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19 Popular Places to get your Engagement Rings in Australia

Before you get the sweet “Yes.” in the proposal, you need to have an elegant yet sophisticated ring that the girl of your dreams will surely like.  The engagement ring symbolizes that your partner will marry you on the best day of your life.

For those who still don’t decide on what will be the perfect ring for your engagement, here are our 19 Popular Places to get your Engagement Rings in Australia will surely help you in picking the right one.

This article was first published on 3 October 2017 and last updated on 8 June 2020

19 Popular Places to get your Engagement Rings in Australia

1. Midas Jewellery, for unique engagement rings perfectly handcrafted with passion and artistic flair

midas jewellers

One of Australia’s leading jewellers with three luxury boutiques in Sydney, the legacy of Midas Jewellery started with a heartwarming story of a young man, Mr. Sait Altundag. With boundless love for his beautiful wife, he created his first masterpiece, a handcrafted silver belt meant as a gift on their wedding day. This marked the start of a well-received range of exquisitely designed and delicately handmade Telkari Jewellery. Fast forward to 2020, with international stores in Australia, Istanbul, and New York handled by his four sons who closely follow their father’s philosophy, Midas Jewellery is now renowned for excellent craftsmanship of exquisite, bespoke jewellery designs and exceptional customer service.

What we love about Midas Jewellery is its commitment to customer service and education. With comprehensive guides on diamond shapes and diamond education via the 4Cs, this helps consumers to make better informed decisions, and learn more about the engagement ring that they are purchasing. They even make browsing a breeze, allowing you to shop by style, sorting rings in gorgeous themes such as halo diamond, vintage inspired, three stone trilogy, classic solitaire, and more. If you are seeking a unique, one-of-a-kind design, simply share your creative concepts with their experienced jewellers who can transform your dream engagement ring into a reality.

Check out Midas Jewellery for your engagement rings >

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Midas Jewellery
Bondi Junction Westfield:
Level 4 – Shop 4029 Westfield, 480 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia | | (02) 9387 4340 | Facebook | Instagram
Miranda Westfield:
Level 2 – Shop 2074A Westfield Shoppingtown 600 Kingsway, Miranda NSW 2228 | | (02) 9524 6390 | Facebook | Instagram
Parramatta Westfield:
Shop 4031 Level 4 159 – 175 Church Street Westfield Parramatta, NSW 2150 | | (02) 9635 5001 | Facebook | Instagram
Website | YouTube

2. James Allen

james allen - engagement ring

One of the biggest, trustworthy ecommerce bridal jewellery shop for bespoke diamond rings

Founded in 2006, James Allen has pioneered the way consumers shop for fine jewelry online. Their mission – to offer the highest quality conflict-free diamonds and the largest selection. Hence, they have over 200,000 diamonds, certified by one of the top grading laboratories: GIA, AGS, and IGI. James Allen has become the largest privately held online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer in the world.

Customising your very own unique engagement or wedding ring

What we absolutely love about James Allen is that you get to design your own engagement rings three ways – either starting with the ring setting, or commencing with the diamond of your choice, or a fancy gemstone of your choice. I highly recommend browsing through their website even if it is simply for inspiration; it’s a really well-thought-out website for rings.

They also feature wedding rings, as well as fine jewellery for gifts. Moreover, be sure to check out their comprehensive education centre. There’s tons of information readily available (some of which I knew before I proposed!).

Excellent customer service with 100% money back guarantee

What’s great about James Allen is that they have one of the best customer service standards for jewellery companies. This definitely helps with the fact that you are purchasing a ring online – spending at least four figures just with a click of a button! James Allen features 24/7 customer servicelifetime warrantyfree shipping worldwide, and hassle-free returns with 100% money back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked. Coupled with their excellent reviews, we find them trustworthy and reliable.

All the best with your proposal folks!

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Check out James Allen for your engagement ring >
James Allen | +1-412-314-9060
Facebook | Instagram

3. Blue Nile

Blue Nile - best Rings

A global leader in handcrafted engagement rings and beautiful fine jewellery, the best thing about Blue Nile is their expert jewellers can help you create a one-in-a-million engagement ring as a unique way to show your love. Their highly skilled artisans only use GIA-certified and ethically sourced diamonds and other high-quality materials to ensure that you can truly achieve the ring of your dreams. And all these are at a great value, too! That being said, we are not surprised about Blue Nile has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of happy couples and over 2 million customers

What’s also great about Blue Nile is they also offer lab-grown diamonds if you are looking for a more affordable (yet still beautiful and sparkly!) engagement ring option. If you have more queries, Blue Nile’s experts are available 24/7 to help you out, thanks to their customer-first philosophy. You may even arrange for a fun and interactive virtual appointment to see your desired jewellery in more detail but in the comfort of your home. On top of everything else, Blue Nile combines high-quality craftsmanship with its industry-leading Diamond Certification, secure delivery, 30-day returns, and lifetime guarantees.

Blue Nile Holiday Sale:

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  • T&Cs Apply
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4. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth - Best Rings

When it comes to ethically sourced fine jewellery, Brilliant Earth is definitely the way to go. Though their showrooms are mostly in the US, you may schedule a virtual appointment with their jewellery experts, so you can enjoy a personalised consultation right in the comfort of your home. Once you discover the ring that you love, Brilliant Earth’s international shipping service is really reliable, with free FedEx shipping, free 30 Day returns and resizes for all UK orders. You may also ask them to help design a piece of custom jewellery just for you!

The best part about choosing Brilliant Earth is that they use 100% recycled precious metals and conflict-free mined diamonds in crafting their jewellery pieces, so you can wear them with peace of mind. And if you want to dazzle up your ring further, add some lab-created diamonds which come either coloured or colourless. Whether you want one with a vivid yellow or intense pink diamond, we are so sure that you’d find something you love!

Moreover, we like how the sustainability promise does not end in their products alone. From the iconic wooden boxes to the post-consumer recycled content for all the shipping packaging – Brilliant Earth is undeniably brilliant.

Check out Brilliant Earth > 

5. Affinity Diamonds, for elegant yet fair-priced rings

Photo via Affinity Diamonds

The Affinity Diamonds is based in Sydney, Australia. They are known in making sophisticated diamond jewelry around the country. You girl will surely love this diamond ring on your proposal day. They also have different wedding ring designs for both men and women. Affinity Diamonds can also schedule you for a personal consultation.

Address: 10/74 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: (02) 9221 0717
Facebook| Instagram

6. Larsen Jewellery, for astonishing designs

Photo via Larsen Jewellery

The Larsen Jewellery is a custom made and high-quality jewelry. They have the best team of craftsmen and award winning jewelers. Not only the diamonds, but they also offer different gemstones for engagement or even on wedding rings. The money you will spend is surely worth it.

The Strand Arcade Level 5 412 George Street Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: (2)9223 2006
Facebook | Instagram

7. Hardy Bros, for budget-friendly jewelry

Photo via Hardy Brothers

Hardy Bros is found in the year 1853 where their founder, Mr. John Hardy, go in Australia. It all started in a simple showroom in Hunter Street and it is still working for the past 80 years. With the success of the company, they now have a huge variety of different engagement rings and other jewelry. All of the diamonds they use is purely authentic.

Address: 60 Castlereagh Street Sydney
Contact: (02) 8262 3100
Facebook | Instagram

8. Fairfax & Roberts, for elegant diamond rings

Photo via Fairfax & Roberts

The Fairfax & Roberts promotes the best and amazing value of all of their jewelry. It started in the year 1858 where the Fairfax & Roberts designed the iconic tower timepiece that is still located in Sydney’s Central Station. All of the jewelry has its amazing quality, design, and craftsmanship. They also find the unique and finest gems that fit for the well-designed rings.

Address: 19 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: (02) 9232 8510
Facebook | Instagram

9. Cerrone, for a luxurious look

Photo via Cerrone

The Cerrone is the home of a lot of Australian jewelers.This company is run by the whole family. Their jewelers have reputation for giving their client the best design. All of their products focus on beauty, quality and the originality. Your future fiancé will surely like the high-quality of their jewelry and the main point of each ring in the gems in it.

Address: 77 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Contact: (02) 8246 9119
Facebook | Instagram

10. Canturi, for elegant and fine jewelry

Photo via Canturi jewels

Founded by a fine jewelry designer, Mr. Stefano Canturi. At the age of 17, he started his passion in making pieces of jewelries with a help of an Italian master. He’s creating different iconic jewelries for almost  30 years. Canturi gives an excellent taste of different engagement rings. Everyone will surely like it’s beautiful and modern design.

Address: 80 Castlereagh Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA
Contact: (02) 9246 2888
Facebook | Instagram

11. Armans Fine Jewellery, for elegant wedding rings

Photo via Armans Fine Jewellery

Every wedding couple wants to have an elegant and sophisticated diamond ring on their wedding day. The Armans Fine Jewellery will carve the diamonds to its finest and rarest colored diamonds. Also, when they are creating a diamond, they are following the 4C’s guidelines, Cut, Carat Weight, Color and the Clarity.

Address: Shop 10, St James Arcade, 80 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
Contact: (02) 9233 8633
Facebook | Instagram

12. Jan Logan, for a luxurious fine jewellery

Photo via Jan Logan

Found in the year 1989 by Ms. Jan Logan. Her jewellery is based in a design studio in Sydney. They are distributing different fashionable, chic and magnificent engagement rings. It can also match on whatever style that you have. All of the designs of Jan Logan is favorable by different Hollywood celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Abbie Cornish.

Address: 36 Cross St, Double Bay NSW 2028
Contact: 2 9363 2529
Facebook | Instagram

13. Bulgari, for passionate and authentic rings

Photo via Rakuten

Last 2014, Bulgari celebrates their 130 years. Bulgari is a well-known Italian Jewellery brand that is very popular all over the world. From the design and the elegance of the ring, you will know that is from Bulgari. Ladies will surely like it’s superb authentic design and quality of the ring. Even in Australia, Bulgari is also famous for giving the best wedding rings for every couple.

Address: 64-68 Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: (02) 9233 3611
Facebook | Instagram

14. Michel Hill, for authentic diamonds

Photo via Michael Hill

Michel Hill is a known jewelry shop what has a lot of branches around Australia, United States and in New Zealand. It is founded around the year 1979. All of the jewelry is created to have a well-defined and appealing design. Their products are is made by the leading designers and come from famous diamond suppliers. They also offer different type of jewelry like necklaces and watches.

Address: Broadway Shopping Centre Shop 109, 1 Bay St Broadway , NSW 2007

Contact: 07 3114 3500
Facebook | Instagram

15. GoldeNet Australia, for genuine diamond jewelry  

Photo via Glodenet Australia

GoldeNet Australia is now the most leading online retailer of the amazing and certified diamonds. They have a huge variety of different wedding rings that you will surely like. Even if they are an online retailer, they guarantee that they have the most genuine and authentic golds, silver, gemstones, and diamonds.

Address: 112A Martin St, Brighton, VIC, 3186, Australia
Contact: 1300 361 873
Facebook | Instagram

16. Bill Hicks, for an exceptional quality design

Photo via Bill Hicks

Bills Hick has an amazing design studio in the Sydney central business district. This brand is specializing in making engagement and wedding ring. They want to meet all the needs of their customers by giving them personalised service. The engagement rings they offer has an exceptional quality of designs and it will surely save your money.

Address: Building, 155 King Street Sydney, Australia
Contact: 1300 214 992
Facebook | Instagram

17. Anania, for Fancy Engagement Rings

Photo via Anania Jewellers

Anania Jewellers is providing every Australian a custom made and unique engagement rings. Started in the year 1965 were their founder, Orfeo Anania, brought these skills of making elegant jewels in Sydney. They can also provide different materials for the ring like 18-carat gold, platinum, and opals. Other services they offer are creating other timepieces.

Address: Level 1, 235 Clarence Street Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: (02) 9299 4251
Facebook | Instagram

18. Levendi, for alluring collections

Photo via Levendi

Founded in 1967, Levendi is a multi-awarded and family-owned business. The jewelers from this company are all experts in designing different pieces of jewelry. They can also provide the most flawless collection that will fit the desire of their client. Their websites are very appealing and well-managed

Address: 139 Elizabeth St Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: 2 9231 1088
Facebook | Instagram

19. Natalie Barney, for sophisticated designs

Photo via Natalie Barney

For almost 10 years of service, Natalie Barney has been sourced from different gems and jewellery from different parts of the world. The founder, Ms. Natalie Barney, has three main goals in distributing jewellery: to bring excitement, reflects on the occasion and it can blend up on your everyday style. All the jewelries here has its own style and elegance.

Address: PO Box 78 Neutral Bay Junction NSW 2089 Australia
Contact: (02) 9953 8624
Facebook | Instagram

I hope that our 19 Popular Places to get your Engagement Rings in Australia will help you find the best engagement ring. We are also wishing that you will get the awesome “Yes” from your partner.

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