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Top 10 Travel Blogs in Singapore

Traveling with your loved one is a special activity especially if the two of you love to explore beautiful wonders of the world. But before embarking on your journey, it is better to know it first from the travel buffs who had been to the place. So to help you in making your travel plans turn into reality, we compiled the Top 10 Travel Blogs in Singapore.

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Top 10 Travel Blogs in Singapore

10.  Live Laugh Travel,  for the beauty of small and big travels

travel blogs singapore - live laugh travel


Nicole and Alvin share their travel experiences through Live Laugh Travel. They are a Singaporean couple who blogs about their adventures and trips together. Try following Nicole and Alvin as they document their travels and you will be inspired to have your own adventures. The couple will make you believe that you can find beauty and adventure anywhere ‚Äď be it across the globe or down the street.


Live Laugh Travel
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9. The Occasional Traveler, for budget-friendly travels

travel blogs singapore - the occasional traveler

If you want to see where Jaclynn Seah shares her travel tips for independent travelers. check out the Occasional Traveller. Here, she guides every traveler in exploring countries around the world with the focus on Asia, especially Singapore. Jaclynn’s budget accommodation tips are some of the best out there too. Follow her on social media and she will fill you with unforgettable ideas for your own travel adventures!


The Occasional Traveller
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8. Travelerfolio, for more travel places around the world


Travelerfolio was created in 2008 and is now one of the leading travel blogs in Singapore. Eunice, the founder, does a lot of posting about amazing places from Singapore to Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the USA. Her travel stories are crafted to inspire readers to explore more beautiful places around the world!


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7. Pohtecktoes, for more experiences outdoors


Pohtecktoes came from the name of potato and a play on the mandarin name of Hendric who founded the site. Hendric founded Pohtecktoes and decided to leave his job to travel the world. He is fascinated about trying new experiences outdoors. You could find more of his writing, GoPro videos, photography, and design on his site. Hendric somehow handled to make this work without costing too much through a mixture of freelance media, travel contests, and travel sponsorships.


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6. Alvinology, for travel tips portal


Alvinology features travel, entertainment, food, and lifestyle. This site was established in 2007 by blogger Alvin Lim. It was developed into a full-fledged site with a professional editorial team. Now, Alvinology is a popular portal for travel tips among Singaporeans!


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5. Discover . Book . Travel., for affordable and planned travels


Discover . Book . Travel was founded by two avid travelers named Tommy and Samantha. They spend most of their rest days for vacations and strongly believed that planning is important to make affordable holiday possible. Their site features their adventures through lots of photographs and engaging content!


Discover . Book . Travel

4. I Wander, for  fresh and spectacular attractions

I Wander

Bino, the person behind the I Wander, is a blogger and have published works in some famous magazines like The Lonely Planet Magazine, BBC Travel, Weekender, and Cebu Pacific’s Smile. Here, he shares his fresh ideas on things to do, places to stay, awesome food to try, and spectacular attractions during your travel.


I Wander
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3. Sunrise Odyssey, for cinematic travel videos

Sunrise Odyssey

Sunrise Odyssey is a travel blog and was founded by a Singaporean couple, Gina and Daniel. Gina is a city girl who quit a finance career to travel the world while Daniel who is into digital filmmaking is the man behind the photographs and videos that you see. Both of them inspire their readers by sharing their travel stories around the world.


Sunrise Odyssey
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2. PassportChop, for detailed itineraries


PassportChop is a blog about Zhiqiang and Tingyi’s travel experiences around the world. It is currently one of the top travel blogs from Singapore and is known for its detailed itinerary. It is popular for its detailed trips and unbiased reviews of places that they feature. They also give dos and don’ts when visiting a place.


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1. The Smart Local, for smart travel tipsthesmartlocal

The Smart Local was founded by Bryan Choo, an entrepreneur who loves to travel and to make films.  His short and sharp style of writing makes his articles relatable and engaging! You can also check his video channel called TheSmartLocalTV for the short flicks of his travels.


The Smart Local
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Travel & Beyond, for travel, culture and architecture


Rosemarie and Joseph started Travel & Beyond in 2011. Its only purpose before is to document their holidays for their own delight. But later on, they realized that sharing their stories with people will also inspire others. Apart from travels, they also share their interest in food, history, culture, and architecture. Even though they are not based in Singapore right now, they are gathering readership from across the globe including Singaporeans.


Travel & Beyond
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Traveling with your special someone is a good opportunity to unwind and get a well-deserved break. But before packing your bags, it is important that you got tips on your sleeves as you enjoy your own wandering. We want to¬†make sure that you got the right compass to take on your romantic journey that’s why we¬†compiled the list of Top 10 Travel Blogs in Singapore.

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