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Top 8 Must-Visit Honeymoon Destinations in Taiwan

A small country as it may look like, but don’t underestimate its generosity. First, the fantastic, gastronomically addicting, and sometimes, somewhat ridiculous, and challenging local cuisines are a feast for the palate. And oh, they’re always the right way to begin and end your adventures in Taiwan. Second, the countless, diverse things to do and places to go in the outdoors—from spending a day at the beach, on the mountains, at the renowned historical sites, or even in the skies, would reward you a sensory overload of experiences. Third, you’ll have a hundred and more lessons to learn and bring home about their history, culture, traditions, and values. Ultimately, you’ll fall in love with the people. If there’s something that’s truly unforgettable, it is their generosity of their time and effort—their willingness to offer help, sometimes, without you having to ask and their kind attitude towards visiting tourists that motivates them to let you experience the best of what Taiwan has to offer. Newlywed couples shouldn’t take our word for it—they must come and see and experience all of these themselves in these top eight honeymoon destinations in Taiwan.

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Table of contents:

Where to Stay in Taiwan
  1. Taipei
  2. Tainan
  3. Penghu
  4. Kaohsiung
  5. Hualien
  6. Kenting
  7. Yilan
  8. Chiayi
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Best Places to Stay in Taiwan

1. Taipei

places to visit taiwan Taipei

As you traipse the streets of Taipei, you’ll be greeted by the aroma of Chinese herbs infused in the Taiwanese dishes served at the local restaurants. And that’s the hallmark that makes one say, “Hmm, I’m really in Taiwan.” But that’s just a prelude that gives you a sneak-peek into a typical Taiwanese menu.

Start off your day having a hearty breakfast in one of the cafes in the city. Recharge with a mouthwatering lunch of dim sums that’s never complete without the meaty, juicy goodness of xiao long bao. Add to it the giant chicken cutlet that’s the size of your face! Opt for the phenomenal Taiwanese pineapple cakes for the dessert. By mid-afternoon, sip a tall glass of bubble tea for a grab-and-go snack. Then, after a day of strolling Taipei’s touristy trails, slurp a big bowl of comforting beef noodle soup.

Go for a walk at the Shillin Night Market, and after an hour or so, you’ll feel like you need to recharge with food again, especially, with the smell of those aromatic barbecue beef cubes and grilled squid enveloping the air! And oh, before we forget, try the best-selling mango shaved ice for dessert!

But hey, while Taipei does have a fantastic food scene, well the rest of Taiwan does, food crawl is not the only thing you can do around the city and its surrounding towns.

Top Things to Do in Taipei:

Recommended Place to Stay in Taipei:

Mandarin Oriental Taipei, for a quiet hideaway tucked in the bustling metropolis

Mandarin Oriental Taipei

The moment you step on the streets of Taipei, you’ll constantly see a swarm of people, scooters, cars and buses. As the sun gradually sets and the dark takes over, neon signs and city lights illuminate the thoroughfares. The cacophony of honking and zooming vehicles that seem to move in a quick, yet well synchronized order is the sound that keeps the city awake.

In such a bustling metropolis, it’s always a comforting idea to stay in a quiet oasis-like hideaway in the middle of it all. Mandarin Oriental Taipei offers you just that. Lounge by the outdoor pool in the afternoon or rejuvenate in the hotel’s communal sauna and you’ll surely gain that perfect relaxation you’re seeking.

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2. Tainan

places to visit taiwan Tainan

If it’s a historical trail you’re looking for in Taiwan, you won’t get it somewhere else in the country better than in Tainan. It’s no-brainer—it’s the oldest city in the country. It’s just amazing that despite the advancements in technology around the country, traditional culture is well-preserved in Tainan, offering honeymooners tons of lessons to learn about history, art, and culture.

Top Things to Do in Tainan:

Recommended Place to Stay in Tainan:

Silks Place Tainan, for luxurious modern comfort in the oldest city

Silks Place Tainan

While Tainan is the country’s oldest city, it’s never outdated. You’ll be surprised at the modern elegance of the towering hotels in the city, one of which, is the Silks Place Tainan. The dimly lighted rooms in the Silks Place Tainan that have stylish interiors complete with modern amenities exude and provide luxurious comfort—a perfect honeymoon hotel one can wish for.

You’ll also love that some of the popular landmarks in the city, as well as public transportation pick-up and drop off points are highly accessible from the hotel.

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3. Penghu

places to vist taiwan Penghu

No negotiation needed, couples who love everything about the ocean should head straight to Penghu Islands in the warm and soothing summer months. But if it is kite surfing that you’re excited about, come here in the winter or spring months, and there’s indeed some mind-blowing amount of wind that will give you those toss-and-turn moments from one ocean wave to another.

You’ll be delighted in the abundance of the vibrant marine life in this archipelago. Of course, that calls for snorkeling and scuba diving sessions. Be sure to go island-hopping, too, and indulge yourselves with fresh seafood.

Top Things to Do in Penghu:

Recommended Place to Stay in Penghu:

Discovery Hotel, for calming sea view

Discovery Hotel

The archipelago of Penghu is comprised by 90 islands and islets. Magong is the largest city that is also located on the largest island of the archipelago. It’s always the place you can start to explore among all the islands in Penghu. Good thing, Discovery Hotel, a five-star hotel is set in a great location that makes your journey on the island of Magong and the rest of the archipelago, an easy and convenient one.

Choose a room with a spacious balcony that gives you the best sea view that never fails to provide a calming and relaxing vibe.

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4. Kaohsiung

places to vist taiwan Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is the country’s largest port and the second-largest city with wide streets, interesting cultural spots, and bright, relaxing cafes everywhere. But if there’s one thing that will no doubt remind you of Kaohsiung, it is its jazzy music. You can hop from one jazz bar to another and spend the night for some sweet relaxation.

Top Things to Do in Kaohsiung:

Recommended Place to Stay in Kaohsiung:

Silks Club, for simple sophistication

Silks Club

Rooms featuring a neutral palette all throughout with a subtle pop of accent colors here and there are what you’ll instantly notice at Silks Club. But the simplicity and minimalism of the interiors actually prove that less is more. In fact, the rooms exude a vibe of simple sophistication.

The stylish suites and rooms aren’t the only best features of the hotel. Honeymooners will have enjoyable time at other facilities, too, including the rooftop infinity pool. The on-site restaurant promises a unique dining experience as well.

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5. Hualien


This eastern Taiwan’s second largest city is home to some stunning sceneries. And so, Hualien is considered one of the best places in the country to visit for nature lovers. There is a plethora of nature activities to enjoy including river rafting, whale-watching, hiking and even paragliding. Here, couples will have all the time in the world to admire Taiwan’s magnificent views.

Top Things to Do in Hualien:

Recommended Place to Stay in Hualien:

Silks Place Taroko Hotel, for a romantic retreat nestled in the midst Taroko National Park

Silks Place Taroko Hotel

Visiting Hualien is never complete without a trip to the main event—the scenic Taroko National Park. But what if we tell you, you can actually stay right in the midst of this dreamlike beauty? At Silks Place Taroko Hotel, that’s possible! This luxurious hotel is a romantic retreat that’s tucked in the midst of Taroko National Park. Thus, you’ll be rewarded with uninterrupted views of lush greenery and jaw-dropping mountain views, especially when you’re relaxing by the outdoor pool.

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6. Kenting


Ang Lee’s blockbuster film Life of Pi has drawn flocks of tourists to Kenting, the place where various filming locations were chosen for the movie. It’s not hard to see why. The Kenting National Park blanketing the entire southern tip of the country is a blended world of scenic beaches and forests.

And even before blockbuster films were shot here, Kenting has been always a popular destination for endless swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and hiking. The exhilarating activities you’ll find here are endless. Add to it the fact that you’re encountering a jaw-dropping scenery up close. Definitely, Kenting is a must-see for honeymooners.

Top Things to Do in Kenting:

Recommended Place to Stay in Kenting:

Caesar Park Hotel Kenting, for a tranquil beachfront retreat

Caesar Park Hotel Kenting

Set in an idyllic private beach, the Caesar Park Hotel Kenting provides a great opportunity for newlywed couples to really connect with each other. You can bask in the sun all day, trying out every fun beach activity that’s offered by the hotel. At sunset, have some refreshing drinks at the Hsiaowan Beach Bar. Also, why not have a romantic dinner by the beach?

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7. Yilan

places to visit taiwan Yilan

Just a 30-minute train ride away from Taipei, lies the beautiful Yilan, a stark contrast to the bustling neon-lit streets of the urban zone. Yilan boasts a wealth of nature spots, one of which is the famous Taipingshan National Forest. After a day of fun being out and about, there are plenty of hot springs where honeymooners can relax, rejuvenate and spend some extra quality time with each other.

Top Things to Do in Yilan:

Recommended Place to Stay in Yilan:

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi, for Asian-inspired elegance

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

While the Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi features Western-style interiors in some suites, Japanese influences are well-reflected in several rooms, too. Touches of traditional Japanese interiors reveal Asian-inspired elegance and comfort—airy, minimalist, and relaxing.

Set in Yilan, home to a collection of comforting hot springs, the hotel itself won’t get left behind. It takes pride in its open-air hot spring pools. Also, there’s an additional heated outdoor pool that couples will surely enjoy.

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8. Chiayi

places to vist taiwan Chiayi

Chiayi is a convenient introduction and gateway to a breathtaking nature you’ll behold. It’s not part of the main event, which is the Alishan National Scenic Area, but it is the path that takes you there. Besides, Chiayi itself has some interesting spots to check out. You can stay in Chiayi as your base location, then, explore the Alishan National Scenic Area all you want, as well as the surrounding interesting spots to discover.

Top Things to Do in Chiayi:

  • Book the two-day Alishan National Scenic Area Tour
  • Have a stroll around Hinoki Village
  • Walk across Chiayi Taiping suspension bridge and explore an emerald tea garden on a trail to Erijan Mountain
  • Unwind as you watch the relaxing views surrounding you at Lantan Lake Scenic Area
  • Take postcard-perfect photographs at the Song of the Forest

Recommended Place to Stay in Chiayi:

Evergreen Palace Hotel Chiayi, for a cozy home-away-from-home

Evergreen Palace Hotel Chiayi

Evergreen Palace Hotel takes its design inspiration from the lovely natural landscape of Chiayi itself. Thus, lots of green and wooden elements are a continuous pattern from inside out of the structure. There is plenty of lush open space where one can take a walk and unwind. On top of that, you’ll be pampered in a room that’s simple, sleek, and cozy. From breakfast to dinner, you can indulge yourselves with flavorsome international dishes served at the on-site restaurant.

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What did you think of our Top Most Interesting Taiwan Honeymoon Destinations? Comment below on which place you’d like to visit! If you enjoyed the article, please do share it with your family and friends. Also do not miss out on our other destination guides below!

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