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7 Ways On How To Make Your Bridal Car Look Regal

Brides-to-be face an overwhelming task of pulling off the wedding of their dreams. Whether you are a first-time bride or not, chances are you won’t be able to sleep for many nights unless every single detail of your big day is perfect, including the bride’s bridal car.

One of the frustrations of brides is their bridal car. Almost everyone forgets this minute detail, but it speaks so much about the wedding, the bride, and the marriage.

If you want your bridal car to make you feel like the king and queen of hearts on your wedding day, here are a few ways to make it look and feel regal.

1. Choose the classic cars

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Classic cars like Mercedes-Benz are perfect for bridal cars. Mercedes-Benz is known for class, simplicity, and reliability. One fantastic example of a Mercedes-Benz model is the 600 Pullman Landaulet.

Ideally, this car is for political processions, and it was used by German government officers to transport famous visitors like the Pope, Queen Elizabeth, and many other VIPs. You can stand up or sit down and wave at people, and they can see your bright smiles in broad daylight.

You don’t want to hide your “just-got-wed” face! Let the wind blow your hair as you travel and move into the next chapter of your life.

2. Tie it to your wedding theme

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This advice is pretty familiar, but it is very essential. Choose the flowers that are related to your wedding theme. If you have red and white as an overall wedding motif, ask the bridal car rental to use roses and not lavenders.

If you have a bohemian type of wedding, the bridal car should also feel like bohemian and could even sound like one! If your wedding design is rustic, choose a classic car with a vintage look. If it is a Mexican-themed wedding, make it colorful and jolly.

Be creative with your bridal car; it is that last detail that shouldn’t look odd.

3. Be stylish but don’t overcrowd

wedding pre nuptial marriage couple love happy man woman gown suit trees grass

There is a thin line between being fashionable and going overboard, so ask your florist or wedding organizer to keep things aligned with the central theme of your wedding.

Don’t overcrowd your bridal car with so many designs and flowers, keep it chic and straightforward instead. Let the vehicle itself speak something about your wedding.

Try positioning the car bouquet in a unique area as long as it doesn’t block the driver’s view. Try to design your bridal car with minimal flower suspenders and balloons in front and enjoy the ride of your lifetime.

4. Make it green!

flowers sunflower marriage couple love happy holding hands gown suit wedding field clouds sky man woman people

Green is the color of nature, new life, new beginnings, and contemporary bridal cars. The color never goes out of style, and it is perfect for every kind of occasion.

Green leaves, flowers, and ornaments in cars are refreshing to look at, and they have this garden-like look that makes everything laid-back, relaxed, and natural. Green is going to match any wedding motif without overpowering them.

It is also a symbol of fruitfulness and abundance that leaves a feeling of assurance to the next chapter of your life.

5. Go cultural

wedding celebration table setup flower cloth skirting design wine glass tableware chairs

Cars can also have a cultural or an artistic approach. You can add colors that depict your country’s native or tribal people. You can look at your bridal car pictures 50 years later and see that they are so timeless and in style.

You can design the car seats or the car exterior with fabric that speaks about your culture. Although this is not a usual thing, it will not look deviant because it is something familiar and it adds a touch of class as well.

If you want to have a more tribal look, you can apply batik prints on your bridal car. You can also have hand woven fabric that will make people say “wow” because we all know they are expensive and imported from abroad.

Among the best hand weavers are the T’boli people from the Philippines who call themselves the Dreamweavers.

The wonderful colors of each fabric is a product of a dream, guided by spirits, and filled with stories.

6. Fly!

sea ocean blue water nature horizon sky helicopter travel trip flight

Who says you can’t use a bridal jet? Or a helicopter?

Flying is another uncommon practice, probably because it is expensive, but it is a big bang at the end of the I Dos and kisses you did at the church.

Getting married as they say is like floating in the clouds and flying the skies, so why don’t you do it? Isn’t it a fancy way of going to the reception or your honeymoon destination? Now, this is not just regal; this is something royal, brand new, and amazing!

You deserve this once in a lifetime experience after your church wedding, so why not try it?

7. Floating And Boating

nature water ocean sea boat man woman people couple lovers love minimalist white

If you had your first kiss in a boat or a yacht, why don’t you relive that experience as your bridal transportation?

One thing is for sure, a beautiful bride plus a boat is classic. It is a bliss to see. Just perfect.

The calmness of the flowing water represents the heart of the bride and seeing the newlywed leisurely boat themselves away, is truly a beautiful thing to behold.


A bridal car is a symbolism in every wedding. It is the gateway towards another destination and phase in life. It should be romantic, classic, and memorable for both the bride and the groom.

The luxury of having a queenly bridal car is something that a new Mrs. will surely appreciate.

Brides-to-be truly deserve to be treated like queens before they embark on the journey of a wife for the rest of their lives, so give your best effort for that one last detail that will change your life forever.

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