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Top 8 Honeymoon Destinations in South Korea

In the recent years, it seems that South Korea has hijacked the world’s attention when they introduced their K-pop music, and all of a sudden, everyone, especially young ones, get grooving to its vigorous beat and rhythm. All of a sudden, too, everyone wants to achieve that signature Korean glass skin, a beauty trend that all started in the country itself. That’s no surprise—Koreans take their skincare seriously.

They also surprised us with their blockbuster, award-winning films that hit theaters in many parts of the world. And speaking of the film industry, they’ve also reeled us in with their heartwarming romantic TV series popularly called as K-drama. Those who have made binge-watching K-dramas a habit surely dream of traveling to South Korea with the love of their life someday. And if that sounds like you, South Korea is your honeymoon destination.

But that’s not all because of pop culture. South Korea has a wealth of romantic destinations whether that’s in a rollicking city or a quiet countryside. You’ll also drool over their sumptuous local cuisines—from appetizer, to main course, to noodles, and desserts! In fact, their phenomenal food scene will compel you to come back in the future, perhaps, even right after your honeymoon.

1. Seoul, for a fusion of past and future

The moment you step on the streets of Seoul, you might wonder where you really are: Are you watching people traipsing the streets or a fashion runway? Heavily saturated with K-pop culture, there’s no doubt where youngsters got their fashion influence. But no matter how advanced the city is when it comes to fashion and technology, it left footprints of the past, leading you to traces of well-preserved collection of traditions, colorful history and culture.

Whether you’re out and about for shopping and food crawl in Myeongdong, pampering yourselves with notable Korean spa and skincare sessions, or going for some lessons about the rich history, culture and traditions of the country, there are a plethora of things to discover in Seoul.

Top Things to Do in Seoul:

Recommended Place to Stay in Seoul:

Lotte Hotel Seoul Executive Tower, for impressive city views

As stylish as the city that houses it, Lotte Hotel boasts spacious modern rooms that exude aesthetically appealing interiors. While the world outside is a rollicking, bustling city, inside Lotte Hotel is a cozy and relaxing retreat to unwind.

Conveniently located in Jung-Gu, you’ll have all the time in the world for shopping clothes and cosmetics you’ll happily bring home. And oh, it’s even close to Myeongdong, another popular area for shopping, entertainment and some mouthwatering street foods you definitely need to try.

2. Busan, for a combination of urban jungle and seascape

In the recent years, the history of Korean film industry might have created an eerie impression about Busan, but we all know that’s nothing but fiction. And if you indeed take a ‘train to Busan’, the port city will welcome you with its rushing urban energy, relaxing beach waves, rugged mountain trails, rejuvenating hot springs, and a banquet of fresh seafood!

Never mind its overwhelming amount of energy or choices of things to do and discover, it’s great to take it slow, and savor each wonderful surprise Busan has to offer.

Top Things to Do in Busan:

Recommended Place to Stay in Busan:

Paradise Hotel Busan, for a lavish beachfront retreat

Think of those laid-back sunsets when you’re with your significant other marveling at the beauty of the seascape in front of you. That’s exactly what late afternoons are in Paradise Hotel, especially when you book a room with a nice balcony overlooking the sea. Wind down for the night as you take a dip in a relaxing aroma bath salts or the outdoor hot spring.

3. Jeju, for an adventurous island life

Ask any local where they’d go for holiday and he’s going to tell you without hesitation that he’ll fly straight to Jeju. The island has so much astounding beauty that it’s not only popular among locals but foreign tourists as well. Its romantic vibe that reminds us of the most heartwarming, giggle-inducing, tearjerking Korean dramas, makes it an ideal honeymoon destination in South Korea.

Its rich collection of mountains and beaches calls for non-stop outdoor adventures. Hike up South Korea’s tallest mountain peak or dive deep into the ocean to get up close to its vibrant marine life—the choice is yours! Meet some amazing strong women in the island who make a living diving for fresh seafood. Buy some fresh catch from them and satisfy your seafood cravings on a beachfront dinner.

Top Things to Do in Jeju:

Recommended Place to Stay in Jeju:

The Shilla Jeju, for a romantic escape

Lounge by the pool while enjoying some drinks and snacks. Go for a walk at the famous Jungmun Beach. Watch the stunning view of Mount Halla from afar. Treat yourselves with the sumptuous Korean delicacies and unique Jeju dishes at the Cheonjee Restaurant.

As long as you enjoy each other’s company and make the most of your after-wedding holiday in Jeju, the choice is up to you. The strategic location, world-class service and modern, luxurious amenities of The Shilla Jeju make these awesome things possible.

4. Gyeonggi-do, for couples who are young at heart

Gyeonggi-do which means the ‘province surrounding Seoul’, may easily exude that feeling that it’s just an extension of the capital city. After all, it also topnotches in the number of population among all the provinces in the country. But wait until you get there. You’ll find that Gyeonggi-do has some unique character and charm for itself, too. For one thing, it’s the capital of theme parks in South Korea. And you’ve guessed it right—it’s home to the famous Everland.

A treasure trail of interesting history is within reach. From here, you can hop on a bus along with your tour group, and you’ll be taken to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) or learn about the period of the Joseon Dynasty as you visit the Korean Folk Village.

Top Things to Do in Gyeonggi-do:

Recommended Place to Stay in Gyeonggi-do:

Sono Calm Goyang, for idyllic elegance

In Gyeonggi-do where there’s so much adrenaline-pumping activities, a honeymoon hotel where you can rest and recharge at the end of the day is always essential. Sono Calm, as its name suggests, provides an idyllic stay, with its sauna facilities, huge outdoor pool overlooking lovely city views, elegantly furnished rooms and fantastic restaurants serving a fusion of Italian, French and traditional Chinese cuisines.

5. Gangwon-do, for scenic natural parks and landscapes

Gangwon-do is the living proof that South Korea isn’t all about K-pop and tech-forward cities. Here, there is so much natural beauty to feast your eyes on. Lie on the fallen autumn leaves under the maple and pine trees flanking the roads on Nami Island or take the loveliest honeymoon photos with the cherry blossoms in full bloom on the background.

Top Things to Do in Gangwon-do:

Recommended Place to Stay in Gangwon-do:

Lotte Resort Sokcho, for calming ocean view

Sokcho is one of the cities comprising the province of Gangwon-do. Tourists flock here because of its proximity to Seoraksan National Park. Being the gateway to this must-see destination, it’s lovely to find a luxurious resort overlooking the Sokcho Beach. Lotte Resort’s outdoor infinity pool provides the best view of the sea. And so, taking a dip and relaxing by the pool is a truly calming experience. Also, the sunset is such a spectacular sight to behold.

6. Jeollabuk-do, for the city of gastronomy

South Korea as a whole is a country known for its phenomenal cuisine. If you’re both certified foodies, you should definitely fly to Korea. But where exactly in the country would you get the heartiest, gastronomically addicting Korean dishes? The small south-western town of Jeollabuk-do is home to what has been tagged as the ‘city of gastronomy’, and that’s none other than its capital, Jeonju.

The secret behind the city’s phenomenal dishes lies in the freshest ingredients—thanks to Jeollabuk-do’s fertile agriculture landscape.

Aside from the incredible food scene, Jeonju is also known for its hanok village that houses hundreds of traditional tile-roofed Korean buildings. It’s definitely a must-visit postcard-perfect spot in the city.

If you’re visiting in the winter, there are some great ski locations in the province, too.

Top Things to Do in Jeollabuk-do:

  • See the must-visit Jeonju Hanok Village
  • Take cool photos at the Jaman Mural Village
  • Indulge yourselves with Jeonju’s phenomenal bibimbap
  • Take a walk at the Wansan Park
  • Go on a food crawl to taste authentic Korean dishes at the Nambu Market

Recommended Place to Stay in Jeollabuk-do:

N Bridge Hotel, for modern minimalist vibe

Only 500 meters away from the popular Jeonju Hanok Village, the N Bridge Hotel is surely the winner when it comes to ideal hotel location. But that’s not all. The sleek, modern minimalist interiors provide excellent tranquility and relaxation. You can also look forward to hearty breakfasts served in the coffeeshop right at the hotel’s lobby.

7. Chungcheongnam-do, for its best secrets of nature

It may not be the first thing that would come to mind when travelers think of visiting South Korea, but there’s something wrong written all over it. And that’s also exactly the reason why the best secrets of its stunning nature are silently waiting for you to unravel. What you’ll love about Chungcheongnam-do is while it has an abundance of quaint countryside appeal, it’s within easy, convenient access from the bustling city of Seoul.

Top Things to Do in Chungcheongnam-do:

  • Bask in the sun while you spend a day or more at the gorgeous Daecheon Beach
  • Go on a ferry ride to visit surrounding islands
  • Explore the beaches and take the thrilling hiking trails at the Taeanhaean National Marine Park
  • Go surfing at Mallipo Beach
  • See some old fortresses in the small towns of Gongju and Buyeo

Recommended Place to Stay in Chungcheongnam-do:

Hotel T Point, for modern hanok interiors

Hotel T Point’s clean spacious, airy rooms with wood accents bear a resemblance to a traditional Korean home called hanok. And so, for honeymooners who want to check off a list of authentic Korean experiences, this hotel is the top choice.

8. Jeollanam-do, for its off-the-beaten-track feel

Jeollanam-do has been regarded as one of Korea’s provinces with the most abundant greenery. That’s pretty evident with its rolling hills, vast green tea plantations, and undeveloped islands. Honeymooners looking for a quieter side of Korea deserve to be here.

But while that’s the general vibe of the province, Gwangju, its largest city strikes some balance between the rural and urban atmosphere. Here, you’ll get a chance to immerse yourselves in its flourishing art scene. It’s perfect for couples who appreciate art!

Top Things to Do in Jeollanam-do:

  • Go island hopping
  • Sample fresh green tea from the local fields of Boseong
  • Visit Suncheon Bay, the Ecological Capital of Korea
  • Hike up a paradise of national parks
  • Go beach camping, surfing and endless swimming

Recommended Place to Stay in Jeollanam-do:

Venezia Hotel and Resort, for romantic sea view

Yeosu is a city in Jeollanam-do which is home to beautiful islands, cliffs and peninsulas. It’s also where one can find the notable Venezia Hotel and Resort that features elegant rooms with romantic ocean views. Though the province of Jeollanam-do has already so much to offer when it comes to fun activities, the hotel itself doesn’t run short of entertainment options, making your honeymoon a collection of unforgettable thrills and experiences.


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