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10 Best Stores for Maternity Wear in Australia | Best of Mom 2023

Gone are the days when wearing pregnant clothes meant surrendering your style in favour of comfort. Maternity wear from Australia’s vibrant, fashion-forward brands is warm, comfortable, and genuinely stylish. Pregnancy is a lovely and exciting experience.  There is so much to consider and plan, such as decorating a charming nursery, selecting a baby pram, and figuring out your car seat, to mention a few. One of the most important things you can plan is a wardrobe of maternity wear that will help you feel comfortable and attractive during your pregnancy. With an extensive variety of stores for maternity wear in the market, which then are the best stores for maternity wear in Australia? In our Best of Mom series, we introduce the 10 Best Stores for Maternity Wear in Australia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs. 

Table of contents

  • Best Stores for Maternity Wear in Australia (Summary)
  1. Feminine, cool and oh-so-wearable: Bae the Label
  2. Deluxe fabrics maternity wears: LEGOE Heritage
  3. Timeless shapes and fashionable: Pea in a Pod
  4. Go-to internet store for all of your pregnancy needs: Queen Bee
  5. Made with design and comfort in mind: Toots & Co
  6. Loved by mums around the world: Ripe Maternity
  7. Packed full of everyday items: Target Maternity
  8. Affordable, functional, and comfortable maternity wear: The Iconic Maternity
  9. Trusted destination for affordable maternity and pregnancy clothes: Pfenix + Mach
  10. Brings longevity to every modern mama’s wardrobe: The Comfort Mama 

Best Stores for Maternity Wear in Australia

1. Bae the Label

Bae the Label maternity wear australia
Source: Bae the Label

Feminine, cool and oh-so-wearable

Effortless, surprising, and as feminine as she is hip, that’s how Bae the Label characterises their brand, and designers agree. These classic items are meant to be combined and matched to create comfortable but fashionable looks. Summer dresses, winter sweaters, bump-hugging skirts, maternity jeans, and even office-appropriate alternatives are all available from the label. They’re designed for and by actual mothers, who spend hours choosing the highest-quality materials and refining the design details and fit. They also sell ‘bundles,’ where you can get a shirt and pants pair and save money by purchasing the entire outfit.

Address: 31 Hall Street Hawthorn East VIC 3123 Australia
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2. LEGOE Heritage

LEGOE Heritage
Source: LEGOE Heritage

Deluxe fabrics maternity wears

Legoe Heritage is an Australian lifestyle company that produces elegant yet comfortable pregnancy and nursing wear for modern mums. Their maternity wear, which is pronounced “Le-go” and means “family,” symbolises the very spirit of family and the lifestyle that comes with it. They genuinely capture the soul of the modern mum with organic materials, gorgeous denim, and trendy designs. From cosy loungewear with plenty of room for your growing baby belly to resort wear for your babymoon, you’ll find it all here. At Legoe Heritage, they’re devoted to crafting premium maternity and nursing wear that’s both fashionable and comfortable.

Address: Po box 21 Apollo Bay Victoria 3233 Australia
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3. Pea in a Pod

Pea in a Pod maternity wear australia
Source: Pea in a Pod

Timeless shapes and fashionable

These maternity outfits, which are proudly created in Australia, blend traditional favourites with trendy designs in primarily natural materials like cotton, bamboo, and linen. Every piece has been designed to be both functional and fashionable. Their lines, which combine maternity clothing with daily dressing, are for women who want to look like themselves without compromising their sense of style or feeling ruled by the masses. Timeless shapes are accentuated with modern trend features that have been carefully examined. Each Pea in a Pod piece is created from a variety of high-end fabrics, the majority of which are made in Australia from natural fibres such as cotton, linens, and bamboo.

Address: 70-72 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067
Tel: +61 3 9415 6800
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4. Queen Bee

Queen Bee
Source: Queen Bee

Go-to internet store for all of your pregnancy needs

Queen Bees is a one-stop-shop for everything related to parenthood. They search the globe to offer you the latest pregnancy fashion right at your fingertips, and it’s all about quality and detail. Pregnancy, they feel, is a celebration of a small miracle at any age. From a gorgeous pregnant dress to belly bands for much-needed’ support, work pants that stay up, and breastfeeding clothes with simple and discreet nursing access, there’s something for everyone. They’ve committed themselves to provide you with the best fashionable and comfortable pregnancy and breastfeeding gear from across the world. Their main goal is to make their business the “go-to” internet store for all of your pregnancy and breastfeeding necessities.

Tel: +61 2 9486 3944
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5. Toots & Co

Toots & Co
Source: Toots & Co

Made with design and comfort in mind

Toots + Co apparel is meant to be worn as soon as your garments become too tight, and to serve you through your pregnancy and beyond. All of the alternatives are breastfeeding-friendly and yet look good on a post-baby figure, which is essential. Designed by one mother for another, to be cherished and worn, washed and very occasionally ironed – then immediately worn again. To be given as a gift to a friend and then returned for future children.


6. Ripe Maternity

Ripe Maternity wear
Source: Ripe Maternity

Loved by mums around the world

Ripe Maternity is committed to make women feel beautiful, fashionable, and at ease during their motherhood journey. Ripe Maternity’s purpose is to encourage women to cherish and embrace the wonderful times of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond by providing a specialised product line that is both modern and complementary to her lifestyle. They’re recognized for making high-quality, wearable jeans that are popular among pregnant ladies all around the world.

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7. Target Maternity

Target Maternity
Source: Target Maternity

Packed full of everyday items

The Target maternity collection is all about reliable, comfortable maternity wear. Target’s maternity collection includes must-haves like over-the-belly leggings and season-appropriate tees. Target’s maternity range consists of everyday essentials that you’ll wear throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The Target pregnancy collection is fashionable, high-quality, and affordable, making it a fantastic choice for expecting women of all shapes and sizes.

Tel: +61 2 6043 9400
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8. The Iconic Maternity

The Iconic Maternity
Source: The Iconic Maternity

Affordable, functional, and comfortable maternity wear

For mums and mums-to-be, The Iconic Maternity has been developing and manufacturing affordable, functional, and comfortable maternity clothing. They take satisfaction in knowing what expectant mothers require from maternity wear during pregnancy, after delivery, and for breastfeeding. Whether you’re looking for pregnancy tees, maternity leggings, maternity jeans, or special occasion maternity gowns, The Iconic Maternity has everything you need. The Iconic Maternity has everything from on-trend tracksuits to fantastic trousers and airy dresses that are perfect for the holidays and can be worn even after the baby comes.

Tel: +61 1300 668 345
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9. Pfenix + Mach

Pfenix + Mach
Source: Pfenix + Mach

Trusted destination for affordable maternity and pregnancy clothes 

Pfenix & Mach is a fashion-forward label that was born out of a desire for gorgeous, fashionable, and efficient pregnancy and nursing wear. The designs of Pfenix & Mach are inspired by the feminine form in all of its exquisite forms, as well as the growth of a woman’s body throughout pregnancy and life. The designs are along the ever-changing worlds of art and fashion, as well as a fondness for classics. Pfenix & Mach believes that pregnancy and nursing wear can be beautiful, elegant, and fun.

Address: 1-11 Were St, Montmorency VIC 3094
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10. The Comfort Mama

The Comfort Mama
Source: The Comfort Mama

Brings longevity to every modern mama’s wardrobe 

You’ll desire every outfit at The Comfort Mama if ‘casually cool’ is your favourite way to wear it with a bump on board. Everything is buttery-soft, delightfully elastic, and highly adaptable, and each dress comes with a set of breast pads, all made in Australia. Comfort Mama’s gorgeous maternity clothing is really one-of-a-kind. Comfort Mama’s collection of stunning pieces will meet your needs, whether you’re seeking the ultimate babymoon dress or something to help you feel amazing during your baby shower.

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Above these places, we hope that our guide on the 10 Best Stores for Maternity Wear in Australia will help you to choose where to buy maternity clothes you need during your pregnancy. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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