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Fun & Innovative Wedding Photobooth Services by BusybodySG

[Advertorial] Every guest loves to attend a fun wedding. Apart from being special and beautiful, couples are now looking for more ways to engage their guests and make it truly unforgettable for them as well. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have an instant photo booth at your wedding! It allows your guests to snap fun photos and poses with other family members and friends. Best yet, your guests can bring home the photo as your wedding souvenir! At BusybodySG, you can enjoy a full suite of phototaking services! You can choose to go for the traditional photo booth with fun and wacky props, spice it up as a glamourous red carpet event or go for their latest interactive mirror photo booth. They also have other interesting services like the innovative hashPRINT! (instagram printing) and Table Shot Wedding Favor. In addition, you can also have your actual wedding day photography and videography covered by BusybodySG. In short, BusybodySG has everything you need to engage guests, gift memories and make your wedding a blast.

The Red Carpet Treatment


For our wedding, we opted for the Red Carpet Treatment. Our wedding theme was classy and elegant, and we thought the Red Carpet was a great to add a touch of glamour to it. It is also a great way to upscale your wedding and give guests the grand entrance into the biggest day of your lives. BusybodySG set up the Red Carpet at the entrance of our wedding venue, which was Tanjong Beach Club. Guests upon arriving would first take their red carpet shot before proceeding to the beach for our solemnization. It was a nice way to welcome our guests to our wedding event and many of them said that it made them feel important to be at our wedding.

hashPRINT! Instagram Printing


We also opted for Busbody’s innovative hashPRINT! service. When I first found out how it works, I was stunned by how creative and easy to use this service is. It ties in with the popular concept of your wedding hashtag. When guests post photos of your wedding on their Instagram, they will usually include your wedding hashtag in their post. Guests can visit the hashPRINT! booth to get it instantly printed out in less than 3 seconds. We figured that this would be very popular with our friends and we were right! Our guests were very intrigued by it and the interface was very easy to use. BusybodySG‘s hashPRINT! booth encouraged guests to capture more photos and provided us additional memories from our guests’ point of view. It was very meaningful to see them after the wedding too!

Table Shot Wedding Favor & Photo Momento

Busybody 1 Table Shots are a must at every wedding. What BusybodySG does is offer an instant print of the table shot to your guests! It was very challenging to do table shots as my wedding was a buffet setup and most guests were roaming, but the BusybodySG team helped to facilitate the process very well. I was very impressed by how efficient BusybodySG’s team was in gathering the guests to pose for the table shots! They got each table ready before we even got there! In addition, they had the photos printed out instantaneously and distributed one to each guest of that table. All was done in minutes. We were all in awe of how speedy and effective BusybodySG was! I do believe that it is due to their years of experience in the photo taking and wedding industry. ;)

My Favourites by BusybodySG

Impressive Suite of Unique & Trendy Services

Busybody table shot wedding favour Apart from the abovementioned services that we picked out for our wedding, BusybodySG also has tons of other innovative services to liven up your wedding. Their latest Mirror Booth is unique, interactive and very stylish! What is so amazing is that you can even sign off on the mirror to have it printed on the photo! Busybody 2 Watch the Mirror Booth video below to see how it works!

High Speed and Quality

Throughout my wedding, I saw many of my guests enjoying BusybodySG’s set up. We received feedback from our guests that our wedding was more interactive, fun and exciting as compared to traditional weddings thanks to the services provided by BusybodySG. busybody 3 On top of that, all the printouts were printed with godlike speed and The BusybodySG team was very fast in giving them out to guests! The photos were high definition and the printing was of very good quality. The colours and lighting of the photo print outs were crisp and bright! I could not stop raving about the photos when I saw them the morning after the wedding day. Want know what to expect from BusybodySG? Find out here!

A Hassle-Free One-Stop

how busybody works BusybodySG takes care of everything – designing for your photo inlays, delivery, printing, setup and tear down. It was a very hassle-free process working with BusybodySG and I really enjoyed the lively vibes they created for our wedding day. In addition, having done many wedding and corporate events, the team at BusybodySG is experienced and capable of catering to large scale weddings and multiple set ups. You can rest assured that your wedding is in very competent hands. busybody 4 Your guests get to enjoy nice photo souvenirs as keepsakes from the wedding. At the end of our wedding, BusybodySG gifted us a collection of all the printed table shots and a thumbdrive with all the soft copies of the photos taken in a nice envelope. It was very thoughtful of them to do so and it was a nice surprise the morning after the wedding! I am very inspired by how the BusybodySG team is constantly coming up with new creative and inventive services to serve wedding couples. They are a forward-looking team and if you are looking to stay away from the same old, be sure to check BusybodySG out for the newest trending services in town. They will be sure to make your wedding stand out and be truly unforgettable. Check out their portfolio here. TWV would like to thank and give photo credits to BusybodySG. 

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