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Experience Vibrant Filipino Culture at the Heart of Vivere Hotel

At the heart of it all lies Vivere Hotel. And by all, we mean everything you could possibly need for an unforgettable getaway in Manila. From its verdant surroundings to breathtaking cityscape vistas, spacious and tranquil hotel suites, impeccable world-class service, a warm and welcoming staff, delectable dining options, convenient proximity to premier shopping destinations, and an array of enticing amenities – Vivere Hotel embodies the essence of a true home away from home. In this article, we will share more reasons why you should consider Vivere Hotel if you are looking for your home away from home whilst in Manila. 

7 Reasons to Choose Vivere Hotel for Your Next Manila Getaway

1. Immerse yourself in a hotel that combines sustainability and Filipino artistry

Prepare to be enchanted by a stay at Vivere Hotel, where the artful fusion of sustainability and Filipino creativity takes centre stage. Tucked away amidst lush greenery and captivating landscapes, Vivere Hotel is not just a place to stay – they also want you to embrace sustainable living while in the heart of the city. They strive to minimise their ecological footprint as much as they can. 

Once you step inside, you will see the Filipino culture and artistry in every corner. From in-house furnishings meticulously crafted by a talented team of local artisans to the infusion of vibrantly woven fabrics sourced from the Weaver’s Paradise in the Cordillera region, Vivere Hotel seamlessly blends sustainability with Filipino artistry. Its lobby is especially perfect for some quick photo-ops!

Our TWV Fam at the heart of Vivere Hotel

2. Experience the Filipino hospitality

At Vivere Hotel, the essence of Filipino culture is not just limited to their furnishings and decor. It radiates through their exceptional staff, setting a standard of hospitality that is truly exceptional. The team at Vivere is more than just polite; they are incredibly warm, welcoming, and genuinely hospitable—a rarity even in renowned global hotels. They made our Manila visit a whole lot more special. A stay at Vivere Hotel means that you will experience the best of what Filipinos are known for – their warm smiles and hospitality. 

3. Revel in the most spacious and elegant hotel suites 

When it comes to accommodations, Vivere Hotel unveils a realm of unrivalled spaciousness and timeless elegance. Each room and hotel suite is an exquisite work of art, designed to radiate classic sophistication and comfort while drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, harmoniously marrying opulence with the essence of Filipino culture.

What’s also impressive is that Vivere Hotel offers 16 distinct guest room types, ensuring that every traveller’s preferences are catered to with finesse. Whether you find yourself on a business trip or a leisurely escape, Vivere Hotel’s rooms and suites are meticulously tailored to meet your every requirement, all while enveloping you in the warm embrace of genuine Filipino hospitality.

Getting cosy on our huge sofa 

If you are travelling with your family, we highly recommend their Two-Bedroom Suites, which will offer you incredible space and grant access to the finest city panoramas. During our stay, our hotel suite offered an awe-inspiring view of Laguna Lake and the meticulously manicured nearby fields. They were very relaxing to look at. 

Vivere Hotel’s Two Bedroom Suite boasts luxurious amenities, including a marble-clad bathroom, a well-stocked mini-bar, king-sized beds for ultimate comfort, a fully-equipped kitchenette, a mini dining area, and a huge living space. Our kids loved roaming around our spacious hotel suite, though if they ever get bored, there is also a Kid’s Club on the hotel’s 8th floor for you to check out. 

Stunning view from our hotel suite
Our little boy enjoying the best view

4. Start your morning overlooking the city

Breakfast at Vivere Hotel is honestly something we always get excited about, and it is not just because of the delicious food options – though those are fantastic! It is because breakfast is served on the top floor, a spot usually reserved for dinner, offering you a leisurely morning feast with some of the city’s most breathtaking views. Following your breakfast, you can further relax by lounging on the hotel’s rooftop pool, which is just a few steps away from the breakfast area. It is the perfect place to unwind and soak in some more of those incredible vistas.

5. Indulge in a romantic dinner at The Nest in The Sky

At night, the cosy breakfast area transforms into something incredibly romantic: The Nest in The Sky – perfect for date nights with your partner. Perched 31 floors above the ground, The Nest in The Sky unfolds before you with its awe-inspiring, panoramic views of the city skyline. Whether you prefer the outdoors under the starry sky or a snug corner indoors, this restaurant has you covered for an intimate dining experience.

For food, their culinary offerings boast a diverse range of international cuisine, ever-evolving under the guidance of their innovative R&D Team, with a particular focus on comfort food prepared to perfection. Complement your dining experience with meticulously hand-crafted cocktails – who could resist the allure of a perfectly blended sangria? 

6. Experience the taste of Japan at Shogun

Vivere Hotel is also home to Shogun, a Japanese Restaurant located on its first floor – a highly recommended dining choice by TWV. Known as Alabang, Manila’s best-kept secret, Shogun stands out for its artful precision and comforting warmth in every dish. They take you on a mouthwatering journey into the world of Japanese cuisine, offering authentic options like sushi and ramen.

7. Explore nearby attractions at Vivere Hotel

Explore some of Manila’s most popular destinations in the South via foot or with a convenient ride. Festival Mall, a sprawling shopping haven, is just a short walk away, offering a plethora of retail therapy and dining options. While other malls and shopping centres are easily accessible, a quick ride might be more convenient for some. Additionally, the vicinity boasts scenic biking trails for outdoor enthusiasts, allowing you to soak in the local surroundings. 

For added peace of mind, one of the Philippines’ best hospitals is also within proximity, making sure that you are well-prepared for any unforeseen emergencies during your stay.

From the sustainable luxury that defines the hotel’s spaces to the warm smiles and genuine hospitality of their exceptional staff, every moment at Vivere Hotel is an invitation to discover the rich tapestry of Filipino culture and artistry. It is a place where ideal whether you are seeking romance, family fun, or simply a tranquil escape. So, when you think of your next Manila getaway, think of Vivere Hotel—a place where memories are woven into the very essence of your stay, leaving you with a treasure trove of experiences to cherish for a lifetime.

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