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6 tips to get your wedding RSVPs on time

You’re getting married! You’re halfway through your planning and now it’s time to send out official invites to your guests. EventNook shares¬†how you can make it a fruitful experience in your preparation and boost your guests‚Äô convenience in responding to your RSVP invite.¬†

How can I ensure that my guests RSVP on time?


Tip #1 Send out your Wedding invitations early

Give your guests ample time to make plans, especially if they are located out of the country. Take into consideration that some guests may let the invitation slip their mind. This is the best estimated time line of RSVP:

  • 12 Weeks: Send Invitation
  • 4 Weeks: RSVP Due Date
  • 2 Weeks: Follow up
  • 1 Week: Final Counts

Tip #2 Enclose a prominent RSVP due date

The RSVP due date should also be placed in a prominent position so that your guests are clear when to respond by. It encourages response to the invitation and aids in tabulating expected number of guests.

Tip #3 Send out RSVP during the weekend

Weekends are typically less hectic and you will have a higher chance of getting your RSVPs from your guests. They will have more time to read and respond to the RSVP more promptly than during weekdays, when they are at work. You would also be doing them a great deed by giving them time to coordinate their schedules with your wedding.

Tip #4 Creativity captivates response

Personalizing the invite with pictures or videos can help to engage your guests. The images and videos are part of the story of your wedding and will catch the attention of your guests. They are likely to respond immediately.

Tip #5 Remember to Include contacts

Whether you choose to mail out a RSVP, send out an online RSVP or choose to do both, remember to include your contact information. Leaving your contact information would give them an alternate way to RSVP or enquire about bringing extra guests or calling to congratulate you.

Tip #6 Use an online portal to collect your RSVPs

Let’s face the facts – we’re in a digital world where everyone is online these days. Though sending out traditional invites by mail is a lovely gesture, you might be able to capture their responses quicker with an online portal. And no, don’t use Facebook. Facebook doesn’t highlight how special your invite is and it might get all cluttered in the tons of Facebook notifications people receive. It’s best to use a dedicated RSVP portal. Check out Eventnook, a site dedicated to RSVPs for any event, small or large. It’s super easy to set up your own event page there! eventook1

The best part is that it’s completely¬†FREE for your own personal events! It’s hassle-free and easy to use.

With a one-click sign up using Facebook, you can get started instantly. eventnook3 Ta-dah! I’m all signed up and ready to go. eventnook4 Then it’s time to add in your event details!! eventnook5 ¬†

Check this out! You can privatize your event page with a password too!

Eventnook provides a Google Analytics function for you to analyze how people got to your page. This is great for public events like concerts or parties.  eventnook6  

Eventnook is not only for weddings!

You can use it for any event you’re planning because you can allow people to purchase tickets on the registration site! After selecting payment mode, you can create ticket types for people to choose from. Of course, this isn’t applicable for a wedding, so just click NEXT to skip it. eventnook7

It’s as simple to use as Google Spreadsheets! You get to customize the fields you want your guests to fill in.


You can even add a logo / photo + more pages to make your event totally exciting!eventnook9

And ta-dah! in 5 simple steps, you’ve created an RSVP portal for your big day! Mega awesome. You even get your own url with eventnook’s domain support.

And this is mine ;) The finished page includes a map that pinpoints where the location of your celebration is gonna be. Super useful for your guests! (This is me getting married at Chijmes!!) map

You can also deactivate the event after your invite/big day. EventNook has been featured on E27, Web Geek and Singapore e-marketing. I hope this blogpost helps to ease all of your RSVP coordination pains! Of course, you should still prepare for some wedding guests who do not respond on time. But these tips from EventNook would definitely lessen that number. Good Luck with your RSVPs and have a blessed wedding! (:

eventnook logo

EventNook is focused on building the best and most affordable tools to help you organize your event. Eventnook makes it easier and fun to make your event a success. Apart from free events, EventNook also enables you to collect payment for tickets. Whether your event is a small or large one, EventNook is simple & hassle-free to use. Check out their website here.    

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