10 Best Air Coolers in Singapore
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11 Best Air Coolers in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

An air cooler can be one of the most essential home appliances that can make your space a healthier and more comfortable place. It can lower down the room temperature by spreading cool and refreshing air. If you live in a tropical country like Singapore, having a good air cooler could be a great investment. With an extensive variety of air coolers on the market, which then is the best air cooler in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we have curated the latest 11 Best Air Coolers in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget! For the ultimate indoor air experience, check out our air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier, diffuser, aircon, ceiling fan, and standing fan recommendations as well.

This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series. Click here to read more Buying Guides


This article is part of our Best of Home series. Click here to read more Best of Home articles.

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This article was last updated on 6 January 2023. 

Table of contents 

11 Best Air Coolers in Singapore

1. EuropAce Evaporative Air Cooler 5802T

EuropAce Evaporative Air Cooler 5802T

Most multifunction

The EuropAces 5802T is one of the most multifunctional air coolers in Singapore that you can get, which is great to get the functions of various appliances in one compact unit. As well as being a 5-in-1 air cooling unit, it features a washable water pump and built-in ionizer too. Its ice cube compartment and thick 70mm honeycomb filter let you enjoy a better cooling efficiency.

Larger 20L capacity

It also has a large water tank of 20L capacity and an incredible airflow volume of 800M3/H. Better yet, its enclosed air outlet can prevent dust from entering and damaging the machine. This is truly a superb air cooler that every home needs!

Why buy this:
  • Multifunction features
  • Built-in ionizer
  • Good cooling efficiency
  • 20L water tank capacity
  • Enclosed air outlet
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2. Toyomi Air Cooler AC 1953


Relax with unbelievably soothing cold air

In a tropical country like Singapore, a room’s temperature contributes greatly to how comfortable it is to stay inside it. If it’s too hot or humid, forget getting anything accomplished properly! Whether you’re working, resting, gaming, or simply hanging around, having a comfortable environment is an automatic boost to what you’re trying to do. That being said, we think the Toyomi Air Cooler is the perfect room staple to help achieve the balance of a perfectly comfortable temp. 

Not only does it cool the air, but it can also release a light water mist to battle the humidity of hot weather. No pun intended, but we think that’s pretty cool.

All-in-one air purifier, humidifier and cooler

Forget about the days you wondered whether you should turn on an electric fan or the air conditioner – just turn on this air cooler to get that refreshing and relaxing breeze.

Toyomi Air Cooler is an all-in-one powerhouse appliance that purifies, humidifies and cools the air around it. With a single flick of a switch, you can immediately breathe easy and take it easy.

Oxygen bar to ionize the water

Set it from 24 minutes to an hour and let it work its magic on the air using its powerful HoneyComb Filtration system and 20L Water storage capacity. It even has an oxygen bar that ionizes the water, making everything cool, clean and amazingly cosy.

Why buy this:
  • Water-refill Alarm Technology
  • Super silent new generation motor
  • 8 Meter radius remote control for easy and convenient operation
  • Amazing airflow technology
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3. Mistral MACF7 Air Cooler

Mistral MACF7 best Air Cooler Singapore

With HEPA filter

In addition to having a cool space, it is equally important that you can enjoy clean and pure air at home. The Mistral MACF7 Air Cooler can be a great choice as it comes with a HEPA H13 filter to purify the air around you, which also has a 99.97% efficiency rate. Not only that, you will also get a built-in ionizer and water pump protection. Further, the detachable water tank makes cleaning and refilling the water an easy task too.

Timer and various wind modes

Furthermore, the air cooler itself has been fitted with some useful features. This includes an 8-hour timer, 4-speed settings, and 3 wind modes. Plus, there is an automatic shut-off after 15 hours of usage. It also comes with a remote control so you can easily operate the appliance from across the room.

Why buy this:
  • Includes HEPA filter
  • Detachable water tank
  • 8-hour timer
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Remote control
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4. Mistral MAC1600R Remote Air Cooler

Mistral MAC1600R Remote best Air Cooler Singapore

Humidifier and ionizer function

Perhaps you are looking for something that is not only an air cooler but has other beneficial functions too. If so, check out the MAC1600R model, also from Mistral, which features the functions of both a humidifier and ionizer too. It can cool spaces of up to 25 sqm and has a 15L water tank equipped with a low-water alarm. Its non-compressor system also features a built-in ionizer, while the oscillating louvers can move up, down, and sideways.

Silent mode

Not to worry about any whirring noises, as the silent sleep mode allows you to enjoy the cool air without the noisy operation. In addition to having 6-speed settings, there is also a 24-hour timer. Plus, the LED control panel makes operating this cooler very easy.

Why buy this:
  • Humidifier and ionizer
  • 15L water tank
  • Built-in ionizer
  • 6-speed settings and silent mode
  • LED control panel
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5. iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler IF7850

iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler Singapore IF7850

3 sides cooling pad

The iFan PowerPac IF7850 is another powerful cooler, which comes with 3 sides cooling pad for the optimum vortex airflow and even air distribution. Guess what? This innovative air cooler also features a mosquito repellent function, perfect for homes that are prone to mosquito attacks! Also, it has 3-speed settings that can be controlled using an easy touch panel or remote control. The water tank itself has a decent capacity of 9.3 liters.

Why buy this:
  • 3 sides cooling pad
  • Mosquito repellent function
  • 3-speed settings
  • Remote control
  • 9.3L water tank

6. iFan PowerPac IF7310

iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler Singapore IF7310

Great value for money

The great thing about air coolers is that you can find affordable ones that still boast excellent functionality and quality. In this case, the iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler IF7310 could be your newest best friend. It features a built-in ionizer, 3-speed settings, and a 6-liter water tank. The motor itself was made using 100% copper to ensure top-notch durability. At only 99 RM, this air cooler surely offers excellent value for its price.

Why buy this:
  • Multifunction features
  • Built-in ionizer
  • Durable copper motor
  • Great value for money

7. EuropAce Evaporation Air Cooler ECO 4751V

EuropAce Evaporation Air Cooler Singapore ECO 4751V


There is another multifunction air cooler that is worth your attention, which is the EuropAce ECO 4751V. Its 4-in-1 function includes air cooling, fan, humidifying, and air purifying. Indeed, this is the ideal choice if you want an all-in-one appliance to ensure that you can enjoy the cleanest, coolest, and most comfortable air at home.

4-directional swing

This model uses a thick honeycomb filter and 4-directional swing for increased cooling efficiency. With an airflow volume of 750 m3/h and a distance of 16 m/s, rest assured that the entire room will be evenly cooled. Plus, the LED display panel is a touch screen so you can easily control the functions.

Why buy this:
  • 4-in-1 function
  • Thick honeycomb filter
  • 750 m3/h airflow volume
  • 4-directional swing
  • LED touch panel
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8. Honeywell TC30PEUI

Honeywell TC30PEUI

30L capacity

Are you tired by the mere idea of having to constantly refill your cooler just to keep it running? Well, the Honeywell TC30PEUI can resolve that problem, as it comes with a large 30L tank capacity. This also means that it can have a high airflow of 800 m3/h to cover spaces of up to 26m2, all while consuming only 120W of power.

3-speed settings

This air cooler has a honeycomb structure for optimum cooling and 3-speed settings for you to choose from.  Meanwhile, the oscillating louvres will ensure even air distribution throughout the room. Of course, it also comes with a convenient low water alarm, built-in ionizer, and remote control too. 

Why buy this:
  • 30L capacity
  • 800 m3/h airflow
  • Honeycomb structure
  • Built-in ionizer
  • Remote control and low water alarm

9. Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler

Tecno TAF 2901 Turbo Fan Air Cooler Singapore

Very powerful

If you are specifically looking for one of the most powerful air coolers in Singapore, the Tecno TAF 2901 is your answer. It has a Turbo Fan function for when the room is feeling especially hot and 3 wind modes to adjust from, including normal, natural, and sleep. It also comes with a dustproof filter and remote control. Plus, it has a 6L drawer style water tank that is extremely easy and simple to refill.

Why buy this:
  • Extremely powerful plus turbofan
  • 3 wind modes
  • Dustproof filter
  • Remote control
  • 6L drawer style water tank
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10. Xiaomi Microhoo Mini Portable Air Cooler

Best portable air cooler

Sometimes, having a portable air cooler is a great idea. If you are frequently on the go or moving between your office and home, then this Xiaomi Microhoo air cooler could be the best choice for you. It features a 1000ml detachable water tank, can lower the temperature by up to 13 degrees, and has an adjustable fan speed. With a natural and sleep wind mode, its noise level is only at 25.8 dB maximum. You can connect it using a direct power source, USB, or even a portable charger.

Why buy this:
  • Portable design
  • 1000ml detachable water tank
  • Silent 25.8 dB noise operation
  • Multiple power supply options

11. Zero One Personal Air Cooler



The cheapest pick

For those who are on a budget, this Zero One Personal Air Cooler is the cheapest pick that still offers an array of fun features and advanced functions. Weighing only 400 grams, you can easily bring this portable air cooler anywhere with you. Its adjustable air outlet can be freely adjusted for the right flow direction, while 3 fan speeds will ensure that you always have the perfect level of cool air.

Night light mode

Plus, this personal air cooler features a night light mode so you can create a comfy ambience in your room or office. The portable USB power lets you use various power sources to turn on this appliance. You do not have to worry about noises as well, as its brushless motor means you can enjoy strong wind even when you are sleeping.

Why buy this:
  • Cheapest pick
  • Adjustable fan direction
  • 3-speed settings
  • Portable USB power
  • Quiet cooling


Which brand of air cooler is the best in Singapore?

EuropAce, with an extensive range of air coolers for various budgets, is the best brand of air cooler in Singapore.

Where to buy an air cooler in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy an air cooler in Singapore in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-to for home products. It is also a great place to compare the price of air coolers in Singapore. 


We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Air Coolers in Singapore will help you to buy the best air cooler in Singapore for your home or office. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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