11 Best Stores for Baby Rompers & Baby Clothes in Singapore | Best of Baby 2024
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11 Best Stores for Baby Rompers & Baby Clothes in Singapore | Best of Baby 2024

Seeing your little angel in adorable outfits is indeed very satisfying. However, picking a baby romper with fun and cute designs without compromising comfort, safety, and functionality can be tricky. One of the things that you always have to check is the fabric as it has to be skin-friendly not to cause any irritation. You also have to watch out for small parts that may be choking hazards, as well as long ties that may cause strangulation. Now, to make your shopping process less stressful, we have rounded up the 11 best stores to shop for cute and comfortable baby rompers and baby clothes in Singapore. You can easily browse their huge collections from the comforts of your home! Before you go on the list below, you may also check our list of online baby stores here for your baby’s daily essentials.

Table of Contents:

  • Best Stores for Baby Clothes in Singapore (Summary)
  1. Love, Bonito
  2. The Elly Store
  3. Bluealmond
  4. Gingersnaps
  5. Château de sable
  6. Mothercare
  7. Le Petit Society
  9. Cotton On
  10. FOX Kids & Baby
  11. H&M

Best Stores for Baby Clothes in Singapore

1. Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito
Love, Bonito – Best Baby Clothe in Singapore

If you have seen our list of  Best Maternity Wear, you may have remembered we mentioned that Love, Bonito has been adored by many people for their fashionable pieces. Now, little ones can also enjoy dressing up with their lovely baby clothes! They have cute and trendy yet comfortable tops, baby rompers, dresses, skirts, and shorts perfect for children aged 3 and up. They even have a special collection to help you go matchy-matchy with your little one!

Apart from being fashionable, their collections are also thoughtfully made with breathable fabrics for utmost comfort. The practical design which includes features such as elastic waistbands, adjustable strap ties, and additional snaps at the sides, provides a literal room for growth. With this, your little one can sport her favourite outfits for a longer time, even if she grows up too fast!

Although Love, Bonito was developed especially for the female market, unisex items are also available hence you can surely find awesome clothes for your baby boy as well. Browse their collections via the link below!

Shop Love Bonito >

2. The Elly Store

The Elly Store
The Elly Store – Best Baby Clothes in Singapore

Step into a world of adorable wonders at The Elly Store, renowned for offering the best baby clothes in Singapore. Its shelves are adorned with a captivating array of best-selling products, including charming clothes, whimsical toys, snug shoes, and delightful personalised gift sets. Elevate your little one’s style with its meticulously curated collection that marries fashion with functionality. What sets it apart? Beyond its chic products, enjoy the convenience of prompt delivery and a customer service experience that exceeds expectations. Navigate the world of parenthood with confidence, as its products combine style, comfort, and durability. Explore its treasures at its website and indulge in the joy of dressing your little bundle in the finest from The Elly Store.

Shop The Elly Store >

3. Bluealmond

Bluealmond – Best Baby Clothe Singapore

Experience the epitome of excellence in baby fashion at Bluealmond. This emerges as the best baby clothes in Singapore destination for discerning parents seeking a seamless blend of quality and style. Founded by a passionate couple embarking on their parenthood journey, Bluealmond is committed to curating only the finest for your little ones. Rejecting stereotypical prints, their minimalist designs allow children to authentically express themselves. What is great about Bluealmond is not just the aesthetics but also their dedication to sustainability. Moreover, utilising organic cotton ensures eco-friendliness and durability, with clothes maintaining their charm even after multiple washes. Invest in a future where style meets responsibility with Bluealmond. As your baby grows, Bluealmond also continues to enchant with its range for children aged 2 to 6 years, featuring adorable overalls and dresses. Level up your parenting experience with Bluealmond – where fashion meets consciousness.

Check out Bluealmond > 
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4. Gingersnaps

Gingersnaps – Best Baby Clothes Singapore

Dive into the realm of chic and European-inspired fashion for your little ones at Gingersnaps, the unrivalled baby clothes Singapore store. What is great about this store is its collection that transcends mere clothing. Gingersnaps features an array of vibrant designs, including irresistible baby rompers, which guarantee your infant or toddler is effortlessly #OOTD-ready for any creative snapshot. With store branches at United Square, The Paragon, and Raffles City Shopping Centre, finding the best baby clothes in Singapore has never been more convenient. Don’t fret if time is of the essence – check out their trendy collection on their website, and have your first order delivered straight to your doorstep. Elevate your little one’s style with Gingersnaps, where fashion meets youthful exuberance.

Shop Gingersnaps >

5. Château de Sable

Château de sable
Château de sable – Best Baby Clothe in Singapore

Embrace the beauty of every season with Château de Sable, your destination for the best baby clothes in Singapore that perfectly blend style and comfort. What is amazing about this store is its collections that cater to every climate, especially for Austral summer or Northern Hemisphere Winter. Indulge in the luxe comfort of slub cotton and light voile outfits, adorned with vintage lace and hand embroidery, in a warm palette. Transition into Fall-Winter with timeless designs in rustic brown, deep fuchsia, and crisp ivory white. Its newborn collections welcome the littlest ones with soft organic cotton, gauze, and crepe in playful prints. Whether crafting a personalised ensemble or choosing its recommended baby gift sets, Château de sable exudes quiet luxury for your little ones. Purchase its acclaimed French-designed collections online or in its physical stores in Singapore and Cambodia.

Shop Château de sable >

6. Mothercare

Mothercare – Best Baby Clothes in Singapore

For more than 50 years, Mothercare has stood as a beacon for high-quality and secure baby supplies, positioning itself as the best baby clothes Singapore store. From well-crafted bodysuits to adorable dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, underwear, and swimwear, Mothercare ensures both grown-up kids and newborns stay comfortable and stylish. What is unique about Mothercare is its comprehensive offerings beyond fashion. They cater to all your baby’s needs, from nursing and feeding to bathing and travelling equipment. Plus, enjoy the perks of a dedicated nursery advisor, a sparkling clean shopping experience, and free next-day delivery for orders over $60. Elevate your parenting journey with quality and affordability by exploring Mothercare’s products at their official website and consider joining their VIP membership for exclusive advantages.

Shop Mothercare >

7. Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society
Le Petit Society – Best Baby Clothe Singapore

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, Le Petit Society stands as the go-to destination for the best baby clothes in Singapore. This store was founded in 2012 by the visionary couple, Robyn Liang and Dylan Ong. Understanding the intricate needs of parents, Le Petit Society is committed to crafting comfortable and stylish baby clothes. Its offerings extend beyond mere attire. In addition, the mantra “Party to playground to playpen” epitomises their classic pieces, fancy enough for parties, practical for playground adventures, and cosy for naptime. Check out their delightful baby romper collection and discover personalised gifts that guarantee you never show up empty-handed. Visit their website to embark on a journey of timeless fashion for your little treasures.

Shop Le Petit Society >


UNIQLO – Best Baby Clothes Singapore

For the best baby clothes in Singapore that perfectly merges style and affordability, look no further than UNIQLO. Renowned for dressing all ages with thoughtful designs, UNIQLO’s baby collection stands out as fashion-forward, decently affordable, and practical. From bodysuits and innersuits to accessories, socks, tops, leggings, and pajamas, their diverse offerings accommodate every baby’s needs. What you will like about UNIQLO is their commitment to extra features, such as Airism with mesh construction for cooling comfort and flat seams to avoid skin irritation. Ensuring durability, their fabrics are tested to resist shrinkage and maintain shape, making them a wise investment for every stage of your baby’s growth. Unveil the perfect blend of style and practicality at UNIQLO and dress your baby in comfort and fashion.


9. Cotton On

Cotton On
Cotton On – Best Baby Clothe in Singapore

Meanwhile, Cotton On is your go-to destination for the best baby clothes in Singapore. With a global presence spanning 19 countries, Cotton On shines as a favourite for discovering delightful baby rompers, accessories, and more. The vibrant choices and whimsical designs beckon with irresistible charm, offering a treasure trove of adorable onesies, tops, leggings, and beyond. Beyond baby apparel, Cotton On boasts an extensive collection for both men and women, making it a one-stop shop for family fashion. Enjoy the added advantage of free delivery for orders worth $50 or more, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Click the link below to explore their irresistible items on sale and elevate your family’s style quotient with Cotton On.

Shop Cotton On >

10. FOX Kids & Baby

FOX Kids & Baby
FOX Kids & Baby – Best Baby Clothes in Singapore

Embark on a journey of simplicity and affordability with FOX Kids & Baby. Tailoring to parents who value both style and wallet-friendly options, FOX Kids & Baby presents a diverse range of outdoor-ready boys’ clothes, featuring active-wear shorts and shirts, along with adorable girl clothes like charming dresses and cosy tops. From newborns to 13-year-olds, the store also caters to the fashionable needs of all youngsters. FOX stands out not only for its trendy offerings but also for the delightful shopping experience it delivers. Revel in complimentary shipping for orders exceeding $60, and embrace the exclusive perks of membership, including discount vouchers and priority access to unique collections. Elevate your child’s wardrobe with FOX Kids & Baby, where simplicity harmonises with style, and affordability seamlessly coexists with quality.

Shop FOX Kids & Baby >

11. H&M

H&M – Best Baby Clothe in Singapore

Dress your little one in style with H&M, the undisputed destination for the best baby clothes in Singapore. Its newborn collection guarantees the utmost comfort, offering a variety of options whether you’re hunting for the perfect gift or refreshing everyday essentials. Simplify day dressing with dreamy newborn bodysuits, dresses, shorts, and cardigans in soft fabrics and enchanting colours. Dive into our snuggly sleepwear and outerwear selection for extra cosiness. Moreover, H&M stands tall among the recommended stores for fashionable goods, celebrated globally for delivering high-quality clothes consistently. When it comes to baby rompers and clothes, our collections epitomise three key words: cuddly, comfy, and practical—essential factors in choosing the perfect babywear. Elevate your baby’s wardrobe with H&M’s adorable and functional creations.

Shop H&M >

Other Noteworthy Stores for baby clothes:

Finally, we hope that our guide on the 11 Best Stores to Shop for Baby Clothes in Singapore has helped you to find gorgeous, adorable baby rompers and baby clothes in Singapore for your little ones. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. Also, do check out our other buying guides below!

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