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Top 10 Most Romantic Taiwan Hotels for your Honeymoon

Taiwan has its world-class tourist spots that honeymooners shouldn’t miss. Taiwan is one of the best destinations that newlywed couples must visit. Grab the chance to experience the glimpse of Taiwan. Here are the Top 10 Most Romantic Taiwan Hotels that the TWV has listed to help you prepare and choose the right one for your upcoming honeymoon.

Top 10 Most Romantic Taiwan Hotels for your Honeymoon

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10. Grand View Resort Beitou, for a romantic and historic experience

Photo via booking
Photo via Best Taipei Hotels

Grand view Resort Beitou is one of the most romantic and essential hotels of all for almost 40 years. They have hot spring and historic flair where you can mostly feel the glimpse of its romance. The hotel is constructed in an artistic way and a spacious relaxing space. The hotel has its gym where you can spend your time if you suddenly felt like bloated because of the fresh and delicious food that the restaurant offers. They also offer pools where you can spend your time as well.

Grand view Resort Beitou
No. 30, Youya Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112

+886-2-2898-8888 | +886-2-2898-8088

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9. Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake, for a relaxing hot spring moments

Photo via Hotels
taiwanhotels-fleurdechine-World Luxury Hotel Awards
Photo via World Luxury Hotel Awards

Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake is located at Zhongzheng Road, Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake is well known for its first-ever natural hot spring. They call it “The hot spring of beauty” because the hot spring is drinkable, odorless, colorless and good for the health. The hotel offers facilities that will make your stay memorable and comfortable. They have the gym where you can sweat it all out.   Salon and spa are also there for your wellness. The noble hill where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sun Moon Lake from a distance.

Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake
No. 23, Zhongzheng Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 55546
+886 4 9285 6788
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8. W Taipei, for a world class hotel

taiwanhotels-wtaipei-W Taipei
Photo via W Taipei
taiwanhotels-wtaipei-Sweet Home Inspiration
Photo via Sweet Home Inspiration

W Taipei has its world class type of hotel. It is one of the best in Taipei which is really worth to stay. If you’re a type of couple that enjoys a highly stylish and creative environment, well I suggest that this hotel is the best for both of you.  W Taipei has its best amenities. Modern and full facilities that will surely satisfy your fantasy.

W Taipei
10 Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 5, Xinyi District · Taipei, 110 · Taiwan  · Central
0080.165.1620 | +886 2 7703 8888 | +886 2 7703 8899
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7. Mandarin Oriental Taipei, for a luxurious hotel

Photo via Hotels
taiwanhotels-mandarin-The Shutterwhale
Photo via The Shutter Whale

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of the best hotels in Taipei that will surely make you fall in love because of its beautiful European-style architecture. When you enter into its front door, you will notice its big elegant chandelier that adds a classy touch of the hotel.The hotel offers a type of room wherein the curtains can be automatically open, lights faded in on its own and it’s real wow because I know you can sense that it seems like there’s a little magic inside of it.  Many others perks are offered ahead and it will truly make your stay worth it.  If you felt like wanting to go for Taipei attractions, via train access is suggested.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel
No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10548

+886 2 2715 6888

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6. Silks Place Taroko, for a modern Chinese-style hotel

Photo via Hotels
Photo via Silks Place

Silks Place Taroko is the only 5-star hotel in Taipei. it offers an elegant and sophisticated type of hotel. Silks place Toronto is located at Hualien County which is near in Taroko National Park. The hotel offers its finest and exclusive services that will surely meet up the guest’s expectation, satisfaction, and loyalty. The Wellesley restaurant offers a buffet. It has indoor and outdoor dining as well serving international cooking techniques that will satisfy your cravings.

Silks Place Taroko
No.18 Tian Hsyang Road, Shiou Lin Village, Hualien County
+86-3-869-1155 |+886-3-869-1160
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5. Hotel Proverbs Taipei, for an industrial and minimalist feel

Photos via Hotels


Photo via Hotels

Hotel Proverbs is one of the best 5-star hotels in Taipei. It has the awesome location which is located in the Da’an area. The Hotel Proverbs has its own element of surprise.  The hotel was decorated by architect Ray Chen. The atmosphere of feeling like want to look for more or longer can be experienced because of the external design.
They offer great amenities that you will surely enjoy. They have its bar where you can be able to spend your spare time having a sip of unique cocktails.

Hotel Proverbs
No. 56, Section 1, Da’an Road, Da’an District Taipei, 10691 Taiwan

(886)(2) 2711 1118 | (866)(2) 2711 1117

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4. Gloria Manor, Kenting National Park Taiwan, for a relaxing getaway

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Photos via Luxatic

Gloria Manor Kenting it is a 4-star hotel and one of the best place to travel in Taiwan. It is located near the Kenting National Park and White Sand Beach which is just 20 minutes drive only.  Mountain view and fresh surrounding can be enjoyed nearby as well. Gloria Manor offers fully-furnished amenities. All rooms are designed as elegant. The hotel is always making it sure that the guests are always comfortable. They provide fitness classes for the guests. For those who feels like wanting to go out and search the region, they’re providing shuttles for it. 

Gloria Manor Kenting
No.101, Gongyuan Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung 946, Taiwan
+886 8 886 3666 | +886 8 886 1616
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3. Villa 32 Taipei, for a great hot spring bath

taiwanhotels-villa 32-Amanyara Villas

Photo via Amanyara Villa

Photo via Home Away

Villa 32 Taipei is one of the perfect places for the couples who wants to enjoy more with hot springs, hot pools, cold plunges steam and sauna. Guests for sure will have a total relaxation that they’re looking for.
The villa is located towards the Zhongshan road, hidden place at Beitou.
They offer the European-style room. The rooms are nice and spacious which guarantee your satisfaction. They have great amenities that will surely suit your taste.

Villa 32 Taipei
No. 32, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112
+886 2 6611 8888

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2. Hotel Royal Chiao HSI Yil County, for an idyllic retreat 

Photo via Booking

taiwanhotels-hotelroyal-Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Photo via Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Hotel Royal Chiao HSI Yilan is one of the best hotels in Taiwan which has their unique qualities when it comes to the spa. Feel free to pamper up.  It has four natural hot spring pools and therapies that can give you a complete relaxation. Guests can also enjoy the infinity pool and the herbal pool. The Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi bedrooms are designed as Japanese and minimalist-style. The gourmet restaurant serves an international cuisine. They’re letting the guests watch them preparing the food that they’re craving for. For sure you’ll be having a great time staying in this hotel

Hotel Royal Chiao HSI Yilan
No.69, Wufeng Rd., Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County 262, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
+886-3-988-6288 | +886-3-988-1511


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1. The Old England Manor, for the exotic taste of England

The Old England Manor
Photo via Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Photo via The Old England Manor

The Old England Manor is one of the perfect hotels to stay at Taiwan because of its own spirit of tourist spot on its own. The Taiwanese architect and of this hotel pursue traveling back and forth to make sure the appropriate materials for the construction of this hotel. The Old England Manor also offers the best of the amenities that the guests could wish for. Trust us that as soon as you step your foot inside, you will surely find how great this hotel is.

The Old England Manor
+44 203 308 9005

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Newlyweds deserve a romantic place to stay after your sweetest exchange of I do’s. Your adventure just started and we are glad to be part of the next memorable adventure that honeymooners must have. Those are the Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in Taiwan that honeymooners would surely enjoy to stay. Savor the romance. Get ready for a fairy tale like experience. Have a fantastic moment!

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