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Artistic Calligraphy for Wedding Invitation & Stationery Designs by Prinks Design

[Advertorial] Your wedding invitations will give your guests a first hint on what to expect for your wedding celebrations. How would you like to announce your wedding with a gorgeous and personalized invitation? Talented designers like Prinks Design allow you to enjoy a complete suite of wedding stationery. From Save the Dates, menus, seating placards to favour tags, mad libs and signages, the world of choices can now be yours.

A Flair for Artistic Calligraphy

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Born out of the passion to design beautiful and creative works, Prinks Design specialty lies in calligraphy. With every wedding and love story, Renee sets out to customize unique and stunning designs for couples as the hallmark of their wedding. Renee will take your ideas from conceptualization, designing and all the way to printing so that you do not need to worry about the complexities of it all! Renee designed up a beautiful watercolour background for my wedding stationeries. I was having a beach wedding and a watercolour design was perfect to match the blue skies and turquoise waters. I wanted the theme and setting to be classy and elegant, and Renee had my wedding invites tell the same story.

My Favourites by Prinks Design

Customized Calligraphy Works

Prinks Design 1 Understanding that weddings are costly, Renee offered to draw our calligraphy works by hand*! For my bride and groom signage, she got her hands on beautiful pieces of rustic wood and she drew gorgeous calligraphy on them! We had an idea of displaying meaningful love quotes on the dining tables to create a romantic ambience at our wedding and inspire our guests! Renee helped us to do calligraphy on over 120 frames for us so that we could achieve this effect. We gave the framed handwritten love quotes to our guests on the wedding night as a memento and all of them loved how special and beautifully written it was! On top of it all, Renee handwrote on all our envelopes for our wedding invitations. Guests had their names beautifully written in calligraphy, along with their address. Many of our guests exclaimed thinking that their names were printed on the envelopes, as the calligraphy was almost perfect! Our guests were full of praises for our invitations, and we were ecstatic knowing that they loved it. Our table numbers were also meticulously drawn by her! *Disclaimer: Do note that handwritten calligraphy is more pricey in general as compared to printing. 

Talented & Versatile

W for Wedding 10 Having several years of experience in the wedding and designing industry, Renee is well versed in the art of design. Gifted and meticulous with her creations, Renee is able to incorporate your wedding theme and colours in your wedding invites and stationery. Her versatility in both calligraphy and design can cater to your various ideas and preferences too! If you see a beautiful design anywhere, it is likely that Prinks Design can create something similar for you. For printing, Prinks Design can do basic printing or cater to special requests like foil printing or letterpress. To bind all our wedding elements together, Renee designed an elegant monogram for us. It was nice to see our logo brand on all the stationeries!

Heartwarming Service

Favor Atelier20 Having the opportunity to have our wedding invitations and stationery designed by Prinks Design was a blessing. Renee treated us like close friends and was always willing to go the extra mile to help us with our requests. Whether it was churning out a piece of design quickly, or meeting up to collect the prints, she was always very patient and accommodating with us. The overall process was very smooth and hassle-free for us, as Renee was always very efficient with designs, revisions and collection.

Dedicated & Passionate

Prinks Design 2 Apart from the 120 handwritten love quotes, we had over 300 guests for our wedding, which meant we needed over 100 invitation envelopes addressed. Our wedding was a tough and challenging project with a time tight line and many designs required, but Renee did not shy away from the challenge. She was keen on helping me to make my wedding day a success. Throughout the entire time, Renee was dedicated to ensuring that our designs would be ready in time. You can tell that she has overwhelming passion for the work that she does, and it inspired us both! If you are looking for bespoke wedding invitations that can spell out your wedding dream, be sure to check out Prinks Design!

Prinks Design

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