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Experience a Stunning Wedding at the Edge of the World at Alila Villas Uluwatu

Marrying the love of your life makes one feel elated – like they are on top of the world. At Alila Villas Uluwatu, experience a different type of high, where you and your beloved will literally be on the edge of the world, saying ‘I do’ with a sweeping ocean view below. Set in a tropical landscape amid sprawling lawns and the romance of the sea, this luxurious resort provides a fresh and inspiring island setting for both intimate and grand weddings. In this article, we will share 10 magical experiences to enjoy at Alila Villas Uluwatu on your wedding day.

10 Magical Experiences for Your Wedding at Alila Villas Uluwatu

1. Sweep your guests off their feet with unparalleled ocean views

Several spectacular wedding venues and packages are available within the resort, including the signature Cliff Edge Cabana, a hanging platform that is perched dramatically over the Indian Ocean for some panoramic views. This venue perfectly houses up to 35 guests, making it ideal for an intimate wedding amidst a tropical paradise. 

For more intimate weddings, Alila Villas also has an exclusive hilltop area for you to consider, allowing couples to seal their love in the glow of the beautiful Bali sunset. Not only will you get ocean views here, but also the view of the lush hills and treetops of a neighbouring Uluwatu forest. 

If you need more space for larger and grander weddings (up to 400 guests), the actual commitment ceremony may be held in the aforementioned wedding venues, but the reception can be done on the resort’s spacious cliffside lawn, with a beautiful infinity pool overlooking unparalleled ocean views. It is definitely one of the most perfect spots for amazing wedding photos! Make sure to book the entire resort to ensure exclusivity on your most special day.  

2. Unique Balinese-inspired weddings

For couples who wish to experience something unique for their wedding day, Alila Villas also offers a Balinese wedding blessing. It is not a legal ceremony, so you do not have to undergo legal procedures – the resort’s staff will do all the work for you. They will engage with a local Hindu priest to arrange the Balinese offering and fill the wedding venue with beautiful fresh flowers and other decorations.

Before you decide to hold your wedding in Bali, make sure to take note of the weather. Dry season in Bali is generally from April to October while the wet season is from November to March. However, there are instances when it also rains during the dry season. 

Worried that your wedding ceremony will be dampened by rain? In that case, you may even avail Alila Villas rain stopper services, which is basically a religious ceremony performed by a Balinese Hindu priest to divert rain off. This low key ritual is usually done by officiating small offerings and burning incense as well as a plate of pengasepan (fire), whose rising smoke is believed to push the rain clouds away.

3. Hold a private wedding in luxurious cliffside villas

The wedding reception may also be held in private cliffside villas, though it would still depend on the number of your guests. Villas at Alila range from 300 sqm to 3,000 sqm, the resort’s villas are all about generous private space, incredible comfort and views. Some even come with private infinity pools for luxurious comfort. 

Inside, gorgeous interiors blend clean lines and contemporary style with accents of Bali. We actually had the chance to stay in one of Alila’s 1-bedroom pool villas, which looked really modern and lovely. The villa also had a really spacious and comfortable bed, as well as an indoor and outdoor rain shower that is perfect to combat Bali’s heat.

4. Do good, feel good as you support sustainable tourism

The entire hotel resort is designed by the award-winning Singapore architectural firm WOHA, resulting in an architecture that seamlessly flows from inside to outside, blending in with the surrounding natural environment.

With their commitment to sustainability, Alila Villas cultivates eco-friendly concepts through environmentally sustainable design principles. In fact, Alila Villas Uluwatu is the first-ever resort in Indonesia to receive the highest level of certification for its green initiatives, which include the use of local and recycled materials in building the resort, lava rocks to minimise the effects of Bali heat, a water conservation scheme with soaks and rain gardens, a Zero Waste Policy, an organic garden, and a whole lot more. Read more about Alila’s commitment to sustainable tourism here.

Balinese garden irrigation

In the spirit of giving back to Bali’s local community, Alila Villas also supports the R.O.L.E. Foundation (with the goal of breaking the poverty cycle), Balinese Life Foundation, and other worthy causes. You may actually visit these local communities as one of the activities in the resort. So, hopefully, if you do stay here in the future, please do consider donating to support. No act of kindness is too small!

5. Experience top-class and professional service

Aside from the views, what made Alila Villas Uluwatu different from the rest of the hotels was its superb service excellence and check-in process. We have been to many hotels before, but it was our first time ever to receive a 5-minute shoulder massage on top of the usual cold refreshing towels and welcome drink. And, it was good, too, probably the best shoulder massage I have ever gotten! We even got a face mist to freshen up ourselves after the long trip. Also, with the reception area looking very white and overlooking the endless sea, we felt like we were actually welcomed to heaven. The staff were even dressed in white! 

Stunning view from the reception area

Then, once we got into the room, we were further welcomed with a gorgeous and delicious raspberry cheesecake, as well as a welcome mocktail that we got to mix ourselves. DIY-ing the mocktail was such a lovely touch, and it tasted good, too! 

Prior to arrival, guests need to complete an online preference menu so that Alila Villas Uluwatu can personalise their stay experience as best as possible. With service being top-notch, having your wedding at Alila Villas Uluwatu will be a breeze!

6. Baby-friendly resort

If you have a little one involved in your wedding preparations, we are pretty certain that Alila Villas Uluwatu will be the best place to take good care of your little one. Since we brought our baby girl on our recent Bali trip, we really appreciated how the resort made sure to cater to our needs well. Our villa had loads of baby-friendly amenities, which included a Pigeon steam steriliser, a baby playmat, a baby hooded towel, a baby potty, a baby bathtub, and a baby high chair for feeding – you get the idea. 

Baby-friendly features in our villa

Ally even had her own adorable little bathrobe and tiny bathroom slippers, which we really loved.  

Also, if your kids are much older, you can take them on a special Kids Camping trip right inside the resort. From building and decorating the tent to playing games to having a mini afternoon tea, this fun activity is the most perfect way for you and your kids to bond. The resort is pretty spacious, so little ones will surely love roaming around, just like our baby Ally here.

7. Enjoy the incredibly delicious food

Seriously, the food at Alila Villas Uluwatu is so good! At Alila Villas, you and your guests can experience a tantalising menu of gourmet comfort food, created with the best fresh seasonal and organic produce available, sourced as locally as possible. Even a simple prawn Aglio Olio and grilled black cod were cooked with such finesse! I can’t imagine how mouthwatering good their wedding food menu will be.

Mouthwatering shrimp Aglio Olio

The best of the lot, though, was the pork ribs served at a restaurant called The Warung, which presented exquisitely crafted dishes from traditional Indonesian and Balinese cuisine. The pork ribs were served generously and with 12 different condiments (sambal, chilli, spices, and more) and I really enjoyed every single bit of it. The wedding menu can be customised to the couple’s liking, so make sure that you add it to your list. 

Breakfast food was really incredible as well, especially their avocado toast and truffle bun. Thankfully, most wedding packages from Alila already include breakfast for the newlyweds. We also highly recommend their superfood smoothies and farmer’s blend drinks (they all looked too healthy but were so good!), as well as their specialty hot beverages like Earl Grey Charcoal Latte and Pandan Latte. 

Delicious truffle buns


8. Sip on artisan cocktails while admiring the majestic sunset 

When it is almost time for sunset, make sure that you head over Alila’s beautiful Sunset Cabana Bar. Perched on a very high cliff, it provides an aerial view of the sea with waves crashing onto the rocks and beach – the view was just amazing. From up there, you will also see a private beach, though it will take around 600+ steps just to get down and feel the sand on your feet. We highly recommend having a cocktail (or two!) here starting from 5:30 pm, so you can see Bali’s beautiful sunset, with all kinds of purple and pink hues enveloping the entire sky. 

Sunset Cabana Bar elevates the art of multisensory drinking experience with a fresh collection of cocktails imaginatively crafted by the resort’s liquid artist. All were really gorgeous, but the Umadori and Segara were our favourites. Perfect to post on IG and of course, tasted amazing as well. See more of their gorgeous cocktails here.

Ocean-inspired Segara cocktail

9. Long list of Journeys to experience post-wedding

Here at Alila Villas, every couple can indulge in many different types of unique activities or what they call ‘Journeys’. On top of a romantic candlelit dinner beneath Bali’s starry skies for the newlyweds, there are also paddleboarding and helicopter tours for more adventurous couples, private Balinese dance and Batik classes for the art and culture enthusiasts, and so much more. 

You may also go on a Journey to Community, which includes a heartwarming visit to the Bali Life Foundation orphanage, a home care that provides shelter, education, food and health care for the orphans, plus a gastronomic fare at The Warung. Click here to know more about the other Journeys you can try while staying at the resort. 

10. Relaxing spa treatments for the bride and groom

And of course, no Bali vacation is ever complete if you do not get to try authentic Balinese spa treatments for the ultimate wellness. Indulge in bespoke treatments at Alila’s Cliff Edge Spa Cabana, designed beautifully for two. The cabana is also situated on a clifftop, so you can further relax with the sweeping ocean view right in front of you.

Meanwhile, at Spa Alila, a contemporary spin on ancient Asian healing techniques and age-old beauty recipes are being followed for a surprisingly different Bali luxury spa experience. 

During our stay, we had a Journey to You experience, which was a half-day journey in Spa Alila, consisting of a 90-minute massage, body scrub, warm aromatic bubble bath, Alila Facial or manicure or pedicure, and dinner at The Warung. That experience was one for the books!

Our experience at Alila Villas Uluwatu was incredibly surreal, and it is definitely a magical spot for a grand or even intimate wedding. If you are looking for someplace really special to tie the knot, this is it.

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