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    Top 8 Must-Visit Honeymoon Destinations in Taiwan

    A small country as it may look like, but don’t underestimate its generosity. First, the fantastic, gastronomically addicting, and sometimes, somewhat ridiculous, and challenging local cuisines are a feast for the palate. And oh, they’re always the right way to begin and end your adventures in Taiwan. Second, the countless, diverse things to do and places to go in the outdoors—from spending a day at the beach, on the mountains, at the renowned historical sites, or even in the skies, would reward you a sensory overload of experiences. Third, you’ll have a hundred and more lessons to learn and bring home about their history, culture, traditions, and values. Ultimately, you’ll…

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    Where to Stay in Taipei + 6 Best Taipei Hotels (2022 Guide)

    When it comes to travel destinations in Asia, Taiwan has slowly been gaining popularity for its delicious local cuisine, budget-friendly activities and a wide variety of beautiful places to see. After personally exploring both the city and outskirts of Taiwan, I can see why this tiny island is being visited by big crowds. For those going to Taiwan for the first time, a visit to Taipei is a must! It has the modern energy of a city capital while still proudly showing off its rich history and scenic landscape. Whether your itinerary includes a full day of shopping or relaxing nature trails, Taipei has got it all in close proximity.…