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Highly Instagrammable Photo Decor Ideas For Your Wedding Day, brought to you by Print for Fun

For your wedding day, there is no doubt that you want it looking picture-perfect. But when it comes to wedding decorations, most of us only think of florals, props and lighting. As weddings get unique and more personalized, we wanted to explore other ideas to decorate your wedding venue! Print for Fun, an online print shop, gave us some pretty neat ideas on how to add spark to your wedding day decorations. Let them show you how you can use photo decor to create highly instagrammable spaces for your wedding day below! 

When it comes to the wedding day, we all want it to be memorable, and look picture-perfect, so we will have lovely photos to look at, and reminisce those sweet moments… Down the road, we can also share these beautiful moments with our children and grandchildren! What do we have in mind when we think wedding décor?

Flowers – beautiful, fresh flowers – are essential for any wedding, to soften and brighten up the look!

Photo via Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash
Photo via Jeremy Wong on Unsplash

Lights – they warm up any setting, making it cosy and romantic, especially when night falls… 😊

Photo via Andri Tei
Set up by The Joy Troopers. Photo via KSANA.

There is, however, another element that we feel like should have a permanent position in wedding décor, and they are… your beautiful printed memories! Photos are a really good way to take a walk down memory lane (can be literally, too), and let your loved ones, beloved friends and guests get acquainted with your favourite moments of the past.

These printed memories will add a nice finishing touch to your wedding set up, no matter what theme and feel you are going for! Having a corner or space featuring your favourite memories can really personalise the setting, and create highly instagrammable, picture-perfect memories for future reminiscence! 😊

1. Rustic Themed

Rustic (adj.) – simple, artless, or unsophisticated

The rustic theme is loved by many, for the beauty in simplicity – seemingly raw and effortless, yet thoughtfully designed.

We love how this photo wreaths around the cake in such a “messy” fashion, a refreshing alternative to the usual “orderliness” when put in frames or albums. The photos also add colours to the table, contrasting to and at the same time, bringing focus to the cream cake. We love how lovely it makes the cake table look!

Photos via Andri Tei

Simply pinning up or collaging your photos as part of a feature corner or space also makes a nice addition to the decoration. We love how the photos look with the wood tones and lights 😊

Photo via Andri Tei
Photo via Andri Tei

A few big photos in frames can look really good too – sometimes less is more, and simplicity is beauty.  

Photo via Eadwine from Plush Photography

2. Romantic Theme

Romantic (adj.) – conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.

When we think about “romantic”, we think rose red, pink flowers, warm tones, lights and candles… Top everything off with loving shots of you and your partner, and it will give off an even more romantic vibe.

What tells of romance more than the city of love and romance, Paris? We love how the two setups below infused elements of the romantic city with their photos, making it a dreamy and lovely setting.

Photos via Andri Tei

The feature photo board for the guests to pen down their wishes will become a unique and precious memento for the couple to keep 😊

Photo via Andri Tei

We love the set up below, with fairy lights and the lighted letters (the initials of the couple), especially since the celebration is in the night, the warm tones of the lights make it romantic! *heart eyes*

Set up by The Joy Troopers. Photos taken by KSANA

3. Vintage/Retro Theme

Vintage (adj.) – denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind.

Retro (adj.) – imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past.

The vintage/retro theme never gets old – in every possible sense! Your relationship has come a long way, so incorporating the little moments, memories and milestones of you and your partner into the celebration makes it even more meaningful! At the same time, your guests get a peep into the book that tells the love story of a happy couple’s journey to marriage… 😊

Photo via Andri Tei

We get the feels from this retro oriental-themed set up, as the photos on branches seem to symbolise the idea of staying rooted, something that the Chinese people value.

Set up and photos by on Instagram, a freelance wedding stylist.

We love the set-up below, which shows the love stories of both the couple’s parents, and eventually blends into their own story. This is a visualisation of the union of the two families, and shows how the couple places significance on remembering their roots. The transition from older photos to present photos gives off very nostalgic vibes, which relatives and long-time friends are sure to enjoy looking back at.

4. Colour Themes

Instead of a specific theme, many couples also use colours to decide the theme, and cater to their likes and feels – from the invites to the bridesmaid and groomsmen’s dress code, and to the decoration of the venue, they all will revolve around a certain colour theme.

A very popular choice would be pastel – soft and creamy colours that give off sweet, cosy and relaxing vibes – pastel blues and pinks, or even mint green are highly favoured.

Photos taken by Andri Tei 

The colour white, which symbolises purity, gives off a soft and elegant vibe for the entire celebration.

If you and your partner like colours that are bolder and more vibrant, then you will love this one – fun and bright colours with lots of flowers!

Side note: the colours you choose tells a lot about you and your partner’s personalities, and when better to show off your personalities than at your wedding? 😊

Set up by The Joy Troopers. Photos taken by Pixioo.

5. Botanical Theme

Botanical (adj.) – relating to the scientific study of plants.

Nature lovers, or lovers of the outdoors would love this theme. Even if the wedding can’t be outdoors in the greenery, you could bring the greenery to your wedding!

We love how this idea brings the term “family tree” to life, and how the photos add life to the tree and the entire setting 😊

Photos taken by Eadwine from Plush Photography

The concept of “write your wishes and hang them on the branches” is pretty meaningful, with the notion of those wishes blossoming, just like the couple’s love. It also looks really pretty!

Photos taken by Eadwine from Plush Photography

For indoor weddings, with lots of greens and flowers, coupled with earthy tones, you could bring the botanical vibes to the setting, making it cosy and rather dreamy – like in a fairy-tale!

Photos taken by Joshua Sim (Source)

No matter which theme you and your partner eventually choose, the celebration will be beautiful, because you get to celebrate the start of a lifelong journey, in the company of your beloved family and friends. Your genuine smiles will, too, be what makes everything picture-perfect.

At Print For Fun, we offer prints of many sizes and there will definitely be something for any theme or feel! We think it would be extra special to bring your favourite memories into the picture too, and in the future, this day will also become a special memory to look back and smile at. 😊

About Print For Fun: A photo print studio start-up based in the sunny island of Singapore, the team at Print for Fun believes that photos capture snippets of memories in time. Printing them should be simple, easy and convenient! With industry-grade photo printers and a lot of love, they have created several artsy ways on how you can print your photos easily online, without hassle. Check them out here.

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This post was brought to you by Print for Fun

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