affair, and Eternal Love Wedding Affair for around $22.00 to $42.00.

If you want to explore their specialty corner, hurry up and email them.

253 Pandan Loop Singapore 128432
[email protected]
+65 6777 7183

8. Four Seasons Catering

If you and your partner enjoy generous servings, then Four Seasons is the best caterer for you. You can surely pick the best from their long list of Local, Asian, Western, Indian or even Fusion cuisines.

Delectable to both eyes and appetite, you can give Four Seasons a call and experience an impeccable and elegant service.

Four Seasons Catering Pte Ltd
171 Kampong Ampat #05-05 KA Foodlink Singapore 368330
+65 6383 3003

7. Belly Good By Tunglok

bellyGood_1 (1200x800)
Photo Credits: Belly Good By Tunglok

Belly Good by Tunglok is rated “Belly Very Good” by its customers. Not only does it satisfy your taste palette, it is also easy in your pocket. Belly Good also welcomes the idea of altering the menu so that our Muslim friends can enjoy Halal cuisines in their wedding day.

If you are planning to have a stylish buffet that fits your budget, you can call Belly Good’s well-trained staff and enjoy a feast.

26 Tai Seng Street #02-01 Singapore 534057
[email protected]
+65 6694 1717

6. Luxe Catering

Luxe 1 (1200x 800)
Photo Credits: Luxe Catering

If you are aiming to serve authentic French fare in your wedding, then you should count Luxe Catering in. Conveniently located at Admiralty Street, your taste buds will surely enjoy a divine dining adventure with their flambé live stations, Viennoiserie & Cold Cut Platters and many others.

If you are looking for a sensual dining experience with your guests, you can visit Luxe Catering and be pampered with unsurpassed quality – French style. Bon appetit!

8A, Admiralty Street #01-34, Singapore 757437
[email protected]
+65 6570 9353
Facebook Instagram

5. Silver Tray

silver tray (1200x800)
Photo Credits: Silver Tray

Silver Tray is a catering subsidiary of One Paradise launched in June 2014. Since its debut, Silver Tray has been rendering its services to both corporate and private clients. With their gourmet catering, Silver Tray will give you the same culinary and service standards One Paradise is known for.

8A Admiralty Street #02-26, [email protected] Singapore 757437
[email protected]
+65 6465 6565

4. Amici Events and Catering


Offering tantalizing food to you and your guests, Amici Events and Catering is handled by a team of culinary experts, and menus are crafted in-house to reflect the elegance and diversity of Eastern and Western cuisines. They can promise to give you a seamlessly tailored service to suit your event and create unforgettable memories. They can provide you an array of value-added services on top of simply catering food and drinks to create a memorable dining experience on your wedding event.

8A Admiralty Street #07-17 Singapore 757437
[email protected]
+65 6542 5679

3. Purple Sage

purple_sage_2 1200 x 800
Photo Credits: Purple Sage

Purple Sage’s well-executed dishes gratifies the guests’ appetite. They have impeccable presentations that exude elegance, and professional service delivered by a thoughtful host. Since their inception in 2002, Purple Sage has grown to become a leading boutique caterer that strives to offer a unique catering experience. Serving all corporate, home and wedding clients, they are committed to going the extra mile in customization of events to create unforgettable memories of a lifetime. You can also find them complementing the food and beverage with their in-house florist, Azalea, which adorns your private and corporate functions with creative fresh floral arrangements. They can also share their expertise with you and bring you new ideas to mark your wedding special.

Having won many awards, Purple Sage can assure you the best Wedding Catering service.

Purple Sage Group Pte Ltd 157 Pandan Loop Singapore 128355
[email protected]
+65 6396 6990

2. Orange Clove

Orange Clove_1 1200 x 800
Photo Credits: Orange Clove

Orange Clove focuses on providing cross-cultural style fusion between Asian and International dishes with creative interpretation. They promise to swoon your esteemed guests at your important day by making their menus look good. Transcending national boundaries and cultures, the humble Orange Clove has endeared itself globally – much like the internationally popular dishes that are have handpicked from their menus. The orange, a citrus fruit, is characterized by its freshness. This is also a quality that they want to be associated with, as they only use the freshest ingredients for their dishes. They want to be the most trusted professional catering brand that inspires customers’ experience. They are also committed to impressing with innovative cuisine, stylish presentation and a personal approach to service while setting the trends with fresh creativity.

Orange Clove_logo
Kaki Bukit Road 1, Enterprise One, #05-03/04, Singapore
[email protected]
+65 6515 0991

1. Lavish Dine Catering Pte Ltd

Lavish dine 1200 x 800
Photo Credits: Lavish Dine Catering Pte Ltd

Lavish Dine Catering is a full-service gourmet with over a decade of experience in catering Singapore’s most prestigious events. They provide thematic and menu conceptualization with exquisite execution. Using food as their canvas, they aspire to create edible work of art that will not only satisfy the most discerning of palates but can also dazzle your big event.

While they apply modern cooking techniques to classic food favorites, they can also take you and your guests on a gastronomic journey with their innovative interpretation of traditional Asian classics and eclectic presentation of nouvelle cuisine. Lavish Dine Catering can surely provide you everything you need to a catering service.

20 Bukit Batok Crescent #11-13 Enterprise Centre Singapore 658080
[email protected]
+65 6392 2688

Food is an important highlight in any event, so it is very important for couples to seek out the best caterer to satisfy their guests’ appetites. After all, this is a once in a lifetime occasion for true lovers.

Hope you find our Top 10 Popular Wedding Caterers in Singapore helpful to your wedding preparation.

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